Easy Peasy Jewelry Making Supplies


Let me not make you count the number of times where you must have gone all ‘oh I wish I had that necklace’ or ‘that bracelet is SO beautiful, where can I get a piece like that?’ or ‘where ill of the supplies to make such a beautiful jewelry come from?’. Well we now have the answers to all of these questions by you. There are barely any steps you really need to follow to get exactly what you have been looking for. Just one click and you can find the best of jewelry making supplies. These jewelry making supplies can really give you a lot of ideas and various options from the collections that we have to work over on the type of jewelry that you have been looking forward to make. To start with basics, you will need different types of beads, stringing materials, beading supplies, jewelry findings, and other such things which can start your piece of jewelry and complete it. These supplies will build your jewelry at the start and as well complete your jewelry at the end. Now for you to make the piece of jewelry which you have been dreaming to have or been wanting to have, is absolutely easy.


All you have to do is check out the various things we have in collection for you, make a list of things you want, and place an order. The shipping will not take any extra time than the estimated time under normal circumstances. The quality of our material, all the way from beads to stings to findings, everything is in best of quality that you could ever even ask for. probably no one in the market will be able to offer you such amazing work at such prices. So make sure that you have your hands grabbed on them before it all goes away and you are just left with nothing. From charms to pins and to even earring settings, you can find everything right here and at any given time which you can ask for. various people have purchased from our store and we can proudly tell you that the results have been absolutely positive. Start with your collection before it gets too late or before someone grabs their hands on the favorite times which you have been keeping an eye on. specially the fast selling items which are in high demand always.


Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for Summer

As it’s known to all that barefoot sandals offer a fashion style option as beaches by sandals. The latest barefoot sandals trend is beaded barefoot sandals which couldn’t be a passing fad. And summer is the perfect time to air out your toes and feel the grass under your feet. What do you think? Have you got any special ideas of barefoot sandals this year? Here is a collection of top 9 sandals, some are beaded sandals, and some are wedding barefoot sandals, and bohemian barefoot sandals or else summer barefoot sandals. Will these sandals surprise you? Let’s go ahead!

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerThere is no doubt that a beach wedding is an opportunity to wear gorgeous jewelry, beach dress and jeweled barefoot sandals!!! Personally, I do LOVE sandals which I can kick off my shoes and feel the sand between my toes. How about you?

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerBohemian is love! It’s high time to dip into the boho inspired to get some fresh ideas for DIY colorful bohemian barefoot sandals with colorful beads.

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerSeed beads for this pair of sandals – To make your very own beaded barefoot sandals like below.

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerIf you don’t want to make with seed beads, turquoise beads, with feather-shaped and natural greenery, could be your great choice of beads chosen. And rhinestone is a good addition.

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerDelicate sandals, popular!

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerEnjoy some fun in the sun and a beautiful seaside sunset to end the day off with this pair of boho barefoot sandals.

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerGet inspired by this anklet. Lovely and beautiful.

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerBridesmaids’ best shoes on beaches – beaded barefoot sandals!!

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerAnd the final sandals, what do you think? :)

Top 9 Barefoot Sandals for SummerSo these sandals are generally great worn on sands. Which one do you like most??
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Wire Wrapped Masquerade Mask DIY!!!

Not only Halloween, but also masquerade party needs special masks as well. This pair of wire wrapped masquerade mask is very fashionable and popular at this moment. You only need some jewelry wire, some beads, ribbons and pliers to finish this mysterious beautiful mask tutorial. You can make different types, which depends on the jewelry making supplies you will choose.

Wire Wrapped Masquerade Mask DIY
You will need:
Gemstone Beads Strands
10mm Jade Beads Strands
8mm Jade Beads Strands
Copper Jewelry Wire
Yellow Organza Ribbon
A Set of Three Pliers
DIY Jewelry Tool Sets

Wire Wrapped Masquerade Mask DIY
1.    Make the basic part of the mask
Firstly, prepare 2 pieces of 20cm length blue aluminum wires and wrap three loops on both sides as picture 1 shows.
Secondly, prepare 1 piece of 30cm length blue aluminum wire and bend it into a wave shape and then use copper wire to fix these 3 wires together as picture 2 shows
Thirdly, bend other 2 pieces of aluminum wires more stereo to suit your face and fix them as picture 3 shows.
Fourthly, prepare 2 pieces of about 20cm aluminum wires and wrap it into two loop shaped parts, then add them to the mask as picture 4 shows.

Wire Wrapped Masquerade Mask DIY
2.    Add beads and ribbons to the mask as picture 5 shows.

Wire Wrapped Masquerade Mask DIY4
And this is the finished wire masquerade mask! Beautiful and mysterious!

