Woven, Wood, Metal And Many More Cabochons


Cabochons are gem stones that do not have facets. Woven pieces made of cloth are available in 350 designs. Pieces made of other materials are available in 10 designs. Let us sample a few of the designs. The first design that we see is one with an aluminum bottom in a half round shape and with mixed color. These 26 by 12 millimeter pieces can be bought at about $11 for a package of 200 pieces. This price is a 30 percent discount on the regular price. Moving on to designs made of shell, you see a carved drop design on lip shell pieces with a size of 35 by 24 millimeters costing about $12.50 for five pieces. Another design is a horse eye abalone paua shell piece that costs about $1.25 for one piece.

In metal cabochons, you have four materials which are alloy, brass, iron and stainless steel. One of the alloy models is a mixed style enamel piece with a platinum metal color that costs $3 for fifty pieces. Another Platinum tone design made of alloy is one shaped like an alphabet at a cost of $0.67 for ten pieces. The standard price is $1.75 for 10 pieces with the reduced price being a discount of 62 percent.


An interesting design is alloy rhinestone cabochons which are shaped as a musical note with a cost of about $11.10 for 100 pieces. A very interesting design is a carnival personalized masquerade mask with a golden metal color and a brown tone. This piece comes with a 35 percent discount with an offer price of $2.24 for two pieces. The size of the mask is 52 millimeters by 70 millimeters. Looking at one other metal design, you see an enamel style alloy piece in the shape of a clover and with a bright lime green color over a platinum tone costing about $11.10 for 200 pieces.

Among wood designs, there are pieces suitable for children’s gifts and for Valentine’s. Bee and Ladybug are among the designs. There is also a bird in birdcage in undyed khaki. Little printed birds with print and dye and in mixed color with dimensions of 26 by 22 millimeters can be picked up at about $9.5 for 500 pieces.


Among settings for your selected pieces, you can pick from pendant rhinestone settings, tray settings, enamel settings and others.


Glass Makes For Great Jewelry Beads


One of the types of glass beads is that with electroplating wherein a metallic coating such as silver is added to the material. One of the standard colors that is created is that of silver. The other colors that are electroplated include golden, green, black purple, blue, multi-colored, pearl-luster and rainbow plated. The last two colors have the most number of designs followed by silver. Checking the standard silver-colored electroplating models, you get half and full plated options. Any shape that you can imagine will be available within the silver color as well as all other models.

One of the interesting shapes within the silver colored electroplated glass beads is that of a cone. A strand is made of fifty pieces, each of which has a length of 16 millimeters, width of 7 millimeters and a hole of about 1 millimeter. You can pick up 10 strands for a price of a little over $8.


Let us now look at another type of material within glass beads which are glass pearls. There are 16 colors available within this type. There is a separate color effect also which is the AB color effect that brings the Aurora Borealis to life. Within pearl glass, there are two styles available which are pearlized and matte glass. Let us check out one such piece which has a discount of 55 percent at present. This is the Fall Mix Pearlized Beads made of mixed color and are 8 millimeters in size with a hole of 1 millimeter. There are about 100 pieces in a bag which costs $0.35 now at the discounted price as compared to the actual price of $0.78.

Checking out another material, we can see a sample among the imitation jade beads. One of the shapes is that of rice-shaped which are cyan colored and have a size of 18 millimeters by 14 millimeters. About 22 pieces make up a strand which is about 15 inches long. Ten of these strands can be bought for a little over $10. Another innovative shape is that of drop-shaped. Within this shape, one of the models is red colored and faceted. Its size is 15 millimeters by 10 millimeters with a hole size of 2 millimeters. There are ten strands in a package. A package of four costs $0.80 with the price discounted to $0.64 if you buy 20 packages.


Among the best sellers, you can find crystal glass pieces that are opaque, abacus-shaped and marine blue in color. These are of a smaller size with a 6 by 4 millimeter size, with 95 pieces going to make a strand of just short of 17 inches. A package of 10 strands costs $5.77. These hot pieces are ready for delivery after a three-day period. A similar abacus-shaped model, also made of crystal glass that is opaque, of slightly larger size at 8 by 6 millimeters, 67 of which make up a strand of 16.5 inches comes at $7.47 for a package of 10 strands.

Get into the vast collection that suits you to full satisfaction.

Buy Wood Beads In A Wide Choice Of Shapes


Wood beads can be great gifts to your loved ones as they have the quality of being extremely likable, more than any other material that is used for making jewelry. When they are printed and dyed, they become objects of great attraction. The newest wood making techniques can generate pieces that have no real hazardous component in the coating. The simplest oval design itself can acquire great magnetism when it is polished with the most brilliant colors available. When these simple wood pieces have been fashioned into new and crazy shapes, you will feel very eager to make a gift of them as they come with a very happy aura.

