A Whole New World of Glass Beads

Glass beads are unique and you can never be any less obsessed with them. If you do not have a thing for glass beads, it is probably because you do not know much about it. There is so much that you can do from these glass beads and there is nothing any less that you can get out of them. These glass beads will help you make an amazing piece of jewelry. From bracelets to necklace to different other various things that can be accessorized with your perfect attire. People love jewelry and those who are always disappointed with what the jewelry shops have for them to give, you can rather just make your own jewelry. People majorly prefer making their own jewelry these days or get customized ones. For those who have a really neat hand, it is a good news for you. glass beads can be available to you in most different kinds like shape, texture, color, and everything. The best part is not here yet. The best is that you find these various different varieties right here on our online store. You do not have to think about going anywhere else anymore. Just sit right there in our chair or on your couch or lay down in your bed and just order from our online store.


You can find various types in these glass beads like the normal glass beads, electroplate glass beads, pearl glass beads, painted glass beads, cat eye beads, imitation jade beads, crackle glass beads, frosted glass beads, draw bench glass beads, Czech glass beads, specialty glass and many other such. You can find further shapes like round, bi cone, rooster, barrel, chip, cube, frosted, flat round, palm, abacus, drop, oval, column, rice, diamond, rondelle, star, square, matte glass, hexagon, triangle, nugget, shell. Body, trapezoid, body, skull, butterfly, polygon, flower, twist, cuboid, drum, fish, fan, heart, green plated, rainbow plated, antique bronze, purple plated, disc, leaf, bear, rectangle, drop and other such shapes and everything. Once you see that there are so many different shapes and so many other different types, you will know you are at the right online store. Well, after all, you do not have to walk to some place but instead, just click on a website and buy whatever you want and it will be shipped right where you stay. And no compromising on the quality is for sure too.


Reblog: Vintage Jewelry – The Hottest Jewelry Style

Vintage Jewelry – The Hottest Jewelry Style – Vintage jewelry has become one of the hottest jewelry trends in recent years. Do you know the origin of this word “vintage”? A long time ago, it was described as wine bottled in the vineyard. Now, it has two meanings, one is used to describe something very old and at least have several decades of history. The other one describes something newly manufactured, it’s a fashion style – vintage style.

Today, I will show some vintage style jewelry made by our customers and crafters. Our customers use different materials to make the vintage jewelry, Such as the vintage style earrings, vintage necklaces, vintage jewelry bracelets and so on.

Vintage Style Jewelry Earrings

Vintage Style Jewelry Earrings with jade beads

Thanks for Надежда Жмакина for sharing this beautiful vintage style earring. This earring is made with tibetan style bead caps, antique bronze chandelier component and jade beads.

Vintage Chandelier Earrings

You can also make the vintage earrings with some Tibetan style pendants. This vintage chandelier earring is made with freshwater shell pendants, antique bronze chandelier component and tibetan style leaf pendants. This is designed by our customers Radka Bílková.

Vintage Jewelry Bracelets

Vintage Jewelry Bracelets

This Bangle “Birds” bracelet was designed by Anastasiya Markova. It made with antique golden link, Tibetan style spacer beads and glass beads. The mix of different kinds of beads, make the collision of different design.

Vintage Jewelry Bracelets - blue charms

Here is our customer Надежда Жмакина design using the Tibetan Style Big Butterfly Pendants and blue glass beads.

Vintage Necklaces

Vintage Necklaces

Pandahall customer Rui Dias uses their Tibetan style alloy vehicle big Pendants to make this antique style charm necklace.

vintage necklace

This vintage style necklace was made by Lubica Brnova, mixed with Tibetan Style Beads, Handmade Gold Sand Lampwork Beads and Wood Round Beads.

Feet charm vintage jewelry

Revekka Lagoudakou make this with Tibetan silver flower links, Synthetic Turquoise Beads Strand.

vintage style jewelry - Feet Charm

Have you found the one you like? If you like these vintage style jewelry, don’t forget to share it! Thank you!

Seed Bead Fairy Wing Earrings

Today I’m sharing with you seed bead fairy wing earrings tutorial. It is fun and easy to make. Fulfill your free time and make these beautiful colorful earrings with seed beads. At first sight they may seem complicated, but with a little guidance you can create them with confidence and with ease.

Seed Bead Fairy Wing EarringsMaterials and tools for making beaded earrings:
Glass Seed Beads
Iron Earring Hooks
0.3mm Copper Wires
Iron Jump Rings
Needle Nose Plier
DIY Jewelry Tool Sets

Seed Bead Fairy Wing EarringsSteps on how to make fairy wing earrings:
1. Create the trigangle beaded part. Thread the colorful seed beads on the copper wire as the picture shows below.

Seed Bead Fairy Wing Earrings2. String 10 different length of beaded chain in five colors as picture shows below, then fix them to the trigangle beaded part. Finally, add jump rings and earring hooks.

Seed Bead Fairy Wing EarringsEarrings are cute addition to every outfit and add a dose of style. Do you agree with me?

