Beads Are Beads

90s-neon-beadsBeads are something you don’t want to resist having. For a jewellery lover who loves collecting beads, this is like a golden opportunity for you. People love collecting something or the other and for a lot of people it reflects what they are. Jewellery is a woman’s best friend or you can say that jewellery is a woman’s best buddy! So when it comes to you, what would you say? Is jewellery your best friend or your best buddy too? If yes then this is the website you should be at. No, not a store, But this is the website that you should be at. On our online store, you will find everything possible that you will require making your own fantastic piece of attractive jewellery. And do you know, what’s the best part of making your own jewellery? It can help you make anything and everything possible that you have every imagined of having. After all, when you get to show your own creativity you get to explore more sides of yourself and you can experiment so much more than you can imagine!


You will get a lot of stares and a lot of “where did you get this from its very beautiful”, too. So if you are ready for all the attention that you will be getting, definitely check our online store out.We can tell you about all of these interesting beads in variants that we have. Like acrylic beads, Australian beads, bone and cinnabar beads, clay beads, cubic zirconia, European beads, lamp work beads, gemstone beads, glass beads, metal beads, resin beads, rhinestones beads, seed and bugle beads, shell and Pearl, Tibetan style beads, wood and nut beads, woven beads and other such. You can find these beads in different styles, colours, shapes, sizes and other such different factors.


All of these beads are very beautiful and you will fall in love with them the moment you see them and you will be able to relate yourself to it. Everyone likes to be in trend and that’s why you should be on our online store because it is something that you must check it out. What would you love to have in your collection is that right question for you. Make the best of designs and you will explore so much more than you will think of. Be ready to explore the other side of you that you’ve never thought of.


The Amazing and Unusual Materials for Wholesale Charms

wholesale charmsThere are numerous beautiful components accessible today that can be utilized by adornments creators to improve the look of their manifestations. In any case, one of them which are more fun to work is wholesale charms. These little beautification come in various shapes and sizes. They come in different hues as they can be made from various materials. Charms are about appearance. These enhancing components utilized as embellishments on armlets. Bigger ones can likewise be utilized as pendants for pieces of jewelry.

If you are an adornments fashioner, you know that it is so important to work with wholesale jewelry making supplies. The same applies for charms. To have the option of making numerous bits of gems, to consider purchasing wholesale charms. In this article, we will examine the diverse sorts of wholesale charms you can purchase for gems making.

Enamel or Resin

Large number funky charms are made out of veneer and pitch. The superb features about both of these materials are they are solid, light and can be exceptionally vivid. With enamel and resin you can discover diverse cartoon characters, logos and toy creatures. If you are searching for something customary with a twist for wholesale charms, this is the best decision for you.

Diachronic glass

Diachronic glass was initially developed by researchers for the awesome way light reflects off the surface. The glass was then utilized as a part of space satellite innovation. The material reflects light in a specific way, so that the surface looks multi-shaded. These wholesale charms are an awesome decision if you are hunting down something which has a magical quality.

Tibetan silver

Wholesale charms produced using Tibetan silver doesn’t contain as much silver as sterling silver and hence, they are cheap. They contain a touch of silver just. Tibetan silver is entirely diverse. They have a dull appearance and they are regularly used to make tribal gems.


If you join wholesale metal charms with wood or glass dabs, you will have the option to make some extremely staggering and beautiful gems pieces.


This metal has an antique look to it and it may not engage each fashioner. If you are somebody who likes to utilize antique components in your manifestations, then you can pick wholesale charms made of pewter.

Snap Charms

Snap Adornments is turning out to be popular, and snap pieces are discovered more in the realm of “charms”. It is easy to purchase snap charms which can be swapped in and out, depending upon how you are feeling or what you are trying to depict at that specific minute.

Adorn Your jewelry with Beads for Jewelry Making

beads for jewelry makingSomething that adornment producers require frequently is beads. Beads indeed are the heart of the gems. They are the ones that sparkle to appeal. Rest of the materials, for example, strings, clasps, etc can be organized, but purchase of beads should be of the best quality for making jewelry. These beads for jewelry making are going to make the gems pieces additionally characterizing. So you must be curious about where such beads can be found. Choose beads that will be exceedingly adaptable and inside moderate value range.

Most locales offer you great flexibility or do it without anyone’s help tips on the best way to make the adornments costs, yet they don’t have gigantic assortment of beads in low costs. Those of us who have a sharp and point by point eye may need to likewise take a gander at the beads by and large before making the buy. You must guarantee that the beads for jewelry making are each independently culminated. Numerous a times we miss the layouts of the beads when we are buying them in large numbers.