The oval shaped wood beads are put to another design with the use of words written on them. These handmade pieces are about 27 mm in length, are in mixed color and have a hole of 1 mm. They can be bought at 100 pieces per package at a cost of about $1.40. Another standard shape is that of a cube of about 10 mm in size. In between a cube and a round-shaped bead is that of an abacus with a hole of about 3 mm. There is also a barrel shape that is smaller at about 8 mm and a hole of 2 mm. These are available in packages of 1000 pieces at a cost of about $10. If you want a freer hole, there is a large hole option in the oval shape, with a larger length of 29 mm and a hole of 5 mm. These moccasin colored pieces have quite a soft appeal. They are available at 500 pieces per package at about $17.


Another variation of the oval shape is one that is oval/oblong with a size of 20 mm by 10 mm and a hole of 3 mm. This piece is also moccasin colored and can be picked up at $4 for about 50 pieces.

As you can see, there are quite a number of price ranges, offers, variations in the numbers of pieces. You can select just the suitable number of pieces at the suitable price for you. There is no possibility of you not finding what you need. Christmas-themed beads are available in large choices. The size of the wood beads ranges from 1 mm to 30 mm and are categorized into seven price ranges. There are four styles in the paint and coating.

Use Lava Beads To Great Effect


Lava beads are as cool as any other material as they are derived not only from the depths of nature but could be capturing at least some of the energy that was used up in throwing it to the surface. They might have some imperfections due to their raw origin but are essentially pure and wholesome natural materials that makes a potentially grand impact. If you want the same effect but with the same perfections as any of the other beads, you can opt for synthetic lava beads. Both of the options are dyed to deliver the added element of vibrancy that color brings in.

Lava beads retain their natural origin at a superior level of originality than can be said of any other material. Check out the synthetic dark slate blue color beads and you will be struck by the natural essence that is conveyed. Oval-shaped beads are a nice variation while bone-shaped ones are really fantastic when you want to create a sensation. A bit more interesting are those ones shaped like a fish while cubes are essentially cool.


Effects that can be opted for include an option for frosting and then dyeing. One such red colored synthetic piece is quite a raw and rocking effect. Among synthetic pieces, there are added options such as lentil synthetic, one of which in royal blue color is absolutely great to be worn. White colored ones deliver a softer look, two of which are shaped as a heart and as an abacus while a real effective color is purple that brings the right enticement to the natural appearance of the stone. Dark orchid is a similarly effective color. A pleasing appearance can be derived with dark turquoise and the same is brought about with beige colored pieces. A lentil synthetic piece that is colored yellow is a very different variation of the color as is dark slate grey, both of which bring a new dynamism to the standard colors with the rawness of the material.

A very chilled-out piece is one that is colored blue and shaped as a column. An abacus-shaped design with dark green color is also quite special. Synthetic strands that are shaped like a heart and black in color are especially beautiful.

These are just a miniscule selection of the powerful beads that are available for you at the online store that is a treasure for jewelry buffs.

Make Christmas Merrier With Special Bead Jewelry


Christmas beads are special and celebratory with their unique zest and flavors. Paillette beads in plastic and paillette rolls are all you need to get started in your festival preparations. Pendants as well as beads are available as paillettes. The bead strands are available in black, silver, red, gold and all other festive colors. The plastic paillettes are available as flowers, plants, leaves, stars, butterflies and animals. If you prefer wooden and clay beads to be more in tune with the season, Christmas beads are available aplenty in these two materials.

Handmade polymer clay beads in snowman hat shapes are especially suitable for the season with their bright red, purple, orchid colors. With an order of 200 pieces, you can suffuse all of your necklaces and earrings as well as those of your loved ones with these wonderful Christmas beads. Equally attractive are red Christmas shoes also made by hand with polymer clay. Santa Claus beads, wreaths, tress, candy cane with bow are also available in the same material.


Wooden bells, snowman beads, deer and trees are all charming as wood stands out for its creative specialty. Dyed wood big pendants shaped as cabin houses, hearts, and printed wood big pendants of Santa make up a perfect companion to your jewelry creations this festive season. If you are looking for some extra special and unique items, European beads deliver it to you. Garlands, bells and snowflake dangles will make an immediate effect with their artistry. Happiness trees and snowflake charms make up the special beads that you are looking out for this season. There are many more extraordinary designs among the European collection.