Easy Project – DIY Earring Holder

Do you need a fashion way to organize all of your earrings? I like wearing earrings including studded earrings, hoop earrings, dangle earrings, beaded earrings and so on. But many times I couldn’t find my favorite earrings in a hurry case which is quite distressed. Have you got the same moment? Well, there is a perfect solution that DIY a stylish earring holder for hanging your earrings including studs. If you have the same problem, start to make a quick earring holder in 15 minutes! Follow me…

Easy Project - DIY Earring Holder

image via/

picture frame, 12’ of picture wire, acrylic paint & brush, staple gun (or nails/tacks, etc)
First, give the frame a couple coats of paint with white acrylic paint using the brushes pictured.
Then take a piece of jewelry wire and lay it across the back of the frame as picture shows. You can fold it over twice so that you will have three strands folded together that are just a little longer than the width of the frame.

Easy Project - DIY Earring HolderI’ve searched the pinterest many times trying to find an easy way to DIY earring holder. This is the perfect one that I share with you. Hope you like it and make your own stylish earring organizer. Nice day!

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for Summer

As it’s known to all that barefoot sandals offer a fashion style option as beaches by sandals. The latest barefoot sandals trend is beaded barefoot sandals which couldn’t be a passing fad. And summer is the perfect time to air out your toes and feel the grass under your feet. What do you think? Have you got any special ideas of barefoot sandals this year? Here is a collection of top 9 sandals, some are beaded sandals, and some are wedding barefoot sandals, and bohemian barefoot sandals or else summer barefoot sandals. Will these sandals surprise you? Let’s go ahead!

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerThere is no doubt that a beach wedding is an opportunity to wear gorgeous jewelry, beach dress and jeweled barefoot sandals!!! Personally, I do LOVE sandals which I can kick off my shoes and feel the sand between my toes. How about you?

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerBohemian is love! It’s high time to dip into the boho inspired to get some fresh ideas for DIY colorful bohemian barefoot sandals with colorful beads.

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerSeed beads for this pair of sandals – To make your very own beaded barefoot sandals like below.

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerIf you don’t want to make with seed beads, turquoise beads, with feather-shaped and natural greenery, could be your great choice of beads chosen. And rhinestone is a good addition.

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerDelicate sandals, popular!

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerEnjoy some fun in the sun and a beautiful seaside sunset to end the day off with this pair of boho barefoot sandals.

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerGet inspired by this anklet. Lovely and beautiful.

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerBridesmaids’ best shoes on beaches – beaded barefoot sandals!!

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerAnd the final sandals, what do you think? :)

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerSo these sandals are generally great worn on sands. Which one do you like most??
Image source:

Wire Wrapped Masquerade Mask DIY!!!

Not only Halloween, but also masquerade party needs special masks as well. This pair of wire wrapped masquerade mask is very fashionable and popular at this moment. You only need some jewelry wire, some beads, ribbons and pliers to finish this mysterious beautiful mask tutorial. You can make different types, which depends on the jewelry making supplies you will choose.

Wire Wrapped Masquerade Mask DIY
You will need:
Gemstone Beads Strands
10mm Jade Beads Strands
8mm Jade Beads Strands
Copper Jewelry Wire
Yellow Organza Ribbon
A Set of Three Pliers
DIY Jewelry Tool Sets

Wire Wrapped Masquerade Mask DIY
1.    Make the basic part of the mask
Firstly, prepare 2 pieces of 20cm length blue aluminum wires and wrap three loops on both sides as picture 1 shows.
Secondly, prepare 1 piece of 30cm length blue aluminum wire and bend it into a wave shape and then use copper wire to fix these 3 wires together as picture 2 shows
Thirdly, bend other 2 pieces of aluminum wires more stereo to suit your face and fix them as picture 3 shows.
Fourthly, prepare 2 pieces of about 20cm aluminum wires and wrap it into two loop shaped parts, then add them to the mask as picture 4 shows.

Wire Wrapped Masquerade Mask DIY
2.    Add beads and ribbons to the mask as picture 5 shows.

Wire Wrapped Masquerade Mask DIY4
And this is the finished wire masquerade mask! Beautiful and mysterious!

Wire Wrapped Masquerade Mask DIY4

DIY Bracelet for Men!!!

Not only is this bracelet fun to make but it is great to give your boyfriend as a gift. This handmade jewelry ideas-hemp bracelet is sure to add some sparkle to your boyfriend’s day or someone else’s. And no doubt that it is also a perfect complement to all the daily outfits. This simple DIY tutorial will show you how to easily and fun make your own bracelet with ease. Coz this project is a hemp bracelet for men, I chose cool metal beads. Now let’s start!

DIY Bracelet for Men!!! 3 (1)
Supplies to make DIY bracelet for men:
Hemp (or other thick twine)
Metal Alloy Bead
Tibetan Style Bead
Brass Tube Bead
Crimp Bead Cover
Flat Nose Plier

DIY Bracelet for Men!!! 1
Steps for this handmade bracelet:
1. Make four pieces of basic beaded strands.
Slide beads to the hemp cord as the picture step shows below. You can customize your own beaded strands with different beads you like.
2. Gather all the strands together.
Assemble two ends of these four strands by jumprings.

DIY Bracelet for Men!!!
With two colors of brass tube beads in each beaded strand you can make a fashion bracelet for your friend. By the way, this bracelet making idea don’t need any other intricate knotting techniques or assistive tools. The only thing you need is beads and twine of your choice. Have fun!

DIY Bracelet for Men!!! 3 (2)