DIY Vintage Style Earrings with Pearl Beads and Glass Beads

Hi, guys, how are you? In today’s article, I’ll share a pair of vintage style earrings with you. Prepare some pearl beads, glass beads, chandelier component, earring hooks, eyepins and headpins, you can also make a pair. Follow me to see how to make the vintage style earrings with white pearl beads and blue glass beads.
diy-vintage-style-earrings-with-pearl-beads-and-glass-beads680330Supplies you’ll need in making the vintage style earrings:
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
4mm White Round Pearl Beads
10mm Blue Round Glass Beads
6x4mm Blue Electroplate Glass Beads
Antique Silver Rhombus Chandelier Component Links
Silver Earring Hooks
Platinum Cross Chains
Silver Eyepins
Silver Headpins
Silver Jump Rings
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
diy-vintage-style-earrings-with-pearl-beads-and-glass-beads6004001Instructions on how to make the vintage style earrings:
Step 1: Add pearl beads to chandelier component
Firstly, string 6 white pearl beads to 6 eyepins;
Secondly, make a hoop on the other end of the eyepins and add the 6 pearl beads to the chandelier component one by one.
diy-vintage-style-earrings-with-pearl-beads-and-glass-beads6004002Step 2: Add chains, glass beads and earring hooks
Firstly, cut off six chains and add them to the six eyepins;
Secondly, add a blue glass bead and combine the six chains together;
Thirdly, add a blue glass bead and white pearl bead drop pattern;
Fourthly, add a pearl bead and an earring hook;
diy-vintage-style-earrings-with-pearl-beads-and-glass-beads6004003Lastly, repeat the above steps to make the other pair of the vintage style earrings.
Tada~ the vintage style earrings are done!
diy-vintage-style-earrings-with-pearl-beads-and-glass-beads600400Do you like this pair of vintage style earrings? It’s a piece of cake to make the vintage style earrings within a few minutes. Try to make a pair by yourself if you like the vintage style earrings.


Wood Beads With Awesome Color Effects


Wood beads that are undyed are of great interest to customers almost as much as those that have colorful prints on them. One model that has no dyes on it is moccasin model of 20 millimeters in size and with a hole of 5 millimeters, similar to the footwear’s free-flowing style. Even more simple and loose is a moccasin model of 25 millimeters in size and with a hole of 6 millimeters. Also undyed are tubes of 7 millimeters in length. To start out on dyes, you get an yellow color applied on round pieces 14 millimeters by 16 millimeters with a hole of 4 millimeters. You can make a purchase of these yellow wood beads with numbers in the hundreds. Dyed pendants are listed in a large number of designs such as butterflies, hearts and drops in mixed colors.

Different categories are available within the segment of wood beads such as Buddhism jewelry findings that have natural bodhi engravings. Other models within Buddhist findings are bicone, wheat, cube and barrel. Coconut brown and white are the main colors within these wood beads. Looking at other dyed models, we see one that is made of hardwood and shaped as a pumpkin with coconut brown color. It has a size of 20 millimeters and 20 pieces make up a strand of about 15 inches in size. Also of the same material are skulls of 12 millimeters which are chocolate dyed. These are used to make a strand of 35 pieces, which comes to a length of about 17 inches.


Rondelles are available in a number of colors such as deep sky blue, Peru, Coral, Red, yellow and beige. Ovals and oblongs are available in a wide variety of sizes such as six millimeters and eight millimeters. Oval-shaped beads also come with words on them. These lemon chiffon pieces are about 35 millimeters by 17 millimeters. They have a hole of three millimeters in size and can be ordered in lots of 1000 pieces. Column-shaped pieces are sized 11 millimeters by 12 millimeters and have a hole of 4 millimeters, These can also be ordered in very large quantities of more than 500-600 pieces. With the same hole size are round pieces which can also be purchased in quantities of more than 600 pieces.


A real colorful design is that of apples that have been dyed in mixed colors. These lead-free pieces are 26 millimetres by 25 millimeters by 4 millimeters with a hole of 2 millimeters. They can be bought in packages of 470 pieces each. Equally colorful are cats of 30 by 27 millimeters which are available in packages of 580 pieces each. Flat rounds are also very brightly colored in mixed collections with a fan-like pattern painted on them. Watermelon pieces of 20 millimeters in size are also very attractively painted and will make you buy them immediately, as will most of the designs and shapes that are available at the online store.

