Pearl Bead Collections That Will Floor You


When you see something that is straight out of the Earth, it stirs a feeling of calm, peace and poise. That is what pearl beads do both to the wearer and the onlooker. They create an ambience of beauty that is special. Each shape of these pieces is based on organic dimensions such as food, flower or other such shapes. These polished gems are one of the best jewelry options for making a wow statement. In order to expand your choices and ease of availability as well as enlarge the choice of colors and materials, there are quite many imitation pieces available.

With regard to color, there are many incredible options available in pearl beads such as old lace, peach puff, bisque and linen. You can search your pieces based on color, grade, size and shape. When you get into each category, you will find it to be a whole separate abundance of designs and further more categorized within each. As you will discover


, it will be a search that is made to satisfy you 100 percent and not even a small percentile less.

Natural pearl beads are one of the best choices for jewelry because they bring with them a spell of magic. These pieces have color categories such as colorful, mixed color and natural color that are icons of brilliance and pristine aura. When you sport a necklace made of these astonishingly enduring natural perfections, it is a perfect addition to your self, one that is almost a natural part of the beauty of your body and possibly the soul too.

Natural nuggets are absolutely special in our quest for glimpses into and peeks of pure beauty. Each shape that you find available within these gems of perfect beauty are as good as a nugget of gold in their finish and will make you fancy every single piece that you chance upon in your selection process. It is entirely possible to build up a collection that overflows without any restriction, given the range of prices that are on offer. There are quite many categories within the realm of discounts and special offers. These categories are themselves quite enough for you to complete your purchase, with the remaining majority of categories waiting for you to check out on your next outing into this world of jewelry creation. Adorn each day with a new discovery.


Find The Best Collection Of Pearl Beads


Pearl beads are available as Grade A and Grade B freshwater pieces and as natural keishi pearl pieces. Imitation pieces are also present in the large number of designs that make up this collection. Imitation pieces are also made with a half-drilled hole. Keishi pieces are available as nucleated pieces with about 21 pieces making up a strand that extends up to a length of 16 inches. There is a rectangle Keishi piece that is also designed as a nucleated one. This antique white colored piece has about 66 pieces. Another design has about 169 pieces in a strand of 15 inches.

One finish that is available is that of rainbow-plated pieces while another is that of a polished finish. Among the special colors that are available in pearl beads are rosy brown, onion, potato and Russian blue. In extra stone fittings, we get a model that has polymer clay rhinestones. Flat round pieces are an alternative option for round designs while rice shapes are another design. Among rounds, we have medium sizes such as 6 millimeters as well as large sizes such as 30 millimeters. A 20-millimeter size costs about $20 for a strand of 20 pieces.5182-2l

Oval shaped-pieces are available with rhinestone set into them. These are more costlier at about $19 for five pieces. A very different shape is that of chicken feet of about 25 to 30 millimeters in size. A strand with 11 pieces costs about $12. Barrel-shaped pearl beads are available in a size of 23 millimeters and are grouped in sets of 17 pieces. Two strands are available at $27.

One model with a half hole comes in the shape of a drop while another comes in the shape of a oval.  Cross nucleated pieces and half rounds are also available. The number of designs is bound to make you get more eager to develop designs for yourself or for your customers. There is an Infinity shape too with polymer clay rhinestone forming the lining of the design. The color of rhinestones can be crystal, emerald, sapphire, siam, light peach, mixed color and others. The stones themselves are very bright when polished especially colors such as light coral and dark khaki. Some other special colors are peach puff, blanched almond, slate grey, Navajo white and Indian Red. Rainbow-plated pieces are another finish that is available.

Try Out Charming Jewelry Made Of Glossy Wood Beads



With wood beads, you find nature as your companion in making you look better. A strand of natural materials that have their colors brightened with a mix of the best paints can be a great way to convey your personality. When the wood is dyed with different hues and is free of lead, you have a very naturally robust feeling when holding one of the huge array of designs that are available online and for vastly attractive rates too. Their sizes are specified in terms of diameter and thickness and the size of the hole. Typically, both diameter and thickness will be around 5 mm while the size of the hole will be around 3 mm. Smaller sizes in the range of 2mm and larger ones with a diameter above 10 mm are all available.

