A Whole New World of Glass Beads

Glass beads are unique and you can never be any less obsessed with them. If you do not have a thing for glass beads, it is probably because you do not know much about it. There is so much that you can do from these glass beads and there is nothing any less that you can get out of them. These glass beads will help you make an amazing piece of jewelry. From bracelets to necklace to different other various things that can be accessorized with your perfect attire. People love jewelry and those who are always disappointed with what the jewelry shops have for them to give, you can rather just make your own jewelry. People majorly prefer making their own jewelry these days or get customized ones. For those who have a really neat hand, it is a good news for you. glass beads can be available to you in most different kinds like shape, texture, color, and everything. The best part is not here yet. The best is that you find these various different varieties right here on our online store. You do not have to think about going anywhere else anymore. Just sit right there in our chair or on your couch or lay down in your bed and just order from our online store.


You can find various types in these glass beads like the normal glass beads, electroplate glass beads, pearl glass beads, painted glass beads, cat eye beads, imitation jade beads, crackle glass beads, frosted glass beads, draw bench glass beads, Czech glass beads, specialty glass and many other such. You can find further shapes like round, bi cone, rooster, barrel, chip, cube, frosted, flat round, palm, abacus, drop, oval, column, rice, diamond, rondelle, star, square, matte glass, hexagon, triangle, nugget, shell. Body, trapezoid, body, skull, butterfly, polygon, flower, twist, cuboid, drum, fish, fan, heart, green plated, rainbow plated, antique bronze, purple plated, disc, leaf, bear, rectangle, drop and other such shapes and everything. Once you see that there are so many different shapes and so many other different types, you will know you are at the right online store. Well, after all, you do not have to walk to some place but instead, just click on a website and buy whatever you want and it will be shipped right where you stay. And no compromising on the quality is for sure too.


How to Make Glass Bead Bracelets

Glass beads can be divided into 11 parts, including the popular cat eye beads, czech glass beads, electroplate glass beads and glass pearl beads. Mixed color cat eye beads get their name from an unique way they refract light, resembling the oblong center of a cat’s eye. These beads are in brilliant color and an “eye” line. Czech glass beads are the commonly glass beads which jewelry designers love to use them and you will also be impressed by the quality, precious cut and shining effects.

If you want to learn more about these kind of beads, you can enjoy this product review and bracelet making tutorial video below. Vianney will teach you how to make crystal like jewelry wire bracelets with glass beads and acrylic beads. Hope you love these bracelets!

Jewelry making supplies needed to make the crystal like jewelry wire bracelets:
memory wire
heart acrylic beads
round glass beads
bead spacers

Creating Natural Jewelry with Wooden Beads

wooden beads

If you are willing to create an absolutely fresh look for your homemade jewelry by maintaining the natural touch, wooden beads are the best option for you. These beads have been in use from a very long time and in the present market too, these beads are immensely popular as decorative items for your household articles. Though these beads can be used across a huge range of jewelry styles, creating a natural outdoor look is really easy with the help of these beads. Using wooden beads for creating basic jewelry designs has never been easier.

One of the main reasons for the creation of wooden beads is these beads are generated from the natural materials. While the other beads made of different materials are lot more tough to create, the wooden beads can be prepared from any piece of wood with a few tools. You can also create beautiful stains for coloring your beads out of all natural materials. As the beads originate from a very natural product, they are capable of sustaining the authentic look for a long period of time. The wooden beads are durable enough to be used in an outdoor situation. In simple terms these beads can be worn in any daily activities like swimming, playing, gardening or hiking. As long as the beads are treated properly, the wooden beads can get wet and dry on its own without suffering any color change or degradation of material.

Regarding the durability of the wooden beads, it must be mentioned that other beads may become brittle when subjected to intense temperature changes, or become heated when exposed to too much sunlight. But this is not the scenario of wooden beads as they can be worn all day irrespective of temperature or weather changes. Wooden beads are light in weight which makes it even more convenient to wear while you are outdoors. Some of the women’s dresses like the gypsy skirts and blouses made of cotton are comfortable to wear in summer seasons and the jewelry items created of wooden beads just fits perfectly with these wears. If you opt for creating natural looking bracelets having an exquisite touch, the wooden beads are the best item that you will need. The natural and subdued shades are most common in wood that fits perfectly with the whites, browns, greens and the pale blue colors that are very common as a part of Bohemian outlook.