DIY Pink Butterfly Hair Clip with Suede Cord and Rhinestone Beads

Valentine’s Day is approaching soon. This pink butterfly hair clip will be a good Valentine’s Day gift for girls. Just with some suede cords, rhinestone bead, pink ribbon and hair clip, you can easily make one by yourself. Now, let’s see how~
diy-pink-butterfly-hair-clip-with-suede-cord-and-rhinestone-beadsSupplies you’ll need in making the pink butterfly hair clip:
2.5mm Pink Suede Cord
4.5mm Acrylic Rhinestone Beads
10mm Pink Satin Ribbon
Pink Sewing Thread
Hair Clip
Glue Gun
diy-pink-butterfly-hair-clip-with-suede-cord-and-rhinestone-beads-materialsFirstly, roll 3 circles with a part of suede cord and wrap the bottom with pink sewing thread;
Secondly, make a corresponding butterfly wing. Then, combine the two butterfly wings together with another part of suede cord;
diy-pink-butterfly-hair-clip-with-suede-cord-and-rhinestone-beads-step-1Thirdly, add a part of pink ribbon onto a hair clip. Then, add the butterfly;
Lastly, add rhinestone beads to the butterfly.
diy-pink-butterfly-hair-clip-with-suede-cord-and-rhinestone-beads-step-2Wow, let’s see the final look of the pink butterfly hair clip again.
diy-pink-butterfly-hair-clip-with-suede-cord-and-rhinestone-beads2During the making process, you can change the rhinestone beads in different colors. Do you fall in love with this pink butterfly hair clip? If yes, just collect some suede cord, rhinestone beads, ribbon, hair clip and have a nice try~

Glass Makes For Great Jewelry Beads


One of the types of glass beads is that with electroplating wherein a metallic coating such as silver is added to the material. One of the standard colors that is created is that of silver. The other colors that are electroplated include golden, green, black purple, blue, multi-colored, pearl-luster and rainbow plated. The last two colors have the most number of designs followed by silver. Checking the standard silver-colored electroplating models, you get half and full plated options. Any shape that you can imagine will be available within the silver color as well as all other models.

One of the interesting shapes within the silver colored electroplated glass beads is that of a cone. A strand is made of fifty pieces, each of which has a length of 16 millimeters, width of 7 millimeters and a hole of about 1 millimeter. You can pick up 10 strands for a price of a little over $8.


Let us now look at another type of material within glass beads which are glass pearls. There are 16 colors available within this type. There is a separate color effect also which is the AB color effect that brings the Aurora Borealis to life. Within pearl glass, there are two styles available which are pearlized and matte glass. Let us check out one such piece which has a discount of 55 percent at present. This is the Fall Mix Pearlized Beads made of mixed color and are 8 millimeters in size with a hole of 1 millimeter. There are about 100 pieces in a bag which costs $0.35 now at the discounted price as compared to the actual price of $0.78.

Checking out another material, we can see a sample among the imitation jade beads. One of the shapes is that of rice-shaped which are cyan colored and have a size of 18 millimeters by 14 millimeters. About 22 pieces make up a strand which is about 15 inches long. Ten of these strands can be bought for a little over $10. Another innovative shape is that of drop-shaped. Within this shape, one of the models is red colored and faceted. Its size is 15 millimeters by 10 millimeters with a hole size of 2 millimeters. There are ten strands in a package. A package of four costs $0.80 with the price discounted to $0.64 if you buy 20 packages.


Among the best sellers, you can find crystal glass pieces that are opaque, abacus-shaped and marine blue in color. These are of a smaller size with a 6 by 4 millimeter size, with 95 pieces going to make a strand of just short of 17 inches. A package of 10 strands costs $5.77. These hot pieces are ready for delivery after a three-day period. A similar abacus-shaped model, also made of crystal glass that is opaque, of slightly larger size at 8 by 6 millimeters, 67 of which make up a strand of 16.5 inches comes at $7.47 for a package of 10 strands.

Get into the vast collection that suits you to full satisfaction.

3 Steps to Make Heart Earrings with Aluminum Wires and Chains

If you want to make some easy heart jewelry for Valentine’s Day, you can try today’s heart earrings. Just prepare some aluminum wires, chains and earring hooks, and then you can start the DIY process with the following tutorial.
3-steps-to-make-heart-earrings-with-aluminum-wires-and-chains680330Supplies you’ll need in making the heart earrings:
1.5mm Aluminum Wire
Silver Earring Hooks
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Twisted Chain
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Diagonal Plier
3-steps-to-make-heart-earrings-with-aluminum-wires-and-chains6004001Firstly, make 2 silver aluminum wire wrapped hearts, 2 purple aluminum wire wrapped hearts and 2 blue aluminum wire wrapped hearts;
3-steps-to-make-heart-earrings-with-aluminum-wires-and-chains6004002Secondly, cut two equal chains and combine them with two silver earring hooks respectively;
Thirdly, add the aluminum wire wrapped hearts to the chains.
3-steps-to-make-heart-earrings-with-aluminum-wires-and-chains6004003Now, I hang the aluminum wire wrapped heart earrings below a hook.
3-steps-to-make-heart-earrings-with-aluminum-wires-and-chains600400Wow, it looks so easy to make the aluminum wire wrapped heart earrings. Just twist the aluminum wires into heart shapes, and add chains and earring hooks. Try to make a pair for the coming Valentine’s Day!