Wire Wrapped Masquerade Mask DIY4

Discover the Myriad Uses of Wholesale Buttons

Have you ever observed any advertisements or promotions for wholesale buttons? No, right? Ever wondered what are the uses of such buttons? Believe it or not, there are immense uses of these buttons. These wholesale buttons have been used by the teachers for the students to help them develop fine art skills. They allow the children to take a lot of buttons of different colors, sizes and shapes. They are made to sort the buttons of same colors which help small children develop hand and eye coordination. The nursing homes, hospitals and the rehabilitation facilities also use these buttons in a similar manner to treat the patients who have encountered strokes, mental problems and degenerative muscle disorders. The sorting technique helps in developing control over muscles and enhances mental intelligence for the patients.

wholesale buttons

Seamstresses make a huge use of the wholesale buttons so that they are able to sell the finished products at a much cheaper rate. The cost of merchandise can be reduced each time making a purchase of wholesale buttons. These buttons are tied at the ribbons of gift wraps and the ends of the ribbons of balloons, so that they do not float away. These buttons make a perfect decorative element and a big button can be tied to the balloon to make it heavy enough so that it floats at a slower rate.

The wholesale buttons can be placed on jewelry wires to create cute pieces of jewelry articles. Buttons of different sizes and shapes can be assembled for creating unique bracelets and necklaces. The wholesale buttons can also be attached to the purses, hats, jeans and jackets to make them look really exclusive.

People use buttons of different size for creating art works on clothes and hand crafted jewelries. These clothing items and hand crafted jewelries are sold for at an appreciable rate in the market. These buttons are also used by a lot of people to provide an interesting look to their aquariums. But use larger wholesale buttons so that, the fish cannot swallow these buttons to injure themselves. The buttons can be placed on plastic containers to make impressive sounds and entertain children. Children love the rattling noise. Want to design your quilt? These wholesale buttons will help you a lot. You can use the embroidery thread to sew the buttons so that the pieces stay connected.

11 Creative DIY Beaded Earrings Ideas

Wow…So many creative beaded earrings’ making ideas!! Love them and thank u! :)

11 Creative DIY Beaded Earrings Ideas Hey my dear readers! I am always here to inspire you by sharing DIY ideas with you. For today I have made you a wonderful collection of 12 diy beaded earring ideas to create this season. All of the ideas are very easy and inexpensive, and I have already fallen in love with all of them. Are you excited? Enjoy and have fun!
Angel Earrings with Pearls & Wires


DIY Chandelier Earrings


The tutorial of making chandelier earrings above is easy and what you will need is turquoise beads, jewelry wire and eye pins. You can wear these earrings to embellish your casual outfit.
4-color Diagonal Chain Fringe Earrings


Simple Handmade Cluster Earrings


There is no need any fortune on new accessories, because these earrings look like the expensive jewelry in the store. You only need 15 minutes at your home and what you will need to do is to prepare the materials, glass beads, acrylic beads, pearl beads, turquoise beads and aluminum beads, then follow the steps from the tutorials. Find some colorful beads and start your diy project.
DIY Handmade Earring in Josephine Knot Pattern


Make Classic Pearl Cluster Earrings


Dangle Cluster Earrings with Crystal Beads and Bronze Chain


Vigorous Green Wire and Bead Earrings


Nice Chinese Button Knots Earrings


The Chinese button knots earrings could be a 20 minutes project, which will spruce your daily wear in an economical and easy way. The tutorial is interesting and fun.
Wire Wrapped Flower Ear Cuff Earring


P.S.  you don’t need any expensive jewelry making supplies to create them, they are easy and economic ideas!

Cute Fish-like Wire Earrings


Thank you for reading! I hope that you have found these diy beaded earring tutorials beautiful and fun and you will create them in your free time.  Which one is your favorite? Share with me!


Christmas Earrings Patterns

Just got some cute Christmas earrings patterns from Pinterest.com, would love to share with you here!

cute christmas earrings1
Beaded Blue Snowflakes Stockings Earrings

cute christmas earrings8
Mr and Mrs Santa Earrings

cute christmas earrings2
Christmas Tree Earrings

cute christmas earrings3
Brick Stitch Snowmen Earrings

cute christmas earrings4
Beaded Snowflakes and Stars Earrings

cute christmas earrings5
Santa Claus Earrings

cute christmas earrings6
Christmas Stocking Earrings

cute christmas earrings7
Handmade Christmas Beaded Snowman

All great patterns, hah? I especially love the 2nd Mr and Mrs Santa earrings, so adorable! Unfortunately, none of the above seems easy for me.. what about you? Are you a professional beading maker? If yes, get beads for jewelry making and try them for the the coming Christmas!

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