Cabochons Can Make Your Collection Better


Cabochons are literally in demand all the time. they are famous worldwide and you can easily say that they are always in demand. And since they are always in demand you can as well say that cabochons are always in trend and their look will never go off. However, little did you know but now we have a lot more types in cabochons. From no types at all, now there are various options that you can choose from. It can help you make your decision better and more accurate. You can use these cabochons in all the possible ways. Maybe as a necklace, or as a bracelet, or even anklet. The ways to use these beads is not limited anymore. You can experiment as and how you like. From everything that we have, you should definitely get your hand on these beads as soon as possible before they run out of stock. Because once they are out of stock, you might have to wait a little longer to get them back to your shopping cart. As mentioned before, we have a wide range you can look into before getting done with your shopping.


We have glass cabochons, resin cabochons, gemstone cabochons, glass rhinestone cabochons, acrylic rhinestone cabochons, plastic cabochons, plastic cabochons, cat eye cabochons, dichroic glass cabochons, porcelain cabochons, woven cabochons, shell cabochons, polymer clay cabochons, metal cabochons, lamp work cabochons, millefiori glass cabochons and wood cabochons. All of these have further styles and shapes like oval, flat round, half round, drop, horse eye, rectangle, rhombus, human, clothes, rabbit, rectangle, deer, fruit, heart, beetle, bear, ladybug, square, flower, pumpkin, clover, fish, butterfly, eye, star, candy, nuggets, donut, triangle, cone, palm, moon, triangle, rhombus, bowknot, diamond, polygon, frosted, food, glitter beads, inner flower, cat, animal skin, jelly, shell, pearl, octagon, umbrella, bag, body, sheep, pig, spider, rooster, ladybug, fox, snail, lock, daily supplies, mustache, panda, mushroom, skull, mouse, duck, hat, bottle, starfish, dolphin, tool, glasses, shoes, bird, wing, frog, bees, owl, tableware, elephant, socks, insects, lion and what not.



You will be shocked to know the kind of shapes that we can give you the beads in. you can as well find these bead sin various different materials like crystal, tiger eye, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, amethyst, striped agate, black agate, leopard skin, sodalite, white jade, watermelon stone, agate, morganite, gemstone, tiger iron, pyrite, black stone, fossil and other such.


Who knew that types of glass beads are so vast


7.Fire Polish

Who does not like to have a variety of glass beads right there in their jewelry making set? Glass beads are one of the most common type of bead as well as the one which is always high on demand. You will never be disappointed with glass beads in your jewelry box. Well everyone has their favorite right? In the similar way people have their favorite as glass beads and are really obsessed with it. The kind of types that have come up for glass beads I unreal. They have no completion to the other types of beads because they are unique. Not only are they just unique, but it makes your jewelry look complete. The types of beads itself is very huge. But did you know that the type of these glass beads as well have a vast area which covers in the beads area? These beads give a really beautiful and complete look your neckpiece and you will not be disappointed for sure. In fact, with the amount of types they have just for glass beads, you can make so many various different kinds of jewelry like hand charms, bracelets, necklace, choker, anklet, earrings and other such things which you can carry gracefully around and as well flaunt it.


There are so many types of beads which you can find. There is the normal glass, electroplate glass, glass pearl, painted glass beads, cat eye beads, imitation jade beads, crackle beads, frosted glass beads, specialty glass and other such types. You can find them further broken down to types like round, cube, flat round, chip, barrel, rooster, bi cone, drop, abacus, oval, column, rice, cuboid, diamond, rectangle, star, heart, square, transparent, painted, baking paint and other such types. Just as before colors were mentioned, you can get them as many different colors possible and trust us, on this online website store you will find and get as many types which you want. There more you will look for, the more you will know from this online store that how vast the collection really is. You can find these beads plated in different colors. Different colors such as rainbow plated, multi-color plated, purple plated, black plated, copper plated, mixed color, pearl luster plated, blue plated, golden plated, silver plated and other such. You can rely on us for the type of quality because we will full fill your expectations when it comes to that.

