Beebeecraft Guide on 12 Different Types of Bracelets for Women

There are so many different bracelet types for women, while most of you don’t know what type of bracelet you are wearing is. Check out different types of bracelets here now!

From young girls to older women, bracelets are all popular, having some knowledge about different types of bracelets can help you decide which style of bracelets suit you better, Beebeecraft information about bracelet types also makes it easier to choose appropriate bracelets for different occasions.

Here are 12 types of bracelets:

Bangle Bracelet: It is a kind of classic bracelet which is just a ring without opening and clasp. Bangles require to be slipped onto the wrist and usually loose on the wrist. You can wear multiple narrow bangles at the same time like attending a party. Bangles are very common among young women because it is versatile and often inexpensive.

Cuff Bracelet: They are always wider and have easy slip-on openings, Cuff bracelets are worn tightly on the wrist once in their place, which are usually made of metal, fabric or leather.

Beaded Bracelet: Easily specking, a beaded bracelet is made of a string or wire with beads strung on and they are the favorite of some jewelry makers.

Chain & Link Bracelet: Chain bracelet is a metal chain typically closed with a lobster clasp or spring ring clasp. Men also like to wear them. Link bracelets are similar to chain bracelets but each link of the bracelet can be designed separately.

Charm Bracelet: As the name suggests, charm bracelet is typically a chain with beautiful dangling charms attached. You can add the charms you like to attach. The charms can reflect your personal interests or show your attitude.

Friendship Bracelet: They are made from string materials such as thread or fabric which always popular. Friendship bracelets are generally handmade  and people exchange friendship bracelets as symbols of cherish the friendship.

String Bracelet: They are very close to friendship bracelets. One difference between them is that a string bracelet only has one or two strings. String bracelets are considered to be wish bracelets. When the bracelet wears out and falls off, it’s time for your wish to come true.

Tennis Bracelet: Tennis bracelets are more suitable for formal wear because it is characterized by setting an array of precious stones, usually diamonds, in noble metals.

Sports Bracelets: Sports bracelets are silicone rubber bands with a message or trade mark engraved. Now many not-for-profit organizations use them for financing to help people who are suffering from disease or raising awareness about issues.

ID Bracelet: ID bracelets make up of a chain and a solid plaque with names engraved. It is prevalent that friends or lovers exchange ID bracelets to express their loyalty. There is also a medical ID bracelet which is for first aiders to know the condition of the person who is wearing it.

Leather Bracelet: Leather bracelets are currently popular among young girls. They are usually fitted to the exact wrist measurement and fastened with a metallic snap button. The most common design is a flat leather band which is plain, with metallic studs or embroidery. The characteristics of this type of bracelet are light weight and inexpensive price.

Slap Bracelet: Slap bracelet is also known as snap bracelet and it is mostly worn by teenagers and punks. A leather piece with spikes or sharp edges protruding forms a slap bracelet. Slap bracelets are available in many colors including neon colors and various trendy patterns.


With the above information about different types of bracelets, it will be easy for you to pick the one suit you and send a bracelet as gift to your friends or families. And if you want to DIY and design one for u, you can try Sunnyclue at first, which is easy to start bracelet making.


Create your own jewelry -Sunnyclue jewelry making kit

Do you think about making crafts or jewelry when you feeling bored at home? Maybe you will feel difficult and have no ideas how to start make jewelry, Actually, it is not a difficult thing, you can use your spare time to design your own jewelry and accessories. It will be very interesting and money- saving.

Some of you may first time know about jewelry making, the jewelry making materials and the jewelry making ideas are the most necessary. There we would let you know some basic things about jewelry making.

First, the separated beads and kits for jewelry making

Many of you may wonder where you can buy beads,tools and string to make jewelry, and you need to match them by yourselves and begin to make, here it is the answer:

Go to flea market

There must have many jewelry making fans like you in your neighborhoods and community; when in leisure time, go to local flea market, and you will find some beautiful beads in amazing price.

search online 

If you often hang in jewelry making BBS and forums, there must be a lot of ads about beads and tools marketing. If they can’t convince you, you can just open the well-known online jewelry making stores, like Beebeecraft, ebay, Amazon and many more.


