Pick up Just The Right Amount Of Suede Cord You Need For Your Jewelry Project


Suede cord is a stringing material that has quite a lot of variations. There are very attractive discounts on offer for the materials that have made a mark among customers. One of them is a design that is covered on one side by imitation leather over a faux material. One roll of this design that has 90 meters is available at a price of about $4.50. This piece has a dimension of 2.7 millimeters by 1.4 millimeters. If you are looking at smaller rolls, another hot model also made of faux material comes in rolls of 5 meters. The dimensions of this model are 3 millimeters by 1.5 millimeters. They can be purchased as a bag containing 25 of these rolls. One bag costs you about $12.50. If you just want to buy a single roll, one of the available designs is a roll consisting of 100 yards of suede cord. Also made of faux material, in a chocolate color, this design is available at a cost of about $6 per roll.

Another smaller-sized roll is one that is just one meter long. Ten of these light grey tone models are available at $1.11. If you want slightly longer rolls, there is one with plum blossom aluminum in black color available in rolls of 20 yards. The dimension of the roll is 10 millimeters by two millimeters. One roll of this model costs about $12.


A different material among suede cord is South Korea wool and pu leather. This is dimensioned three millimeters by 1.5 millimeters and is colored Prussian blue. A roll is made of 100 yards. While the actual cost of this model is about $10, it is currently available at a promotional price of about $6. Another model made of the same material and with the same dimensions is available in red color. Also coming in a roll of 100 yards, this model is not available under discount and costs about $10.

Looking at a low-priced model, you can find a faux suede cord colored midnight blue and with dimensions of 2.7 by 1.4 millimeters. A roll of 90 meters is priced at $2.80 compared to the original price of about $5. The offer on this hot design is for a limited period only. There are over 250 models currently under promotional offers.


Magnetic Clasps In Simple And Elaborate Shapes


Magnetic clasps come in standard column shapes and oval shapes. Interesting shapes include bowknot and hexagon. The bowknot design is made of brass and is colored silver. They cost about $41 for 20 pairs and have a ready time of eight days. Among hexagons, there are quite a number of designs, about forty and more. The first one that we see is made of stainless steel and has a matte surface. They have a hole of 5 millimeters with the dimensions of the piece being 20 by eight millimeters. Two sets cost about $2. Almost the same piece but colored golden, the cost is over $4 for two sets. Now, to check out more intricate designs, you have sets with polymer clay rhinestone beads in a rondelle design. The peridot stones have a great effect. The inner diameter of these magnetic clasps is 6 millimeters. The size of the pieces is 18 by 16 millimeters. A package of 20 sets costs about $22.

A rectangle shape looks quite neat and has dimensions of 21 by 14 millimeters. These alloy magnetic pieces are colored platinum and have a hole of 2.7 by 10 millimeters. These pieces, which are free of Nickel, cost about $1.20 for 100 pieces. Another one shaped as a rectangle is made of 304 stainless steel. The color of these pieces is also stainless steel. Their size is 23 millimeters by 14 millimeters while the hole is 12 millimeters by 3 millimeters. These are hot movers among the vast collection of magnetic clasps and are priced at about $41 for 10 sets.


A totally different look is produced by brass pieces in the shape of a lantern and colored antique bronze. Dimensioned 17 millimeters by 10 millimeters and with a hole of 6 millimeters, these pieces can be obtained at about $1.1 for 100 pieces. Moving over to another material, you get pieces made of alloy and rhinestone with close to 200 designs available. Among the best sellers in this collection are round pieces of platinum and silver colors which are priced at between $8 and $12 for pieces. A slightly lower price is set for a piece that is 14 millimeters long and with a diameter of about 9 milimeters. This one is available at about $18 for 50 pieces. Among the rhinestone colors, you get crystal, jet and black diamond.

Wood Beads With Awesome Color Effects


Wood beads that are undyed are of great interest to customers almost as much as those that have colorful prints on them. One model that has no dyes on it is moccasin model of 20 millimeters in size and with a hole of 5 millimeters, similar to the footwear’s free-flowing style. Even more simple and loose is a moccasin model of 25 millimeters in size and with a hole of 6 millimeters. Also undyed are tubes of 7 millimeters in length. To start out on dyes, you get an yellow color applied on round pieces 14 millimeters by 16 millimeters with a hole of 4 millimeters. You can make a purchase of these yellow wood beads with numbers in the hundreds. Dyed pendants are listed in a large number of designs such as butterflies, hearts and drops in mixed colors.

