4 Essential Hoop Earrings

Reblog: 4 Essential Hoop Earrings

We believed that every girl loves to wear graceful hoop earrings. In fact, hoop earrings in beaded, wire, chandelier or fringe styles are the 4 most essential types. As for me, I do LOVE beaded hoop earrings, coz I am a crazy beader and have huge amount of beads waiting for stringing! Lol…. If you are also making or going to making some earring crafts, read on these ideas and sure to be inspired you instantly. Let’s start! 4 Essential Hoop Earrings Beaded Hoop Earrings Our customer Amber Cheung shared her tutorial about making beaded hook earrings. These earrings are very easy to make, you just need simple copper wire and various seed beads to make up this beautiful pair. You should make three hoops with seed beads firstly and then link them together to finish these gorgeous earrings. 4 Essential Hoop Earrings Chandelier Hoop Earrings This red chandelier hoop earrings will make you look more elegant, especially when you wear them walking on the street, you can be very eye-catching! They are made of three different kinds of red beads, the seed beads, acrylic beads and gemstone beads. Dangled with different kinds of red beads on the circle “hoop” earrings finding is more attractive! 4 Essential Hoop Earrings Fringe Hoop Earrings Pretty fringe big hoop earrings with bright colors thread tassels are really suitable for summer. You can wear them go to the seaside with your best friends or family, I am sure that you will be the attractive lady and have a nice day! 4 Essential Hoop Earrings Wire Hoop Earrings Last hoop earrings are crafted with jewelry wire. As we know, wire hoop style earrings are a chic and classic jewelry accessory to express a sense of creative and vogue. The unique design of wire hoop earrings depend on the wire and decorative beads you’re selected! 4 Essential Hoop Earrings That’s all! After sharing these various essential styles of hoop earrings, hope you will love them and find some extra earring’s DIYs here. Looking forward to see your ideas of hoop earrings! :)


Seed Bead Fairy Wing Earrings

Today I’m sharing with you seed bead fairy wing earrings tutorial. It is fun and easy to make. Fulfill your free time and make these beautiful colorful earrings with seed beads. At first sight they may seem complicated, but with a little guidance you can create them with confidence and with ease.

Seed Bead Fairy Wing EarringsMaterials and tools for making beaded earrings:
Glass Seed Beads
Iron Earring Hooks
0.3mm Copper Wires
Iron Jump Rings
Needle Nose Plier
DIY Jewelry Tool Sets

Seed Bead Fairy Wing EarringsSteps on how to make fairy wing earrings:
1. Create the trigangle beaded part. Thread the colorful seed beads on the copper wire as the picture shows below.

Seed Bead Fairy Wing Earrings2. String 10 different length of beaded chain in five colors as picture shows below, then fix them to the trigangle beaded part. Finally, add jump rings and earring hooks.

Seed Bead Fairy Wing EarringsEarrings are cute addition to every outfit and add a dose of style. Do you agree with me?

Easy Project – DIY Earring Holder

Do you need a fashion way to organize all of your earrings? I like wearing earrings including studded earrings, hoop earrings, dangle earrings, beaded earrings and so on. But many times I couldn’t find my favorite earrings in a hurry case which is quite distressed. Have you got the same moment? Well, there is a perfect solution that DIY a stylish earring holder for hanging your earrings including studs. If you have the same problem, start to make a quick earring holder in 15 minutes! Follow me…

Easy Project - DIY Earring Holder

image via/

picture frame, 12’ of picture wire, acrylic paint & brush, staple gun (or nails/tacks, etc)
First, give the frame a couple coats of paint with white acrylic paint using the brushes pictured.
Then take a piece of jewelry wire and lay it across the back of the frame as picture shows. You can fold it over twice so that you will have three strands folded together that are just a little longer than the width of the frame.

Easy Project - DIY Earring HolderI’ve searched the pinterest many times trying to find an easy way to DIY earring holder. This is the perfect one that I share with you. Hope you like it and make your own stylish earring organizer. Nice day!

