Pearl Bead Collections That Will Floor You


When you see something that is straight out of the Earth, it stirs a feeling of calm, peace and poise. That is what pearl beads do both to the wearer and the onlooker. They create an ambience of beauty that is special. Each shape of these pieces is based on organic dimensions such as food, flower or other such shapes. These polished gems are one of the best jewelry options for making a wow statement. In order to expand your choices and ease of availability as well as enlarge the choice of colors and materials, there are quite many imitation pieces available.

With regard to color, there are many incredible options available in pearl beads such as old lace, peach puff, bisque and linen. You can search your pieces based on color, grade, size and shape. When you get into each category, you will find it to be a whole separate abundance of designs and further more categorized within each. As you will discover


, it will be a search that is made to satisfy you 100 percent and not even a small percentile less.

Natural pearl beads are one of the best choices for jewelry because they bring with them a spell of magic. These pieces have color categories such as colorful, mixed color and natural color that are icons of brilliance and pristine aura. When you sport a necklace made of these astonishingly enduring natural perfections, it is a perfect addition to your self, one that is almost a natural part of the beauty of your body and possibly the soul too.

Natural nuggets are absolutely special in our quest for glimpses into and peeks of pure beauty. Each shape that you find available within these gems of perfect beauty are as good as a nugget of gold in their finish and will make you fancy every single piece that you chance upon in your selection process. It is entirely possible to build up a collection that overflows without any restriction, given the range of prices that are on offer. There are quite many categories within the realm of discounts and special offers. These categories are themselves quite enough for you to complete your purchase, with the remaining majority of categories waiting for you to check out on your next outing into this world of jewelry creation. Adorn each day with a new discovery.


Sued Cord For Your Punk And Standard Jewelry


The wire size of suede cord can be a maximum of 16 millimeters. You can select the length of the role in either yards or meters. Golden rhinestones are used to adorn the cord in one design while golden alloy rivet, aluminum studs, golden aluminum studs are used in others. A design has one side of the cord covered in imitation leather. There are about 700 models of suede cords with over half of them ranking among the best sellers. A faux model is made with aluminum cabochons while a design from Korea comes with silver aluminum studs.

Another faux model comes with silver stars on the cord. This model is available in 1 meter per strand. One of the striking colors that you can pick is indigo while a unique material would be one such as wool and PU leather from South Korea. There are many suede cord models that are ideal for making punk rock jewelry. Among the interesting colors are antique white, camel, cornflower blue, salmon, sandy brown, saddle brown and lavender blush. The design with lavender brown comes fitted with plum blossom aluminum.


Checking out some suede cord models, you find a gold-colored model available at 100 meters per roll for a price of about $15. Seeing some designs at lower prices, we find a beige-colored model at about $6, also for a 100-meter roll. Even lower is a sea-green model that is available at about $5 for 90 meters. A purple model with glitter powder is available at $10 for 100 yards. There is an option to browse through the small lots that are available. These come in five meters per roll.

There are over ten products that form a list of Promotions. These include discounts of thirty to sixty percent. One of them is on a teal-colored model from Korea which is of 1 meter. There are 200 such 1-meter strands in a bag that costs $10 which is a 29 percent discount. The model is available in deep pink also. Another promotion is on a royal blue cord that is six millimeters by 1.5 millimeters. A roll of 100 yards costs about $8 which is a 45 percent discount. You can also opt to select your requirements in a separate category that is formed by a mix of products. Get just the kind of effect that you need in this great collection.

Find The Best Collection Of Pearl Beads


Pearl beads are available as Grade A and Grade B freshwater pieces and as natural keishi pearl pieces. Imitation pieces are also present in the large number of designs that make up this collection. Imitation pieces are also made with a half-drilled hole. Keishi pieces are available as nucleated pieces with about 21 pieces making up a strand that extends up to a length of 16 inches. There is a rectangle Keishi piece that is also designed as a nucleated one. This antique white colored piece has about 66 pieces. Another design has about 169 pieces in a strand of 15 inches.