Looking at one of the wood beads that are exactly 5 mm in diameter, you get dyed ones that are shaped as a cube. These gold-colored ones have a 1.5 mm hole and are priced at $0.33 if you make an order of 500 pieces. The price is a great reduction of 65 percent from the regular price and is available on a promotional basis only. Moving over to some irregular designs, you can try out some fancy drawing shapes in the form of colorful flowers that are 22 mm in size with a hole of 2 mm. These beautiful wood beads can be picked up at just $0.15 for a pack of ten pieces, just enough to make your own colorful strand.


If you are looking for even more wacky designs, you can try out shrimp-shaped ones that are 26 mm in size and have a hole of 2 mm. These are priced at around $0.20 also for 10 pieces. If you are just looking for pendants, there are beautiful stars, goats, mice and more. Children will love a strand made of starfish about 30 mm in size and priced at about $10 for twenty pieces of bright yellow shapes with some small artwork on their surfaces. The thickness of the pieces is 4.5 mm while the size of the hole is 2 mm. Rounding up our glance into the choices of wood beads, you can try out oval-shaped burly wood pieces in a natural light brown color that are 8 mm long with a 2mm hole priced at around $15 for an awesome 100 pieces of natural beauty.

Make Awesome Jewelry With Awesome Jewelry Making Supplies


Jewelry making supplies are among the coolest ways that you can ramp up into the December spirit. They bring color, joy and creative passion into the fore as you look to settle down into a month of song, dance and buoyant spirits. Creativity is kindled whenever there are many interesting things to play around with, together with the best ingredients to make it all come together without too much painstaking effort. That is exactly what you get with jewelry making supplies. Just step into the online store and begin to see your childish spirits being reawakened as you get to experience the joy of getting a treasure trove, and plentiful it will be like you never could fathom. There are many designs also lined up for your perusal so that you get going into the creative mood.

When you start dipping your feet into the wealth of jewelry making supplies and feel the beauty of turquoise beads and quartz beads, your heart will leap and soar with the realization that you are going to get some of the best natural elements onto your neck and wrists. On the other hand, if you prefer a sleek finish that is best provided by metal, you will find stainless steel pieces to be among the most elegant of the entire lot, on par with gold and platinum. These pendants can make up the most brilliant effect with their classy finish and scintillating shapes. The designs that are available in stainless steel are Cross charms, heart charms, leaf, drops and anchors in the standard color as well as in gold and black.


You will find special offers on some of the best selections such as tiger eye bead strands, cat eye cabochons, handmade lampwork glass beads, natural lapis lazuli beads, Tibetan style links and handmade Millefiori lampwork glass cabochons. Millefiori is a type of glass made by fusing glasses of different colors together and then cutting them across. These handmade cabochons have an inner flower and are great pieces of art. You  can pick a selection of five pieces at about a dollar and a half. There are countless such offers on great creative supplies which are absolutely wondrous when you put them together and strand them to make your own perfect jewelry. Within each material, there are quite many variations such as in polymer, metal and stone that the sky is the limit as far as jewelry making supplies go.

Glass Beads Are Back Again


Glass beads will always be close to people’s heart. People who love jewelry can relate to this really well and will also understand well why glass beads are so close to the heart. There are so many types of beads to be picked from. Specially from our online store, we have clay beads, wood and nut beads, metal beads, shell and pearl beads, resin beads, and other such many beads. In fact, when you are looking out for more of jewelry making supplies, you can always go on to our online store and get anything and everything that you want yourself. From string to clasps, we have everything that you want and all that you will have to do is just place the order and we will make sure that we have sent it out from our end. There are quite a few types even in glass beads that we have for you. but before we walk you through it, we want you to know that these beads further have shapes and colors as well that you can look into. People love having various sorts of beads along with them and we are assuming that you are one of them