Working with Seed Beads Made Easy

seed beadvseaf

All jewelry makers are familiar with the seed beads. They are quite tiny in size and they are measured in aught. The best quality beads of these types are found to be produced in Japan. They are already available in plenty of different sizes and shapes so you can use them for creating different kinds of jewelry items. These beads can be used for plenty of different purposes.

The newbie jewelry makers find it really hard to use seed beads because they are small in size and it can at times be really hard to string them up in the thread. Here is a guide for you to work with seed beads without creating much mess.

Size of the beads

Firstly you have to consider the size of the beads. They are available from 5 to 28 size. The smaller the number, larger will be the bead. So, don’t think that size 28 is going to be the largest, in reality, it is going to be the smallest of all. The choice of the size will depend on the type of jewelry item you wish to create.

Needle matters

You cannot simply use regular needle for working with these beads. There is special needle available for these beads. When you are buying the beads, it is recommended that you buy the needle size that can fit in these beads. In this way, you will be sure that the beads you have bought will pass the needle easily and you won’t have to get frustrated while working.

Stringing material

There is special stringing material available for the seeds. Take a look at the materials which you can use for working with these beads:

  • Nymo is a colored thread which is similar to dental floss. It can easily string in the beads without much effort.
  • Elastic nylon can also be used for stringing beads. It can be best used for easy projects that don’t require much effort.
  • Silamid is another popular thread which can be used for beads. It is prewaxed and it is stronger than Nymo.
  • Beading cable can also be used for working with seed beads. This cable consists of steel wire which is coated with nylon. You can easily find this wire in different widths.

When you will have all the right things, you will see for yourself that working with these beads is not as hard as you are thinking of it. Many of my students used to fear working with these beads because they thought that they are hard to handle. If you follow the guide that I have mentioned above, then you will realize this too that working with the seed beads is not a bad idea. Jewelry making can be challenging too at times but it will be worth it to use these beads for creating the projects that you have in mind. Once you get hold of them, then you will not mind using them for working on other projects as well. This will be something amazing that you have done.

Necessary Supplies For Making Jewelry


If you are looking forward to create jewelry, you need to have the right supplies for this purpose. Before you begin, you need to find some projects which will help you to achieve your goals. Look for the best supplies and start working. A common yet essential list of jewelry making supplies which you will need while you working on a jewelry making project are listed below.

Strings and wires

One of the most important supplies for making jewelry is the wire. This is the most versatile supply. You can do a lot of things with the wire. For making designer necklaces and bracelets, you require wire and strings. You need to put the beads and other gems into the wire. Wires are available in a wide range of variety and you need to pick the right one which is according to your requirement. The best practice is that you must possess some different kinds of strings and wire with you so that you can utilize them when required. These wire are available in different kinds such as metal and you can even get different colors of wire in different thickness.

Jewelry supplies

For creating jewelry pieces, you require different kinds of supplies. For this reason you need to have all of the supplies in stock. You can list down the items which you don’t have and get them from the market or online. Once you have the proper supplies, then it would be easier for you to work on any kind of jewelry making project. You must also look for some new supplies for making jewelry from the market. Browse the internet for latest tools and tips for making jewelry items.

Bracelets and necklaces

One of the most demanding and commonly used jewelry items are the necklaces and bracelets.  Look for the appealing and creative design of these jewelry items over the internet and sketch them down on a paper with the exact measurements and start working on it. Using the jewelry making supplies, you can create innovative designs for bracelets and necklaces. You can also use your imagination and come up with great designs.

Beading materials

Beads are considered to be the most essential supply for making jewelry. Beads are available in a wide variety and you can choose them accordingly. Always go for the beading supplies which you require. These days, the acrylic beads and seed beads are quite hot and they are being used for creating amazing jewelry designs. Beads are a part of your jewelry creating supplies and you need to have a variety of them in stock so that you not need to have to worry about any kind of purchasing.

Jewelry making tools

Talking about the jewelry making supplies, we come across the fact that tools are the essential part of these supplies. You must possess the right and modern tools for creating jewelry. The tool kit must include common household tools too. They are considered to be more effective. You must have all the necessary tools in stock.