Try not to pass by the sparkle of beads. In the event that beads are cut with unpleasant edges and have terrible external edge, then they won’t be attractive toward the end of your outlining. So while acquiring the right beads, make sure that your beads are shapely. Now if you have an experience in buying beads, and you are an old purchaser, you definitely know how to do this. However in the event that you are new in this field then you must familiarize yourself with the right beads for jewelry making.

Really discovering the right beads for jewelry making is very simple on the off chance that you know where to look. These days there are a large number of stores where you can find them and survey them that it turns out to be truly simple to discover what you’re searching for. On the off chance that you need to search for beads for adornments making, you can simply start from the insect markets. However with the insect markets, you won’t have the capacity to investigate an excess of alternatives inside less time. This is preference just given to us by the web. You will discover a huge number of destinations that offer beads for jewelry making. Truth be told, at this point, even your nearby flea market must have got its own site.

Add Sparkle to Your Life with Exclusive Beads for Jewelry Making

beads for jewelry makingBeads are evergreen. We can never say that beads would one day be out of fashion. They have evolved as vibrant elements made of wide variety of materials to enhance the beauty of an ornament. One of the most trending beads you can find online under different brands is the European beads. The most peculiar attributes of the European beads are that they have a bigger hole than other beads which enables designers to be creative and use variety of stringing materials for making a beaded jewelry. European beads are extremely transparent, tiny, uniform, and smooth adding value to your personality. High quality beads for jewelry making are used in making splendid and glamorous jewelry for women and teenagers.

European beads allow variety of stringing materials such as leather cord, ribbon, threading wire, chain, laces to pass through and go beyond an individual’s imagination. European beads for jewelry making are three dimensional and very popular for making exceptional bracelets for girls. You can easily find beautiful bracelets in the market to gift as a token of trust and love on Friendship’s day, or birthday or Valentine’s Day.

You can find variety of European beads online such rhinestone beads, alloy metal beads, brass European beads, enamel beads for rendering great scope to designers. Having a smooth texture, allows people to wear bracelets for longer hours with no itching on skin. They do not lose their shine sp early and makes you feel comfortable wearing in summers. Handmade ornaments made of rhinestone metal beads add great shimmer to your appearance. The rhinestone metal beads are considered as a perfect substitute of Swarovski crystals available at a lower price. Add glare and sparkle to your creations with high quality European beads ready for sale and discounts online.

European beads for jewelry making are exported world over as they have become immensely popular among women. You can create earrings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces with creating stunning patterns and designs with these beads. Amazing shapes that attract buyers are such as round, rondelle, tube, star, heart, animals, abacus and many more. They can be also used along with other beads. As we have to come to know that European beads have great shimmer and luster, it can be paired with rhinestone beads and gems to breathtaking jewelry. You can get a cost effective deal online for purchasing beads for jewelry making in bulk with great discounts and offers.

Enter the Creative World of Wholesale Beads

wholesale beads

Creativity knows no boundaries. If you love arts and crafts, you would surely enjoy with wholesale beads. It gives you an option to express your love with colors and beads. Decoration is an art. It requires great effort, imagination and creativity to embellish your possessions to increase their value. You may decorate your curtains, hangings, pillow covers, fridge covers, sofa covers, bed covers, bags and shoes with wholesale beads. These beads are available in different colors, materials and size allowing you to explore new ideas of decoration and embellishments.

It’s fun and exciting. You learn more with the use of beads to decorate make jewelry and embellish interiors. May be one day, if you excel, you can become a professional designer who makes stunning jewelry. Trends are changing. Today, there is great respect for handmade products. Why? It is because they are unique, durable, creative and attractive to wear and look at. As you have come to know, there are multiple uses of wholesale beads. Hence, you should never buy fewer amounts; always buy in bulk to get at lesser prices.

Starting a new business is not easy. Early projects may not be so good for you, buy you would learn. There is variety of beads available online such as rhinestone beads, lampwork beads, wooden beads, acrylic beads, glass beads, cabochons, and several wholesale jewelry supplies. Love to create innovative things, well; beads give you options to do so.

What kind of designs can be created with beads?