Different categories are available within the segment of wood beads such as Buddhism jewelry findings that have natural bodhi engravings. Other models within Buddhist findings are bicone, wheat, cube and barrel. Coconut brown and white are the main colors within these wood beads. Looking at other dyed models, we see one that is made of hardwood and shaped as a pumpkin with coconut brown color. It has a size of 20 millimeters and 20 pieces make up a strand of about 15 inches in size. Also of the same material are skulls of 12 millimeters which are chocolate dyed. These are used to make a strand of 35 pieces, which comes to a length of about 17 inches.


Rondelles are available in a number of colors such as deep sky blue, Peru, Coral, Red, yellow and beige. Ovals and oblongs are available in a wide variety of sizes such as six millimeters and eight millimeters. Oval-shaped beads also come with words on them. These lemon chiffon pieces are about 35 millimeters by 17 millimeters. They have a hole of three millimeters in size and can be ordered in lots of 1000 pieces. Column-shaped pieces are sized 11 millimeters by 12 millimeters and have a hole of 4 millimeters, These can also be ordered in very large quantities of more than 500-600 pieces. With the same hole size are round pieces which can also be purchased in quantities of more than 600 pieces.


A real colorful design is that of apples that have been dyed in mixed colors. These lead-free pieces are 26 millimetres by 25 millimeters by 4 millimeters with a hole of 2 millimeters. They can be bought in packages of 470 pieces each. Equally colorful are cats of 30 by 27 millimeters which are available in packages of 580 pieces each. Flat rounds are also very brightly colored in mixed collections with a fan-like pattern painted on them. Watermelon pieces of 20 millimeters in size are also very attractively painted and will make you buy them immediately, as will most of the designs and shapes that are available at the online store.

Find The Best Collection Of Pearl Beads


Pearl beads are available as Grade A and Grade B freshwater pieces and as natural keishi pearl pieces. Imitation pieces are also present in the large number of designs that make up this collection. Imitation pieces are also made with a half-drilled hole. Keishi pieces are available as nucleated pieces with about 21 pieces making up a strand that extends up to a length of 16 inches. There is a rectangle Keishi piece that is also designed as a nucleated one. This antique white colored piece has about 66 pieces. Another design has about 169 pieces in a strand of 15 inches.

One finish that is available is that of rainbow-plated pieces while another is that of a polished finish. Among the special colors that are available in pearl beads are rosy brown, onion, potato and Russian blue. In extra stone fittings, we get a model that has polymer clay rhinestones. Flat round pieces are an alternative option for round designs while rice shapes are another design. Among rounds, we have medium sizes such as 6 millimeters as well as large sizes such as 30 millimeters. A 20-millimeter size costs about $20 for a strand of 20 pieces.5182-2l

Oval shaped-pieces are available with rhinestone set into them. These are more costlier at about $19 for five pieces. A very different shape is that of chicken feet of about 25 to 30 millimeters in size. A strand with 11 pieces costs about $12. Barrel-shaped pearl beads are available in a size of 23 millimeters and are grouped in sets of 17 pieces. Two strands are available at $27.

One model with a half hole comes in the shape of a drop while another comes in the shape of a oval.  Cross nucleated pieces and half rounds are also available. The number of designs is bound to make you get more eager to develop designs for yourself or for your customers. There is an Infinity shape too with polymer clay rhinestone forming the lining of the design. The color of rhinestones can be crystal, emerald, sapphire, siam, light peach, mixed color and others. The stones themselves are very bright when polished especially colors such as light coral and dark khaki. Some other special colors are peach puff, blanched almond, slate grey, Navajo white and Indian Red. Rainbow-plated pieces are another finish that is available.

Buy Wood Beads In A Wide Choice Of Shapes


Wood beads can be great gifts to your loved ones as they have the quality of being extremely likable, more than any other material that is used for making jewelry. When they are printed and dyed, they become objects of great attraction. The newest wood making techniques can generate pieces that have no real hazardous component in the coating. The simplest oval design itself can acquire great magnetism when it is polished with the most brilliant colors available. When these simple wood pieces have been fashioned into new and crazy shapes, you will feel very eager to make a gift of them as they come with a very happy aura.

The oval shaped wood beads are put to another design with the use of words written on them. These handmade pieces are about 27 mm in length, are in mixed color and have a hole of 1 mm. They can be bought at 100 pieces per package at a cost of about $1.40. Another standard shape is that of a cube of about 10 mm in size. In between a cube and a round-shaped bead is that of an abacus with a hole of about 3 mm. There is also a barrel shape that is smaller at about 8 mm and a hole of 2 mm. These are available in packages of 1000 pieces at a cost of about $10. If you want a freer hole, there is a large hole option in the oval shape, with a larger length of 29 mm and a hole of 5 mm. These moccasin colored pieces have quite a soft appeal. They are available at 500 pieces per package at about $17.