Then, the complete jewelry making starter kit

Jewelry-making kits are useful tools for both beginning jewelry makers and expert jewelry designers. Each kit is carefully created for jewelry making color, theme and just plain fun! Try one yourself the next time you want to brighten up yourselves or give something special to a friend. These kits will let you have a beading party set up in minutes, and they work great as gifts or craft ideas for the holidays.

The complete starter kit is enough to make a piece of jewelry or more, and you do not need to choose beads, string and others, which proves to be efficient and more and more popular.

SUNNYCLUE specializes in jewelry making kit supplies. All the products are carefully selected from thousands of jewelry making supplies to ensure the high quality and practicability. Each kit may have different kinds items in one package, such as various beads, findings, string materials, tools, etc.. With some finished styles for reference, ever a starter can use them easily.

We guarantee that you can finish a piece of jewelry after the above introductions, and the jewelry making starter kit Sunnyclue is your first choice.

Beebeecraft tips on how to store your pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry is very precious and beautiful, and they are often referred to as the “Queen of Gems, ’’ in the jewelry for their nature and elegance. A pearl necklace or ring makes a lovely, timeless addition to any woman’s jewelry collection.


If you want your pearl jewelry to stay beautiful, you may wonder how to store pearls when you don’t wear them. There are some Beebeecraft tips you should take care when you store pearls.

Pearls are soft gem created by living oyster, they have many delicate nature features, they both have fragile surface that can be easily scratched, so the storage of them are supposed to be carefully.

4 tips about storing pearls:

Leave the pearls alone

The first thing you need to know about pearls is that they come from shell and a pearl’s surface is made up of layers of nacre, Avoid exposing your pearls to any chemical or surface that could scratch the surface and find a spot or jewelry box to store them where they can live alone, untouched by rival jewelry, Use only the softest cloth to wrap the pearls first.

Put your pearls not to dry

Pearls are cultured in river, lake or pond. they need moisture. Do NOT store pearls in an airtight package such as a plastic bag because pearls need moisture. If the environment is too dry, the pearls may crack, and it will affect the luster of pearls.

Wear Your Pearls on After Your Make-Up

As an organic gem composed of calcium carbonate, pearls also may be harmed by perfume, hairspray, and cosmetics. You had better put on your pearls after you’ve applied perfume, hairspray, and cosmetics. This simple tip will add years to the beauty of your pearls.

Clean the pearl

A pearl’s luster can be damaged by even the smallest amount of perspiration, after a day’s wearing, removing your sweat from the pearls after each use helps preserve their luster, don’t scrub too hard, even though it is soft cloth and you can dab a drop of water on them and clean them off gently.

If there are stubborn stains on pearls, gently apply a baby shampoo or another mild soap using a soft manicure brush which can work well as they can poke into thin crevices as well.

You can make your pearl stay beautiful by storing them carefully. Hope the Beebeecraft tips help you to store your pearl jewelry better. If you want to make pearl jewelry, you can also find Pandahall Elite jewelry making pearl beads on Beebeecraft.

5 kinds of Beebeecraft popular fashion beads

More and more people get interested in the jewelry and craft making, and the beads are the most popular and the most widely-used jewelry making materials. Jewelry making beads come in many types and sizes, and in lots of different materials, They are made of wood, glass, shell, plastic, ceramics, metal and even bone. There are also plenty of different shapes and styles on Beebeecraft to choose from.

Here, we want to introduce to you different kinds of beads. We hope it can help you in deciding which beads to choose for your crafts.

1. Seed Beads


These are small round shaped beads which are made of glass and come in a wide variety of colours, clear, iridescent or silver lined. The bugle beads are part of the seed bead group as they are available in very small sizes and shaped like a tube. They can be used in many jewelry making projects and also for needle work.

2. Crystal Beads 


Crystal beads are made out of leaded glass, giving it a highly refractive quality. They are usually the finest cut and faceted, crystal beads are very popular because of their sparkling and crystal-clear finishes.