One finish that is available is that of rainbow-plated pieces while another is that of a polished finish. Among the special colors that are available in pearl beads are rosy brown, onion, potato and Russian blue. In extra stone fittings, we get a model that has polymer clay rhinestones. Flat round pieces are an alternative option for round designs while rice shapes are another design. Among rounds, we have medium sizes such as 6 millimeters as well as large sizes such as 30 millimeters. A 20-millimeter size costs about $20 for a strand of 20 pieces.5182-2l

Oval shaped-pieces are available with rhinestone set into them. These are more costlier at about $19 for five pieces. A very different shape is that of chicken feet of about 25 to 30 millimeters in size. A strand with 11 pieces costs about $12. Barrel-shaped pearl beads are available in a size of 23 millimeters and are grouped in sets of 17 pieces. Two strands are available at $27.

One model with a half hole comes in the shape of a drop while another comes in the shape of a oval.  Cross nucleated pieces and half rounds are also available. The number of designs is bound to make you get more eager to develop designs for yourself or for your customers. There is an Infinity shape too with polymer clay rhinestone forming the lining of the design. The color of rhinestones can be crystal, emerald, sapphire, siam, light peach, mixed color and others. The stones themselves are very bright when polished especially colors such as light coral and dark khaki. Some other special colors are peach puff, blanched almond, slate grey, Navajo white and Indian Red. Rainbow-plated pieces are another finish that is available.

Use Lava Beads To Great Effect


Lava beads are as cool as any other material as they are derived not only from the depths of nature but could be capturing at least some of the energy that was used up in throwing it to the surface. They might have some imperfections due to their raw origin but are essentially pure and wholesome natural materials that makes a potentially grand impact. If you want the same effect but with the same perfections as any of the other beads, you can opt for synthetic lava beads. Both of the options are dyed to deliver the added element of vibrancy that color brings in.

Lava beads retain their natural origin at a superior level of originality than can be said of any other material. Check out the synthetic dark slate blue color beads and you will be struck by the natural essence that is conveyed. Oval-shaped beads are a nice variation while bone-shaped ones are really fantastic when you want to create a sensation. A bit more interesting are those ones shaped like a fish while cubes are essentially cool.


Effects that can be opted for include an option for frosting and then dyeing. One such red colored synthetic piece is quite a raw and rocking effect. Among synthetic pieces, there are added options such as lentil synthetic, one of which in royal blue color is absolutely great to be worn. White colored ones deliver a softer look, two of which are shaped as a heart and as an abacus while a real effective color is purple that brings the right enticement to the natural appearance of the stone. Dark orchid is a similarly effective color. A pleasing appearance can be derived with dark turquoise and the same is brought about with beige colored pieces. A lentil synthetic piece that is colored yellow is a very different variation of the color as is dark slate grey, both of which bring a new dynamism to the standard colors with the rawness of the material.

A very chilled-out piece is one that is colored blue and shaped as a column. An abacus-shaped design with dark green color is also quite special. Synthetic strands that are shaped like a heart and black in color are especially beautiful.

These are just a miniscule selection of the powerful beads that are available for you at the online store that is a treasure for jewelry buffs.

Make Christmas Merrier With Special Bead Jewelry


Christmas beads are special and celebratory with their unique zest and flavors. Paillette beads in plastic and paillette rolls are all you need to get started in your festival preparations. Pendants as well as beads are available as paillettes. The bead strands are available in black, silver, red, gold and all other festive colors. The plastic paillettes are available as flowers, plants, leaves, stars, butterflies and animals. If you prefer wooden and clay beads to be more in tune with the season, Christmas beads are available aplenty in these two materials.

Handmade polymer clay beads in snowman hat shapes are especially suitable for the season with their bright red, purple, orchid colors. With an order of 200 pieces, you can suffuse all of your necklaces and earrings as well as those of your loved ones with these wonderful Christmas beads. Equally attractive are red Christmas shoes also made by hand with polymer clay. Santa Claus beads, wreaths, tress, candy cane with bow are also available in the same material.


Wooden bells, snowman beads, deer and trees are all charming as wood stands out for its creative specialty. Dyed wood big pendants shaped as cabin houses, hearts, and printed wood big pendants of Santa make up a perfect companion to your jewelry creations this festive season. If you are looking for some extra special and unique items, European beads deliver it to you. Garlands, bells and snowflake dangles will make an immediate effect with their artistry. Happiness trees and snowflake charms make up the special beads that you are looking out for this season. There are many more extraordinary designs among the European collection.