If acrylic is your choice, you will discover that there is a great festival package beginning with transparent faceted beads, opaque spray painted hearts, bead frames of trees with silver glitter powder. Mixed color candy beads add lot of color. A transparent acrylic tree makes a perfect pendant. Drawbench gift package beads, tri beads, round pattern beads, spray-painted pendants and lots more designs can be selected from among the acrylic collections.


There are festive discounts on many items with some even at 70 percent. However, if you see just the design that you think is perfect for your collection, it is as special with or without a discount. As the year comes to a close, you have the perfect way to top it up with excitement through beads that capture the season best.

Infuse Shiny And Colorful Glass Beads And Effuse A Gleaming Look

glassbeadsGlass beads are available in such a variety of unique material types that you would have never imagined. While normal glass gets you started into the variety of beads within the category, you would be quite excited to discover frosted glass make an appearance among the choices. The other choices are crackle glass, electroplate glass, drawbench glass and specialty glass. Also making up the category are painted glass and glass pearl. Within painted glass beads, you can select baking paint, opaque and spray painted and transparent and spray painted. Electroplated glass has a vast range of color options. You can go for half-plated or faceted designs within this category


Glass has an appeal that is as strong as those of gemstones with its special relation to light. With strands of glass beads, what you get is quite a rich appearance that delivers a cool look that transcends the polish and gleam of all other stones and their imitations. With beads of alternating colors, the appearance can be quite stunning. Faceted designs can be opted for in both transparent and opaque while the round shaped beads can be used for simple designs. Those plated with gold have quite a regal look while transparent beads of multiple colors create a celebratory appearance. When you go in for half plated beads, you get a whole different effect. Talking of effects, a luster=plated effect can be said to among the most special glass beads. Some colors like yellow and orange add quite a soft tone to the beads which might be suitable for wearing to subdued environs.

custom800With size, those near the 10mm mark are quite grand in appearance while the hole sizes can be chosen from 0.5 mm, 1 mm or 2 mm. If you are worried about weight, normal glass beads are the way to go with no shortage of design or color choices. Imitations of crystal glass can also be picked out among glass collections. Whichever type of glass that you go searching into, you will discover a surfeit of choices that will make you feel overflowing with the richness of possibilities. Imitation jade glass makes you avail of the best of both the exquisite materials. Crackle glass that has been spray painted adds a sporty look to your portfolio of glass beads either as earrings or as necklaces. With one or two tones of spray paint, they have interesting possibilities as well.



Jade Beads- The Most Precious Metals


Jade beads acquire an out-of-the-world sophistication when they are dyed with colors that add exquisite elements to their natural brilliance. The natural color and luster of jade are as good as any of the precious metals around but when jade beads have an artisanship work-over, what we get is something that is outstanding but yet which does not need to be carefully stored away. From the mountains to the oceans, there are so many subtle variations that each string of these diverse minerals makes up much more beauty than most precious metals. The real standout aspect of this mineral is that it brings the best of nature together with its unpretentious charm.

Each special natural stone or creative product brings with it a whole burst of life that instantly links both the wearer and the beholder to the spirit of nature and its exemplary beauty. The different jewelry creations that can be made with jade beads gives you quite a range of combinations of color and chains or other hardware to hold them in forming the most awesome accessory. Be it a necklace or a bracelet, either strung or knotted, a full strand or a half strand, the creative choices that can be fashioned make them a very astounding yet simple adornment for every day.


Each different shade and each unique swirl is an exciting new find when you are looking out to discover new designs and patterns. While every natural stone from different continents is indeed a real thrill to discover, the same can also be said of the creative products that are made by renowned designers. Beads that have been created by designers who are fully proficient in utilizing the magic of light and its journeys through the stones are products that are all about extraordinary finesse.

The creative process brings you close to the real natural processes that have shaped and colored the natural stones from around the world. Green is one of the primary colors of nature and when you have so many varieties and shades, you will be instantly drawn to each such creation. To have a great source of options for your bead collection is akin to be out there around the world, walking the greatest markets that procure each of these unique stones from their natural environment.


Online stores not only offer extraordinary choices but ample scale as well with wholesale buying opportunities that make it quite easy to set up your own designer boutique and set up your own online store. You can make your pick of quantity, shade, size, material, dye and paint making it a platform to suit the taste and requirement of each individual. Whatever your purpose might be, a vacation or a party, you will find that beads have the power to elevate your self to a new dimension with their elegance and grace. Being able to pick up the right components of your jewelry while sitting in the comfort of your home, this is a creative activity that is all about complete ease .