3. Rhinestone beads


Shiny things can always attract the attention of people, So rhinestone beads become the first choice for jewelry making materials when you want your DIY products to sparkle. These beads have a clay base with many Czech crystals set closely together over the surface to create a really sparkly, eye-catching bead.

4. Pearl beads


Pearl beads are always gorgeous, classic and people will looks more elegant when they wear pearl jewelry. Natural pearls are usually pink, peach or mauve in color, but now the glass pearl beads are available and glass pearl come in a lot of colors and always in round shapes. People will choose the glass pearl to make graceful jewelry, and they can be used to make all kinds of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and so on. If you are a jewelry making enthusiasts, you definitely have made some pearl beads jewelry, they won’t let you down.

5. Gemstone Beads


Beautiful gemstone beads and semi precious beads are the world’s natural treasure and multitudinous in shapes and categories. Agate, Lava, Howlite, Quartz, Amethyst, etc. are all popular stone beads for you to choose from. Who can resist the appeal of them? Just begin to personalize special gift with them!

Different people have their own favorite beads and different beads suit different kinds of jewelry, hope this beebeecraft articles have helped and inspired you, Beebeecraft also offers all kinds of beads of brand Pandahall Elite, Hope that they will help you to make more gorgeous and beautiful jewelry.

Beebeecraft tips on how to choose right clasp in Jewelry Making

WIth jewelry making getting more and more popular, many jewelry making lovers may have the doubt”What clasp should I use for my bead stringing project?” Clasp plays an important role in jewelry making, there are also many kinds of clasps. This Beebeecraft article will show you some tips about it.

Jewelry clasps are more than just functional components that are used to securely connect two ends of a bracelet or a necklace or other piece of jewelry. There are different clasps and they can have various effects on the jewelry. So it is necessary for us to choose a suitable clasp for the jewelry.

First, let us see some common clasps clearly:

Spring Ring Clasps


Spring ring clasp are commonly used on all kinds of jewelry pieces. As its name suggests, it is a metal ring with a spring mechanism. Just pull back on the small lever and the spring will compress, leaving an opening so you can slide a jump ring or tab inside. The spring ring clasp is a great choice for most everyday jewelry if you want something understated and functional.

Lobster Claw Clasps


The lobster clasp is a spring loaded, self-closing clasp style as it’s name explains, A lobster claw clasp has a tiny spring in its mechanism that keeps the arm closed until you push on the lever. They’re somewhat easier to open and close by yourself than spring ring clasps are.



Toggle clasps are two-piece clasps that are attached to opposite ends of a piece of jewelry. One end is a long bar or “T” shape while the other is an open shape, most often a circle. When you insert the “T” into the circle extends past the circle’s edges to hold the jewelry in place. If you’re looking to add a little finesse to your jewelry piece, toggle clasp is a good choice.



A magnetic clasp is composed of two pieces that contain magnets, These magnets attract one another and snap together, locking the piece of jewelry in place.


Next, we will tell you some tips about how to choose a clasp in jewelry making:

The clasps like spring clasp, lobster clasp, pearl clasp or magnetic clasp are needed if u want to make lightweight to medium-weight strung jewelry.

Toggle clasps, hook and eye clasp, and large lobster clasp work well for most medium to heavy necklaces and bracelets.

Any clasp is suitable if you are going to make multistrand necklaces, just choose size of clasp according to weight.

Have the Beebeecraft tips about jewelry making clasps made you clear about them? Beebeecraft also owns high quality brand Pandahall Elite Jewelry making clasps for you to choose from.

Beebeecraft guide on how to Choose the Right Necklace for Different Necklines

It’s no secret that simple details can make all the difference in an outfit and necklaces happen to be one of those simple details. Do you often wear necklace? It is of great importance to know how to choose the right necklace for different necklines and you will be very gorgeous when you wear the right necklace. Here it is some beebeecraft guides on choosing right neckalce for u.

Before choosing the right necklace, it’s important to know what the different kinds of necklace lengths there are.

Choker necklace – Chokers are the shortest, usually between 14-16 inches. Choker necklaces generally sit high or directly on the neck without hanging.

Princess necklace – The princess necklace is lying slightly below the neck, and rest around the collarbone area 17 – 19 inches in length.

