Reblog – Graceful Pearl Bead Bracelets for Jewelry Making Beginners

Easy yet graceful jewelry for any new jewelry maker to begin with. I’m quite impressed with the silver filigree jewelry findings in the middle! Could be perfect for use to make earrings or necklace pendant! Thanks for this amazing idea!

via Graceful Pearl Bead Bracelets for Jewelry Making Beginners.

Hello there! How is the weekend? Wanna find something interesting to do? Well, just follow me! Today I’m gonna share you a tutorial on how to make super cute pearl bead bracelets! It’s very easy to make them, even a green hand of jewelry making can finish it within few minutes. Of course, if you are an experienced jewelry maker, you can also make these lovely pearl beaded bracelets for enriching your jewelry box.

Graceful Pearl Bead Bracelet for Jewelry Making Beginners 1

They are gorgeous right? Can’t wait to see how to make them? OK, let’s have a look together!

What you need for making a pearl bead bracelet:
Pearl beads
Silver jewelry wire
Colorful acrylic beads
Filigree findings
Silver crimp tubes
Crimp covers
Toggle clasp
Rhinestone cabochons
Glass beads
Wire cutters
Flat nose pliers

Graceful Pearl Bead Bracelet for Jewelry Making Beginners 2

How to make the simple beaded bracelet:
Step 1: Attach a rhinestone cabochon onto the center of the filigree finding with your thin jewelry wire like the picture shows. Make sure the cabochon is tightly fixed.
Step 2: Cut a section of jewelry wire, thread it through one side of the filigree finding, and then slide about 8 pearl beads onto the wires.
Step 3: Repeat to thread wire and pearl beads onto the other side of the filigree finding. Once the length fits your wrist, stop slid beads, add the crimps and toggle clasps, and cut off the excess wires.

Graceful Pearl Bead Bracelet for Jewelry Making Beginners 3

Step 4: Make another simple bead bracelet, but this time you can add some glass beads and colorful acrylic pearls for decoration.

Graceful Pearl Bead Bracelet for Jewelry Making Beginners 4

I’m sure it will be very happy to wear such pretty bracelets on your wrist. And there is no doubt that they will make you much more outstanding among the crowd.

Graceful Pearl Bead Bracelet for Jewelry Making Beginners 5

Love them? Just make one for yourself! It won’t take long, but the procedure of creating will make you happy!

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Necessary Supplies For Making Jewelry


If you are looking forward to create jewelry, you need to have the right supplies for this purpose. Before you begin, you need to find some projects which will help you to achieve your goals. Look for the best supplies and start working. A common yet essential list of jewelry making supplies which you will need while you working on a jewelry making project are listed below.

Strings and wires

One of the most important supplies for making jewelry is the wire. This is the most versatile supply. You can do a lot of things with the wire. For making designer necklaces and bracelets, you require wire and strings. You need to put the beads and other gems into the wire. Wires are available in a wide range of variety and you need to pick the right one which is according to your requirement. The best practice is that you must possess some different kinds of strings and wire with you so that you can utilize them when required. These wire are available in different kinds such as metal and you can even get different colors of wire in different thickness.

Jewelry supplies

For creating jewelry pieces, you require different kinds of supplies. For this reason you need to have all of the supplies in stock. You can list down the items which you don’t have and get them from the market or online. Once you have the proper supplies, then it would be easier for you to work on any kind of jewelry making project. You must also look for some new supplies for making jewelry from the market. Browse the internet for latest tools and tips for making jewelry items.

Bracelets and necklaces

One of the most demanding and commonly used jewelry items are the necklaces and bracelets.  Look for the appealing and creative design of these jewelry items over the internet and sketch them down on a paper with the exact measurements and start working on it. Using the jewelry making supplies, you can create innovative designs for bracelets and necklaces. You can also use your imagination and come up with great designs.

Beading materials

Beads are considered to be the most essential supply for making jewelry. Beads are available in a wide variety and you can choose them accordingly. Always go for the beading supplies which you require. These days, the acrylic beads and seed beads are quite hot and they are being used for creating amazing jewelry designs. Beads are a part of your jewelry creating supplies and you need to have a variety of them in stock so that you not need to have to worry about any kind of purchasing.

Jewelry making tools

Talking about the jewelry making supplies, we come across the fact that tools are the essential part of these supplies. You must possess the right and modern tools for creating jewelry. The tool kit must include common household tools too. They are considered to be more effective. You must have all the necessary tools in stock.

DIY Loom Beaded Bracelet

Easy loom beaded bracelet to share! I was impressed by the rhinestone heart shaped magnetic clasp attached. The bling bling crystals look perfectly coordinated with the luster of glass seed beads. Would you love this wonderful bracelet?

Christmas Earrings Patterns

Just got some cute Christmas earrings patterns from, would love to share with you here!

cute christmas earrings1
Beaded Blue Snowflakes Stockings Earrings

cute christmas earrings8
Mr and Mrs Santa Earrings

cute christmas earrings2
Christmas Tree Earrings

cute christmas earrings3
Brick Stitch Snowmen Earrings

cute christmas earrings4
Beaded Snowflakes and Stars Earrings

cute christmas earrings5
Santa Claus Earrings

cute christmas earrings6
Christmas Stocking Earrings

cute christmas earrings7
Handmade Christmas Beaded Snowman

All great patterns, hah? I especially love the 2nd Mr and Mrs Santa earrings, so adorable! Unfortunately, none of the above seems easy for me.. what about you? Are you a professional beading maker? If yes, get beads for jewelry making and try them for the the coming Christmas!

Source from:

Golden Wire Wrapped Owl Pendant

This golden wire wrapped owl is made up of golden aluminum wire, copper wire, red glass beads and black beads.

Golden Wire Wrapped Owl Pendant
1, make the wire frames: heart shape and eye shape.
2, wrap the wires around the frames like picture showed;
3, add the glass beads by fastening them with wires.
4, connect those two frames with 2 jump rings.
5, you can make it as pendant for necklace or smaller dangles for earrings.

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Featured Jewelry&Accessories Ideas From Pandahahll

If you love crafting and wanna make some ornaments or gifts for this coming Christmas, here’re some featured ideas for you from LC Pandahall. They all used the Christmas themed green and red colored beads, wires, charms and other findings. Check out these adorable Christmas DIYs and get your ideas inspired! If you’re on budget in making them, go online and try some cheap beads instead. Take a look at and you will find amazing beads and findings with fancy price and high quality. Enjoy crafting!

chrismas bracelets

christmas pendant necklace

christmas earrings

christmas snowflake

christmas tree

christmas hair accessorie


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Christmas Gift Idea: DIY Bracelet

If you are struggling for choosing Christmas gifts for your family or friends, this bracelet should be a perfect idea, which is pretty but easy to follow! You’ll only need to get jewelry making supplies like beads(go for your favorite colors), threads, chains, pendants and findings to proceed. This project cost around to $3-$6. If you are on a budget, can this cute bracelet be a wonderful gift idea? LOL~~ I’ll definitely try it out for my best girlfriends.