So the glass beads are divided into normal glass beads, electroplate glass beads, glass pearl, painted glass beads, cat eye beads, imitation jade glass beads, crackle glass beads, frosted glass beads, draw bench glass beads, Czech glass beads, and specialty glass beads. They have various shapes like round, abacus, drop, bicone, cube, oval, flat round, diamond, polygon, twist, cuboid, cone, horse eye, flower, rectangle, bullet, square, tube, column, octagon, heart, rice, nuggets, chip, hexagon, barrel, fruit, cross, disc, trapezoid, triangle, drum, rhombus, skull, vegetables, body, bear, leaf, butterfly, and other such shapes which can awe you and might just make you want to buy them immediately. You can also go for various other color options that they have. Buying these beads is definitely an interesting thing because you can make your own jewelry whenever you like. You can pair it up with different charms and pendants however you like and you can make sure that the piece of jewelry is as short or long as you want it to be. So, it is completely your choice and you are free to experiment or try and copy a style if you want. Be as creative as you want and enjoy.

Glass Beads Are The Best

ct-bj-062616-cat-11Playing around the  glass beads to make jewellery can be fun. If you are someone who loves jewellery then we are sure that you have loves glass beads and you have already played around a lot with them. If these glass beads are paired up with the right set of colours and other such factors, you will find yourself making a beautiful piece of neckpiece or bracelet, anklet, earring, or any other sort of jewellery. And if you are the one who is going to experiment with glass beads for the first time, do not worry. Our online store is possibility the best place you could stop at. Our online store has anything to everything for you. We can give your first string to the last clasp to complete your jewellery.


When you virtually walk in at our online store, you will see that there are a lot of variants in beads that we offer. The same goes for eve glass beads. We have a lot of various in glass beads which can be found in different shapes, coors, sizes, and other such factors. People love to check out our collection and you will pretty soon now why. Let us walk you through the types of glass beads we have.There are various types of glass beads we have in our store for you like the normal glass beads, electroplate glass beads, glass pearl beads, painted glass beads, cat eye beads, imitation jade glass, crackle glass beads, frosted glass beads, draw bench glass beads, czech glass beads and the specialty glass beads.


There are as well various shapes that you can find them in like round, bicone, oval, glad round, chip, cube, palm, bullet, barrel cuboid, diamond, tree, star, animals, starfish, rectangle, square, triangle, circle, fruit, fish, twist, abacus, rhombus, rice, leaf, fan, body, drum, polygon, drop, heart, bear, skull, nuggets, flower, butterfly, vegetables, tube and other such shapes. There are so many colours as well that you can find them in. Feel free to explore the section and our online store all by yourself. The beads to everything will definitely fascinate you and you will want to just keep on coming back and buying some more for yourself. Looking at our online store can make inspire you and make you want to increase your collection. Hence you must check out our online store even more often and buy for yourself.

Natural Lava Beads For You

lava-bead-necklacesOnly people who have the earthy connection will love our collection of lava beads. We have various types in lava beads on our online store which you will love. Now for people who are not that much into earthy collection, they seem to like these lava beads too. These beads have a texture of their own which you will realize when you see them, when you get them in your hand and touch them. It is a great piece for a hand charm or bracelet. People obviously style it in different ways and as and how they like it. There are millions of ways to style jewelry and to use any sort of beads.

0home-lava-beads-1If you are one of those people who love making jewelry and carrying it well on special occasion, trust us you are going to get a lot of question about where did you get your jewelry from? Because the piece that you have designed and worn will not be found anywhere and no one will ever believe you either because we know it is really beautiful and it is worth every minute that you have out into it. so get your hands on these lava beads as soon as possible.You can easily find these lava beads on our online store. And you can as well find these other things that you want on our online store. A to Z things about the jewelry, about making them and finishing them, you can literally think of anything and it will be there. just in case if it is not there, you can write to us and we will revert back to you as soon as possible.


Not just that, but whenever you are facing a problem, you can write to us and we promise to revert back to you real fast. If you are ordering from our online store for the very first time, we want you and our old shopper to know that it is very important to enjoy shopping overall. So you should not be stressing over anything. If there is anything at all that has been stressing you, just write to us and we will be right there at you getting you what you want and giving it back to you. people have loved shopping from us and we hope that you do too. Just never forget to have fun that’s all we ask.