DIY Cluster Necklace with Pearl Beds and Glass Beads for Wedding

Hi, dear friends, how are you? Do you love the following bead cluster necklace? In today’s post, I’ll show you how to DIY this bead cluster necklace with pearl beads, glass beads, rhinestone beads, quartz beads, seed beads, chains and so on. Follow me to see how~
diy-cluster-necklace-with-pearl-beds-and-glass-beads-for-wedding680330Supplies you’ll need in making the bead cluster necklace:
10mm White Round Pearl Beads
8mm Pink Round Pearl Beads
8x6mm Suncatcher Glass Beads
10mm Ball Rhinestone Beads
10mm Faceted Rose Quartz Beads
2mm Clear Seed Beads
Platinum Cross Chains
Tibetan Style Toggle Clasps
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Headpins
0.2mm White Fishing Wire
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Stainless-Steel Scissor
diy-cluster-necklace-with-pearl-beds-and-glass-beads-for-wedding6004001Instructions on how to make the bead cluster necklace:
Step 1: Combine pink pearl beads and rhinestone beads with headpins
Firstly, combine a seed bead and pin pearl bead with a headpin, then make a loop. Repeat this step to make more;
Secondly, refer to the above steps to make some rhinestone bead patterns.
diy-cluster-necklace-with-pearl-beds-and-glass-beads-for-wedding6004002Step 2: Combine quartz beads, white pearl beads and glass beads with headpins
Firstly, refer to the above steps to make some quartz bead patterns;
Secondly, refer to the above steps to make some white pearl bead patterns;
diy-cluster-necklace-with-pearl-beds-and-glass-beads-for-wedding6004003Thirdly, refer to the above steps to make some glass bead patterns.
diy-cluster-necklace-with-pearl-beds-and-glass-beads-for-wedding6004004Step 3: Combine the bead patterns together and add chains
Firstly, cut two part chains and add a T-bar and toggle to two them;
Secondly, add white wire and add the bead patterns;
diy-cluster-necklace-with-pearl-beds-and-glass-beads-for-wedding6004005Thirdly, add more bead patterns and the other chain.
diy-cluster-necklace-with-pearl-beds-and-glass-beads-for-wedding6004006Tada~ this bead cluster necklace is done!
diy-cluster-necklace-with-pearl-beds-and-glass-beads-for-wedding600400You can wear this bead cluster necklace on your wedding. The well combination of pearl beads, glass beads, rhinestone beads and quartz beads makes this bead cluster necklace elegant. Have a nice try if you like it~

Sued Cord For Your Punk And Standard Jewelry


The wire size of suede cord can be a maximum of 16 millimeters. You can select the length of the role in either yards or meters. Golden rhinestones are used to adorn the cord in one design while golden alloy rivet, aluminum studs, golden aluminum studs are used in others. A design has one side of the cord covered in imitation leather. There are about 700 models of suede cords with over half of them ranking among the best sellers. A faux model is made with aluminum cabochons while a design from Korea comes with silver aluminum studs.

Another faux model comes with silver stars on the cord. This model is available in 1 meter per strand. One of the striking colors that you can pick is indigo while a unique material would be one such as wool and PU leather from South Korea. There are many suede cord models that are ideal for making punk rock jewelry. Among the interesting colors are antique white, camel, cornflower blue, salmon, sandy brown, saddle brown and lavender blush. The design with lavender brown comes fitted with plum blossom aluminum.


Checking out some suede cord models, you find a gold-colored model available at 100 meters per roll for a price of about $15. Seeing some designs at lower prices, we find a beige-colored model at about $6, also for a 100-meter roll. Even lower is a sea-green model that is available at about $5 for 90 meters. A purple model with glitter powder is available at $10 for 100 yards. There is an option to browse through the small lots that are available. These come in five meters per roll.

There are over ten products that form a list of Promotions. These include discounts of thirty to sixty percent. One of them is on a teal-colored model from Korea which is of 1 meter. There are 200 such 1-meter strands in a bag that costs $10 which is a 29 percent discount. The model is available in deep pink also. Another promotion is on a royal blue cord that is six millimeters by 1.5 millimeters. A roll of 100 yards costs about $8 which is a 45 percent discount. You can also opt to select your requirements in a separate category that is formed by a mix of products. Get just the kind of effect that you need in this great collection.