If acrylic is your choice, you will discover that there is a great festival package beginning with transparent faceted beads, opaque spray painted hearts, bead frames of trees with silver glitter powder. Mixed color candy beads add lot of color. A transparent acrylic tree makes a perfect pendant. Drawbench gift package beads, tri beads, round pattern beads, spray-painted pendants and lots more designs can be selected from among the acrylic collections.


There are festive discounts on many items with some even at 70 percent. However, if you see just the design that you think is perfect for your collection, it is as special with or without a discount. As the year comes to a close, you have the perfect way to top it up with excitement through beads that capture the season best.

Tibetan Beads Are New In The Market


Beads are something that you would always love to have by your side. For a very simple reason which is to make the best of jewelry that you can. These beads can make your jewelry and if the right beads are chosen the they make the best looking necklace or bracelet or any type of jewelry that you want. For you we have the Tibetan style beads which have their popularity growing shooting the sky limit. In fact, people have been asking more and more for these beads. They want Tibetan style beads to be a part of their collection. Not only that, but Tibetan accessories are also really in. We will talk you through everything that we have in the Tibetan collection but before that you must know that to order these beads is really very easy. And also we have a wide range of Tibetan style beads just for you to pick from. There are different styles, different shapes, different finishes, metal color, sizes and many other such things. On our online store, you will find it very neatly separated so that you can pick out whichever one you want and your shopping for beads gets easier.


Tibetan beads can be found in three styles, Tibetan style beads, Tibetan style dZi beads, and other Tibetan style beads. Tibetan style beads have different finishing like lead free and nickel free, cadmium free and nickel free and lead free, cadmium free and lead free, lead free, nickel free, cadmium free, cadmium free and nickel free. There are different metal colors to opt from as well like antique silver, platinum, rose gold, gunmetal, golden. There are also different types of shapes like flat round, column, round, oval, barrel tube, wing, flower, heart and other such. On the other hand, Tibetan style dZi beads in different shapes like round, rice, oval, barrel, drop, vase, column, abacus and other such shapes. And then we have other Tibetan style beads which can also be found in different shapes like flat round, drop, round, drum, rice, shell, barrel, cuboid, bullet, oval, moon and other such shapes. Having these beads in your collection will be more appealing because these beads can get some real glamour to your jewelry. Try out these beads and let us know if they worked out well for you. if they did, you can always order more and let us know about your experience to us.

Who Knew That Sea Shell Beads Could Be So Interesting


The authentic shell beads are not very difficult to find. They have their very particular shape and look to it that can easily differentiate them from the rest. However, what you find at our store is completely different. These shell beads are something that you have come across but all this while had no idea that they are called shell beads. Or even the fact that shell beads do have such types of beads. For a lot of people who are into jewelry and love knowing more and more about it, it is not very difficult for you to differentiate between shell beads and the rest other types of beads. But for those who are new into this industry, we know how difficult it may get sometimes. Even as a matter of fact for those who have taken this as a hobby, you probably might just think what is going on with these beads exactly and how many types and variants and everything are really there? Well in that case you have nothing to worry about because we are right here to help you out and guide you through this. It is not very difficult to understand any of this.


There are quite a few types and shapes that we have for when it comes to shell beads. We have half drilled white shell rose flower, irregular sea shell beads strands, handmade printed shell beads strands, spiral shell beads, handmade draw bench shell beads, freshwater shell chips beads, dyed mixed shell beads, spiral cowrie shell beads, shell beads strands which are spray painted, shell beads strands which has sea shell chips, pearlized shell beads strands, dyed star shapes shell beads strands, natural abalone shell mop ball beads, paua shell beads strands, colorful shell chips beads strands, shell beads strands in the shape of rice and are white in color, dyed giant clam flower beads, mixed puka shell beads, trumpet shell beads, and the list literally just goes on. There are so many more than just these many strands of beads which can help you form your perfect sea shell accessories or collection of beads if at all you want. There are various types of shell beads which will help you to pair up with your perfect outfit or attire and it will not disappoint you for sure. So have nothing to worry about and start shopping. You will be happy with our collection.