Matinée Necklace – A matinée length necklace is typically 20-24 inches long (about twice the length of a choker). These necklaces rest at the bust line.

Opera length necklace – about 24-32 inches long, It can be worn as a single strand with high necklaces or doubled to create a fashionable two-strand choker.

Rope necklace – longer than 32 inches which can be both elegant and sexy.

There must be many dresses in your dresser and they may have different necklines including V neckline, halter necklace, one-shoulder neckline, jewel neckline and boat neckline. Different necklaces are needed to match when we wear different dresses, suitable necklace can make you look more elegant!

  1. V neckline

V neckline is very popular among people, you are supposed to pair a V-neck top with a V-neck necklace. And you can use drop pearl necklace, simple pendant necklace to match the V neckline.

  1. Halter neckline

Halter neckline is the two straps tied behind your neck. If you often wear the dress with this kind neckline, you can choose the necklaces that are close to your neck. That kind of necklace can decorate your bald neck well.

  1. One-shoulderneckline

As the one-should neckline is not symmetric, you’d better not wear short necklace with it. You are supposed to use pendant necklace to match the neckline. The necklace should be long enough at least two inches below the neckline.

  1. Jewel neckline

Jewel neckline is one of the easiest neckline to match necklaces with. You can buy bib necklace, pendant necklace or other any style necklace to pair jewel neckline.

  1. Boat neckline

You can choose long, dangling pendant necklaces when you wear a dress with boat neckline. You should remember that the necklace can’t be too short. The drop pearl necklace is a good choice to boat neck.

Beebeecraft owns many high quality brands such as Pandahall Elite, Benecreat, Beadthoven, Sweetiee and Sunnyclue, and Sweetiee have many fashion jewelry and necklace for you to choose from. If you’re considering a fine necklace to complement your neckline, hope these beebeecraft tips are helpful to u and wish u can find the suitable necklace!

Beebeecraft ideas on shambala bracelets and it’s making

You must know what are shambala bracelets if you follow the jewelry fashion. Shamballa represents the mythical kingdom that Tibetan Buddhists believe symbolizes enlightenment, peace and perfection. Some people wear Shamballa bracelets as a fashion statement, people who still understand the meanings and wear them for spiritual reasons.


As a fashion element, shambala bracelets are bold, unique and have a bohemian vibe to them. Shambala bracelets suit both men and women. So choose a Shamballa bracelet as a gift, regardless of gender, is a thoughtful gift. With basic jewelry making macrame techniques, a bit of cord and beautiful beads, you can make a Shamballa-style bracelet on your own!

As long as the bracelet consists of threaded bead closed with the cord it is a shambala bracelet. Bracelets can be made from resin rhinestone beads, pearl beads and other beads such as clay, plastic or wood. Waxed cotton cord as your beading material is popular and comes in a variety of colors. And the cords and beads of can all be found on Beebeecraft. Shamballa beads such as ”disco ball” beads and the crystal pavé beads are being used for this type of bracelet, especially the color of black for men.


How to make Shambala Bracelets

First – Cut three lengths of cord depending on your wrist, Wrap a small piece of tape around the ends of the center silk strand to make it easier to thread your beads through later.

Then – Move the right side of the cord over the center strand. Now take the left side of the cord over the tail of the right side of the cord, then under the right side cord and the center strand and then up through the loop you just created. This is a right half knot. Pull the knot tight around the center cord.

Thirdly – Now, go the opposite direction. Move the left side of the cord over the center strand. Now take the right side of the cord over the tail of the left side cord, then under the left side cord and the center strand and then up through the loop you just created. This is a left half knot.

Forth – Alternating right and left, make four more half knots for a total of six half knots.

Fifth – Add a bead to the long strand, still alternating, make a seventh half knot (left half knot) around the bead.

Then another (right half knot).

Continue alternating for a total of six half knots. Add another bead, knot around it and so on until you have used all 5 beads, then finish with a series of six half knots.

Hope you have known Shambala bracelets well and you can DIY the shambala bracelets follow the tips above to find all these jewelry making materials on Beebeecraft!