  • Flower designs – Curtains enhance your living room with elegance and class. To accentuate the presence of curtains in the room, you can accessorize the curtains with wholesale beads. Make flowers with beads of different colors on the curtains. Suppose if you won light colored curtains, you can embellish the curtains with bright colored beads as flower petals.
  • Raindrops – Love funky looks? Your college bag is very special to you. To look trendy and stylish, you can even accessorize your bags with raindrop shaped beads of different colors.
  • Glow on hair accessories- Stand out in crowd, accessorize with beads to make hair accessories look extremely fashionable. You can create shapes of flowers, butterflies, stars, petals and many more.
  • Wrap gifts- If you are sending gifts to your loved ones, or sending invitation cards for wedding or birthdays, enhance their appeal with wholesale beads. You can use glass beads, acrylic beads, gemstone beads or rhinestone beads for decoration.

Buy Wholesale Beads for Jewelry making and Start Experimenting with Designs

beads for jewelry makingIf you have been good in crafts as teen, you would also enjoy making beaded jewelry. You need talent, creativity, and skill to design a neatly beaded jewelry. If you can find such skills in you, you can go for it and try your hand for creating customized jewelry. I am sure it’s a daunting task; you need to work on it meticulously using beads for jewelry making. You can learn creative skills from an expert designer and spend time with him. You can also have a look at the samples and past designs that give you an idea how jewelry items are created. Beaded jewelry is affordable items that have become popular among teens and youth. A college going girl would love to buy beaded jewelry as it is cheap, vibrant, stylish and trendy. You can easily wear them daily as they are light and durable.

You can explore wide spectrum of designs of beads such as wooden beads, gemstone beads, lampwork beads, rhinestone beads, glass beads, seed beads, Tibetan beads, resin beads, acrylic beads, shell and pearls. Beads for jewelry making are available in different colors to match your attire hence; you can enjoy a different look every day. Before designing jewelry, you need to think what target group is. Whether you are designing something for girls or ladies or men, what kind of beads you would use, what blend of colors, how to make them look unique. So, all these questions jump in your mind before initiating a design.

Jewelry making is an art. It has been a part of culture if we back to study history. You can find traces of beads in jewelry making in early civilizations. Beads for jewelry making are colorful, versatile, affordable, unique and attractive. You can design a complete set of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets or you can go for single pieces.

How would you go about it?

  • Firstly plan your budget. Try to buy wholesale beads for jewelry making at the lowest price that allows you to save money. Budget not only counts the beads, but also wholesale jewelry making supplies. The jewelry supplies includes wires, jewelry making tools, jewelry boxes, clasps, bead spacers, chains, and findings
  • Study designs – You can buy magazines; observe markets, surf internet for unique designs.
  • Design meticulously- You need to design carefully with accurate calculation of bead spaces and length of the jewelry. For more information, you can look for variety of beads for jewelry making at Pandahall.

Factors to Check Out When Purchasing Wholesale Beads

wholesale beads

There are huge numbers of people who are interested in learning the crafting procedures and prepare unique articles by using the skills. One of the popular ways for crafting is beadwork or beading. One of the major aspects of beadwork is, this can be turned from a hobby to a complete profession for the people who are really keen in entrepreneurial side of crafts and enjoy the process of developing certain jewelry articles, attaching different items together and really appreciating the beautiful array of options that is present in abundance in this world of the time honored tradition.

It does not matter whether you are novice or experienced in the crafting technology, it is always beneficial to buy wholesale beads. The wholesale purchase not only saves a lot of money but it can also provide you with different parts and pieces that are not available in a lot of retail stores. The following factors are essential while you make purchase of wholesale beads for your business or hobby.

Quantity: Check out for the quantity. While purchasing the wholesale beads it is necessary to also purchase a pallet or case of items. But stay alert and do not get fooled with the weird price and rhetoric. If you are having any doubt, check out the reviews and opinions of customers who have made wholesale purchase from the preferred retailer. Compare the unit price and the whole price and it will be much more convenient for you to gain. Users also need to stay alert while making bulk purchase because it has been found that some pieces are damaged or cracked. Though not every transaction happens in this way but this might happen in few wholesale purchases.

Coupons: Check out for the discount coupons and free items if you are purchasing wholesale beads. A lot of websites offer free delivery if you purchase over a certain amount. But also compare the price of shipping and look out for how much you need before making a final confirmation.

Quality: One thing that you should never compromise is the quality of the beads. Some of the retailers offer wholesale beads at cheap prices but the quality is really disappointing. You need to have patience and spend some time in researching for different varieties of beads so that you do not fall prey of the cheap offers made by certain retailers. Also look out for the reputation of online wholesalers and the customer feedback that they have.