Reblog: 7 Styles of Earrings You Need to Know

Hi Daisy! enjoy your wonderful introduction of 7 style of earrings and I had a clear understanding of earrings. Thanks for this post, you are so talented! TFS.


There is no doubt that earrings are one of the most basic jewelries for girls. But frankly speaking, there must be a lot of girls who cannot classify earrings correctly, just as I used to be. So, in order to let you have a better understanding of earrings, today I’d like to introduce you 7 types of common but stylish earrings.

Huggie earrings

huggie earrings

As you can see in the picture, huggie earrings are very simple. Usually they are made by metal and shaped into circle, sometimes decorate with beads or diamonds. They are definitely the most essential type of earrings, simple, but cute.

Post earrings

post earrings

Post earrings are also a kind of simple earrings. They just consist of a stud part and the pin. Of course there are wide ranges of materials can be used to make the stud part. And they can be various in color and shapes as well.

Dangle earrings

dangle earrings

Dangle earrings can also be called dangling earrings, dangly earrings, or long earrings, and some even named shoulder sweep earrings. So, you may have already learned about their characters from their names: they are long earrings with dangle patterns. They can be long hooks with lovely crystal glass beads like the last picture shows, or short hooks with long dangle patterns in the first picture.

Teardrop earrings

teardrop earrings

Any kinds of earrings, no matter how long they are, or what kinds of materials they’ve been made up with, as long as they contain teardrop patterns, they can be called teardrop earrings. Their special shapes make them unique, and they are quite popular among girls.

Kenneth lane earrings

kenneth earrings

When we talk about Kenneth lane earrings, it always refers to earrings that have two basic parts: the stud part and the pendant part. These kinds of earrings are normally made with rhinestone cabochons. If you want to DIY them, you can use any kinds of rhinestone beads as you like.

Leverback earrings

leverback earrings

According to the picture above, can you figure out why these kinds of earrings are called leverback earrings? Well, it is because of their special earring hooks, they shaped like levers. So next when you see earrings with such kind of hooks, don’t forget that their names are leverback earrings.

Ear cuff earrings

ear cuff earrings

Ear cuff earrings get their names from their appearance. They look like ear cuffs. This kind of earrings is my favorite. You know, they can be cool, elegant, glorious, and even punk, and that is really fascinating to me.

So after seeing all these seven types of stylish earrings, do you find your favorite one? You know, all these earrings can be made at home, if you have already got your ideal one, just go and make it. It’s not a hard job, what’s you need to prepare is to get the earring making supplies and find tutorials online, so don’t be hesitated, just go make it.

Video Tutorial – DIY Bracelet & Earrings

If you are looking for some delicate and special jewelry set including bracelet and earrings, you would love this bracelet and earrings design. In today’s tutorial video, you will learn how to DIY bracelet & earrings with acrylic beads and other jewelry making supplies like earring supplies. It is quite easy and suitable for jewelry beginners to learn. The finished jewelry set, which includes bracelet and earrings, are attractive and elegant. Let’s have a look at the jewelry set, if you like it, please keep reading and watch the video to learn how to DIY this jewelry set!

In this video, the jewelry designer Pucca loves to use lightweight beads and simple jewelry findings to finish a jewelry set. If you also often use simple materials in your beadwork, then I suggest you to try this project. Glad to see your thumb up and leave a comment below.

Reblog – 10+ Button Jewelry & Crafts Must See

Cristina, your post is full of discoveries for me! :) I learned two new things!
First of all, buttons are interesting materials you shared to create jewelry and crafts! Thanks for sharing! :)
Also thanks for sharing the way how to get more ideas about  snap jewelry. Love it too. Anyway, thanks for sharing it, Cristina, since it allowed me to learn new things.


If you love to customize your own jewelry and crafts, it’s time to get a little bit buttony! In the past buttons were used for decorating clothes, but nowadays they are more and more integrated into jewelry, crafts and arts. In this post you can take a look at 10+ Button Jewelry and Crafts with buttons.