Another variation of the oval shape is one that is oval/oblong with a size of 20 mm by 10 mm and a hole of 3 mm. This piece is also moccasin colored and can be picked up at $4 for about 50 pieces.

As you can see, there are quite a number of price ranges, offers, variations in the numbers of pieces. You can select just the suitable number of pieces at the suitable price for you. There is no possibility of you not finding what you need. Christmas-themed beads are available in large choices. The size of the wood beads ranges from 1 mm to 30 mm and are categorized into seven price ranges. There are four styles in the paint and coating.

Make Awesome Jewelry With Awesome Jewelry Making Supplies


Jewelry making supplies are among the coolest ways that you can ramp up into the December spirit. They bring color, joy and creative passion into the fore as you look to settle down into a month of song, dance and buoyant spirits. Creativity is kindled whenever there are many interesting things to play around with, together with the best ingredients to make it all come together without too much painstaking effort. That is exactly what you get with jewelry making supplies. Just step into the online store and begin to see your childish spirits being reawakened as you get to experience the joy of getting a treasure trove, and plentiful it will be like you never could fathom. There are many designs also lined up for your perusal so that you get going into the creative mood.

When you start dipping your feet into the wealth of jewelry making supplies and feel the beauty of turquoise beads and quartz beads, your heart will leap and soar with the realization that you are going to get some of the best natural elements onto your neck and wrists. On the other hand, if you prefer a sleek finish that is best provided by metal, you will find stainless steel pieces to be among the most elegant of the entire lot, on par with gold and platinum. These pendants can make up the most brilliant effect with their classy finish and scintillating shapes. The designs that are available in stainless steel are Cross charms, heart charms, leaf, drops and anchors in the standard color as well as in gold and black.


You will find special offers on some of the best selections such as tiger eye bead strands, cat eye cabochons, handmade lampwork glass beads, natural lapis lazuli beads, Tibetan style links and handmade Millefiori lampwork glass cabochons. Millefiori is a type of glass made by fusing glasses of different colors together and then cutting them across. These handmade cabochons have an inner flower and are great pieces of art. You  can pick a selection of five pieces at about a dollar and a half. There are countless such offers on great creative supplies which are absolutely wondrous when you put them together and strand them to make your own perfect jewelry. Within each material, there are quite many variations such as in polymer, metal and stone that the sky is the limit as far as jewelry making supplies go.

Infuse Shiny And Colorful Glass Beads And Effuse A Gleaming Look

glassbeadsGlass beads are available in such a variety of unique material types that you would have never imagined. While normal glass gets you started into the variety of beads within the category, you would be quite excited to discover frosted glass make an appearance among the choices. The other choices are crackle glass, electroplate glass, drawbench glass and specialty glass. Also making up the category are painted glass and glass pearl. Within painted glass beads, you can select baking paint, opaque and spray painted and transparent and spray painted. Electroplated glass has a vast range of color options. You can go for half-plated or faceted designs within this category


Glass has an appeal that is as strong as those of gemstones with its special relation to light. With strands of glass beads, what you get is quite a rich appearance that delivers a cool look that transcends the polish and gleam of all other stones and their imitations. With beads of alternating colors, the appearance can be quite stunning. Faceted designs can be opted for in both transparent and opaque while the round shaped beads can be used for simple designs. Those plated with gold have quite a regal look while transparent beads of multiple colors create a celebratory appearance. When you go in for half plated beads, you get a whole different effect. Talking of effects, a luster=plated effect can be said to among the most special glass beads. Some colors like yellow and orange add quite a soft tone to the beads which might be suitable for wearing to subdued environs.

custom800With size, those near the 10mm mark are quite grand in appearance while the hole sizes can be chosen from 0.5 mm, 1 mm or 2 mm. If you are worried about weight, normal glass beads are the way to go with no shortage of design or color choices. Imitations of crystal glass can also be picked out among glass collections. Whichever type of glass that you go searching into, you will discover a surfeit of choices that will make you feel overflowing with the richness of possibilities. Imitation jade glass makes you avail of the best of both the exquisite materials. Crackle glass that has been spray painted adds a sporty look to your portfolio of glass beads either as earrings or as necklaces. With one or two tones of spray paint, they have interesting possibilities as well.