Lovely Jewelry Making Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Hello jewelry fans! Valentine’s Day is approaching, do you have any plan for it? Wanna make something unique for this special day? If your answer is yes, then you shall never miss this post. Because I’m going to share you some wonderful jewelry making ideas for Valentine’s Day! Hope you guys can get inspired!

First, my favorite wire wrapped heart pendant necklace!

Purple Heart Pendent Necklace Made with Beads and Wire

As you can see from the image, this heart pattern is wrapped by a piece of purple aluminum wire and then some beads are added to decorate it. If you are a green hand of jewelry making, this simple yet adorable heart necklace is definitely a good choice for you Valentine’s Day DIY.

Then a pair of heart in heart brick stich earrings.

Heart-in-heart Brick Stitch Earrings

Hearts are always great to show one’s love. Don’t you think these heart-in-heart earrings are perfect for Valentine’s Day? The design and the colors are so chic! If you are a patient person, try these earrings, they deserve your time!

Next, a garden of roses wire bracelet!

Garden of Roses Wire Bracelet

Wow! What a lovely rose garden bracelet! I bet no girl can say she doesn’t like it! Wire jewelry is quite popular these days, and roses are perfect for Valentine’s Day. So, why not making such a wonderful rose garden wire bracelet for your Valentine’s Day?

Last, a beaded 3D rose!

a 3d Red Beaded Rose

Girls love roses. But real roses can only live for days, then how about DIY a beaded rose? They won’t die and it must be happy to have a bunch of lovely beaded roses in your bedroom or on your dining table.

So, among all those four designs, do you find your favorite one? If yes, you can click the link to see the detailed tutorial. Or if not, come to see more Valentine’s Day DIYs!

How to Make a Cool Multi-strand Leather Bracelet

Reblog: How to Make a Cool Multi-strand Leather Bracelet

It’s fun to wear a lot of bracelets together but when you are in a hurry it’s great to have a bracelet that you can wear in a minute and looks like 3 bracelets together! Here’s a way to make a leather multi-strand bracelet.


Materials :
-Flat leather cord
-2 x endings that fit the flat leather
-Black cord
-2 x endings that fit the black cord
-1 x metallic bead with big hole
-Approx. 40 x 4 mm pearl beads
-Jewelry stringing wire
-Crimping beads
-2 jumprings
-1 x magnetic clasp


First take the flat leather cord, measure it to your wrist and cut a piece. Using your flat-nose pliers, press the endings on each side of the leather.


Now take the black cord, measure it too and slide the metallic bead in the middle.


Finish this part of the bracelet by pressing the endings for this cord on both sides.


Next, take a piece of stringing wire, slide a crimping bead and bring back the wire into the crimping bead forming a loop. Secure the crimp by pressing it tight.


Now thread the pearls and secure them by using another crimp bead.


Now you have three separate parts of the bracelet. Using 2 jumprings attach them all to the magnetic clasp.


That’s it! Wear it and be happy!


How to Make a Cute Bead Wrapped Bracelet

How to Make a Cute Bead Wrapped Bracelet

Hello guys! Today I will share you a video tutorial on how to make a lovely bead wrapped bracelet. Yes, it is the bracelet in the picture above. You might think it requires for wire wrapping or beading skills to make such an adorable bracelet, but actually, it’s not difficult at all. Wanna know why I say so? Let’s watch the video together!

So now, you can agree with me right? It’s quite easy to make this beaded bracelet. All you need is to be patient with those tiny seed beads, and be careful while you’re wrapping them to the cord. If you do like this DIY beaded bracelet, do hesitate, just go gather the materials and make one for yourself! Happy crafting!

4 mm sliver seed beads
2 end caps
2 jump rings
1 lobster claw clasp
Thick cord
Jewelry wire
Round nose plier

This cute beaded bracelet is made by Iulia Nicoleta, thanks for her sharing of this video.