10+ Button Jewelry & Crafts Must See
Button jewelry, including button necklace, button bracelet, button pendant necklace, button ring, button earrings, are fun and easy to create. Buttons are a perfect way to add cute to anything and can spruce up casual and formal looks. Apart from creating button jewelry, you can also use buttons to make button crafts, like button shoes, button hair clip, button headband, button brooch, button belt, button keychains, button bookmarks, etc. Browse through the images below, I’m 100% sure that you gonna like all of them and wanna make one or two of them over the weekend! You won’t need any hard to get materials to create them. What you will only need is buttons and other simple jewelry making supplies.

DIY Vintage Button Necklace

10+ Button Jewelry & Crafts Must See

Love thoese vintage shank button bracelets with snap jewelry by Regina.

10+ Button Jewelry & Crafts Must See

Turquoise flower button dangle earring by BluKatDesign. DIY jewlery making supplies: buttons, jump rings, ear wires and earring hooks.

10+ Button Jewelry & Crafts Must See

Handmade button rings

10+ Button Jewelry & Crafts Must See

Pretty Vintage Button Pendant Necklaces – LOVE them!!!

10+ Button Jewelry & Crafts Must See

Cute as Button Shoes!!!! Have you got these acrylic buttons? This idea definitely gave your old shoes a fresh looking!!

10+ Button Jewelry & Crafts Must See

Making a beautiful and impressive Vintage button brooch with snap jewelry.

10+ Button Jewelry & Crafts Must See

Are you looking for some creative DIY options with buttons? I love this button belt craft. And you?

10+ Button Jewelry & Crafts Must See

If you have no idea of making a headband, you can try this one. Isn’t that adorable?

10+ Button Jewelry & Crafts Must See

I love how Zaina showed me such a great idea of DIY hair clips with cute buttons. I’m sure your little sister’s love those clips.

10+ Button Jewelry & Crafts Must See

You can wholesale buttons at a low price to create these cute and perfect jewelry and crafts, like button bookmarks.

10+ Button Jewelry & Crafts Must See

Yes, it’s kind of keychain idea that you can easy to follow, and it doesn’t take your much time.

10+ Button Jewelry & Crafts Must See

I hope you’ve been inspired by these amazing DIY button jewelry and crafts. If you haven’t try to make button craft yet, then I needness to say that it is perfect time to do it! You can create your own colorful and cute accessories for the hot summer.  Do you love these button crafts?? Share with me! XOXO

10+ Button Jewelry & Crafts Must See

Beautiful Summer Earrings DIY~

Hey, the weather is get hotter and hotter, right? Summer is here and are you feeling like this weather? No matter you like it or not like it, summer is the perfect time to update your jewelry storage box with some colorful, stylish and vivid jewelry. Biling necklaces, wire wrapped bracelets with mix-color seed beads, beaded earrings and else gorgeous jewelry are summer essential accessories to match with your simple outfits. Today I will share a beautiful summer earring tutorial with you. You won’t need much time, any complex jewelry making supplies and high level beading skills aren’t required. Plus, your earrings will be perfectly to wear out when you are going to have a short trip on the beach! Now let’s start~

To make these earrings you will need acrylic beads (I used cube transparent acrylic beads), rhinestones (I used brass rhinestone beads in cube shape too), earring hooks and headpins.

Thread a deepskyblue cube acrylic bead, a rhinestone bead, a mediumorchild acrylic bead and another rhinestone bead on a headpin, then make a plain loop with your round nose pliers, and cut off the extra pin. Finally, hang the beaded dangle on an earring hook by opening the plain loop. Now make another one of the earring as the same way.

Beautiful Summer Earrings DIY~

Then what you only have to do is to follow the picture steps below and you will create your own gorgeous colorful summer earrings. Check out the picture steps and start improving your beading skills. I hope that you LOVE it and glad to see your comments! :)