Must Have Jewelry Making Tools

It’s important for every jewelry designer to possess the right materials, beads and supplies for jewelry making. When you are all geared up with the right supplies, this assures you that the quality of jewelry items which you will make is going to be awesome and of the high in quality. This way you can demand high prices for your creations. With the right supplies of beads for jewelry making you become able to enjoy making designer ornaments and come up with the best designs according to your imagination.


I used some of the essential supplies for creating jewelry items. First of all, you need to have the right choice of beading supplies which usually depend on your choice. For creating innovative jewelry items, you can use the common beading supplies such as the acrylic, glass, crystal, wood, plastic, seed, metal and lamp-work beads. These are the most used beads for every kind of jewelry making project. You can use the beads of your choice too.

If you are interested in creating the jewelry items you need to use some particular tools. I used the bead gauge, stoppers, reamers, needles and knotters for making jewelry pieces. With the help of the bead stopper, you are assured that the beads will not fall from the position. With the help of the gauge, you can measure the size of the beads. And you can clean the holes of beads with the help of bead reamer. While making jewelry items I also used the awl for undoing the knots. For sticking I used the glue for adding the trims to the jewelry items.

The beads for jewelry making are available easily. For this purpose, you can visit the market and look for the jewelry stores that are selling these products.  For making creative designs of jewelry items I also used some of the useful house-hold tools too. For making a rough sketch of the jewelry item I used pencil and paper. I counted out the total number of beads which are to be used and made my notes just to be precise. For making marks I used markers. For exact measurements I used ruler and also measured the dimensions for the finishing of the product. For cutting various patterns and strings I used scissors. While working with metal parts I wore safety glasses to protect my eyes. I utilized compass for creating circular designs and for perfect angle measurements I used the protector. For picking tiny bits of beads, I used forceps. These are the common tools which are available in every home and you can use them for getting the perfect accuracy while you are working on jewelry making projects. You can keep these tools in a toolbox. You can add different tools to your toolbox for making the jewelry items. The best practice for making designer jewelry products is having these tools. You can also browse through the web for creative design patterns for creating ornaments. Once you have everything you need, it won’t be a big deal to create anything.

How To Get the Best Beads for Jewelry Making

The beads used in making jewelries are of different types, shapes and sizes. They are made to appeal to the buyer and they do that pretty well. As a result of their varibilities, the bead maker can easily produce real beautiful jewelries out of them. In the event you want to buy beads for jewelry making, but you are somewhat confused because of the different types available, this write up will open your eyes to the right one to choose. Some of the common styles of beads for jewelry making are faceted beads, the seed beads, the bicon beads, the Czech beads, the lampwork beads and many more. Each of them is special in its own way and each has its own application in the bead making industry. Many more varieties of the beads will be looked into below.

beads for jewelry making 2
You may want to go for various color types when buying your beads for jewelry making. To make things easier for those making jewelries, the beads have been made available in various colors. This can add great touches to the final product. While buying, it may be better to go for beads of different colors; this will enable you create all sorts of jewelries with different shades of colors. Some of the very popular shapes of beads are square beads, flower beads, rondelle beads, oval beads, round beads and so on. In actual fact, the beads for jewelry making are now made available in any kind of shape you can ever imagine. Among the various shapes mentioned earlier, the round shape of beads is the most common. When placing your order for beads, you may want to buy more of the round beads than any other shape.

beads for jewelry making 3
Do you plan to make jewelries like bracelets and necklaces? Then you will find the square beads very helpful. The flower beads are among the most popular beads for jewelry making. Just as the name implies, they usually have flower shapes. At other times, the flower may be worked into them. If you want to make beads just for everyday use, you can think of this form of beads. They are also perfect for those semi-formal jewelries. The rondelle bead is a multifaceted bead. It equally has disc shape. If you need to make up-scale jewelry, then this is the perfect one to go for among the beads for jewelry making available out there.
When buying your beads for jewelry making, it is always better to go for mixed lots. As a result, you will be buying beads of different colors, shapes and styles. In most situations, the mixed lots are presented in an organized manner around different colors, styles and theme. Each mixed lot comes in different quantity. Before you buy yours, first find out how many items or beads are in the particular lot you want to buy. When buying mixed beads for jewelry making, ask the seller for the complete information regarding the jewelries to ensure you buy the right things at the end of the day.
Beads for jewelry making are made available in different shapes, sizes, themes and colors. When buying your beads for jewelry making, consider the quality, quantity as well s the cost before you buy. You can get more information from pandahall .