Two Steps to Make a Vintage Slave Bracelet

Hello everyone! Are you familiar with slave bracelets? Slave bracelets are also called ring bracelets, which means a ring and a bracelet are connected together. And today, I’m here to share you a tutorial on how to make a vintage slave bracelet, hope you guys can get inspired.

How to Make a Vintage Slave Bracelet 1

So, do you like this pretty vintage bracelet? I think it’s really cool! Let’s see how to make it together!

Jewelry making supplies needed to make this cool ring bracelet:
Antique Bronze Bracelet Making
Red Copper Flower Tray
Antique Bronze Spider Pendants
Needle Nose Pliers

How to Make a Vintage Slave Bracelet 2

Instructions on how to make this beautiful slave bracelet:
Step 1: Make the ring part.
Cut a piece of antique bronze chain and connect the two ends to a red copper flower tray.

How to Make a Vintage Slave Bracelet 3

Step 2: Make the bracelet part.
Connect the bracelet making chain to the other side of the red copper tray and add a bronze spider pendant to the chain.

How to Make a Vintage Slave Bracelet 4

Here goes the final look!

How to Make a Vintage Slave Bracelet 5

It’s really cool right? And it’s quite easy to make it. If you are a fan of vintage jewelry, you shall never miss such a gorgeous vintage slave bracelet. Just follow the tutorial, you can finish it within 10 minutes!

Reblog: 7 Stylish Slave Bracelets You Should Never Miss

Wow soooo beautiful!!!! They were very popular in the 80’s! I LOVE them! Daisy, thanks for ur sharing!! – 7 Stylish Slave Bracelets You Should Never Miss


Hello girls! Have you ever heard of slave bracelets? Well, when it refers to slave bracelets, it usually means a bracelet connected with a ring, which you may also call bracelet ring or ring bracelet. Today I’d like to share you 7 awesome slave bracelets. Let’s see them together!
slave bracelets
Vintage slave bracelet
vintage slave bracelet
This vintage slave bracelet is mainly made up with brass wire, and decorated with glass beads and ribbon cabochon. The massive color of the beads and wires makes the bracelet kind of mysterious. It is vintage, yet fabulous and fashionable.

Beaded slave braceletbeaded slave bracelet
Do you like this homemade slave bracelet? Seed beads are the basic materials you’ll need for making it. Of course, if you are going to make it, you can change the color and arrangement of those beads as you like. But one notice: it will ask for your patience to deal with such tiny seed beads.

Boho slave braceletboho slave bracelet
Boho style jewelries are always on the fashion trend. Even though this boho slave bracelet is very simple, it still can give off a vibe of free spirit like other boho jewelries do. If you are a fun of boho jewelry, you shall never miss it.

Chain slave bracelet
chain slave bracelet
This is a basic type of chain slave bracelet. Simple, easy to make, yet cool and elegant! For those who are followers of minimalism, this bracelet is absolutely a great choice for them.

Lace slave bracelet
lace slave bracelet
A lace bracelet decorated with rhinestone cabochon, and linked to the black lace bow ring by a slim chain – this is my first impression towards this slave bracelet. It’s kind of sexy and kind of noble, I don’t know how to describe it, but I do love it!

Slave bracelet with turquoise beads
slave bracelet with turquoise crystal beads
Do you like vintage style jewelries? Are you fond of turquoise bead bracelets? Or maybe you are interested in simplified jewelries? Then this slave bracelet can cater to your appetite, because it contains all those three fabulous features!

Wire wrapped slave bracelet
wire wrapped slave bracelet
To make such a splendid wire wrapped slave bracelet, you need to obtain excellent wire wrapping skills first. It could be a great challenge for jewelry making beginners, but it’s worthy of trying it!

So, do you have a better understanding of slave bracelets now? Do you like this kind of bracelet? If you have any other ideas of them, welcome to leave comments below and share them with us!

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