Pick up Just The Right Amount Of Suede Cord You Need For Your Jewelry Project


Suede cord is a stringing material that has quite a lot of variations. There are very attractive discounts on offer for the materials that have made a mark among customers. One of them is a design that is covered on one side by imitation leather over a faux material. One roll of this design that has 90 meters is available at a price of about $4.50. This piece has a dimension of 2.7 millimeters by 1.4 millimeters. If you are looking at smaller rolls, another hot model also made of faux material comes in rolls of 5 meters. The dimensions of this model are 3 millimeters by 1.5 millimeters. They can be purchased as a bag containing 25 of these rolls. One bag costs you about $12.50. If you just want to buy a single roll, one of the available designs is a roll consisting of 100 yards of suede cord. Also made of faux material, in a chocolate color, this design is available at a cost of about $6 per roll.

Another smaller-sized roll is one that is just one meter long. Ten of these light grey tone models are available at $1.11. If you want slightly longer rolls, there is one with plum blossom aluminum in black color available in rolls of 20 yards. The dimension of the roll is 10 millimeters by two millimeters. One roll of this model costs about $12.


A different material among suede cord is South Korea wool and pu leather. This is dimensioned three millimeters by 1.5 millimeters and is colored Prussian blue. A roll is made of 100 yards. While the actual cost of this model is about $10, it is currently available at a promotional price of about $6. Another model made of the same material and with the same dimensions is available in red color. Also coming in a roll of 100 yards, this model is not available under discount and costs about $10.

Looking at a low-priced model, you can find a faux suede cord colored midnight blue and with dimensions of 2.7 by 1.4 millimeters. A roll of 90 meters is priced at $2.80 compared to the original price of about $5. The offer on this hot design is for a limited period only. There are over 250 models currently under promotional offers.


A Whole New World of Glass Beads

Glass beads are unique and you can never be any less obsessed with them. If you do not have a thing for glass beads, it is probably because you do not know much about it. There is so much that you can do from these glass beads and there is nothing any less that you can get out of them. These glass beads will help you make an amazing piece of jewelry. From bracelets to necklace to different other various things that can be accessorized with your perfect attire. People love jewelry and those who are always disappointed with what the jewelry shops have for them to give, you can rather just make your own jewelry. People majorly prefer making their own jewelry these days or get customized ones. For those who have a really neat hand, it is a good news for you. glass beads can be available to you in most different kinds like shape, texture, color, and everything. The best part is not here yet. The best is that you find these various different varieties right here on our online store. You do not have to think about going anywhere else anymore. Just sit right there in our chair or on your couch or lay down in your bed and just order from our online store.


You can find various types in these glass beads like the normal glass beads, electroplate glass beads, pearl glass beads, painted glass beads, cat eye beads, imitation jade beads, crackle glass beads, frosted glass beads, draw bench glass beads, Czech glass beads, specialty glass and many other such. You can find further shapes like round, bi cone, rooster, barrel, chip, cube, frosted, flat round, palm, abacus, drop, oval, column, rice, diamond, rondelle, star, square, matte glass, hexagon, triangle, nugget, shell. Body, trapezoid, body, skull, butterfly, polygon, flower, twist, cuboid, drum, fish, fan, heart, green plated, rainbow plated, antique bronze, purple plated, disc, leaf, bear, rectangle, drop and other such shapes and everything. Once you see that there are so many different shapes and so many other different types, you will know you are at the right online store. Well, after all, you do not have to walk to some place but instead, just click on a website and buy whatever you want and it will be shipped right where you stay. And no compromising on the quality is for sure too.

Seed beads the new fun


We all know exactly what seed beads are. For those who do not know, they are these really tiny small beads which are probably as small as a normal seed. You will find them in variety of colors, black, blue, pink, green, pastel green, emerald, yellow, white, transparent, all the different shades of blue, green, yellow and in fact every color possible. You can mix and match the colors if you want. With these seed beads you can make dual color jewelry or even a multicolor jewelry. Make them however you like with as many colors possible. There are not just these normal simple colors but we as well have various different textured colors that you can go for. The qualities of the beads are not like just any other beads. They are pretty different. These beads will last long and are not one of those easily breakable types. They will last really very long. The beads are absolutely pretty and you will have an eye on them the moment you seem them.in fact, they will probably catch everyone’s eyes too. It is a fun thing to play around with and more the colors, the more fun will you have.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

The best part about seed beads is that you can various numbers of designs and you will not get tired of making them and building them up. You will make the designs by yourself and you can make whatever you want. With such fine quality seed beads, it is always fun making more and more fine designs. There so many beautiful designs which you can go for, for real. You can just Google the images if you want and get your hands on the best of designs. These beads are small and usually are round in shape so you will have fun making various jewelry designs. You can make jewelry designs with just one colored seed beads or with dual color or multiple colors if you like. It is not very difficult to get on to a pattern once you start designing your jewelry with seed beads. You can make an anklet, bracelet, charms, neck pieces, earrings, a really cool two or more layered neck piece, literally anything at all you want. Well what is more entertaining than actually making your own jewelry out of such beads where you can have fun at the same time? There is absolutely noting that beats it.

4 Steps to Make a Cute Lampwork Bead Necklace

Recently, lampwork beads have become more and more popular among jewelry makers, and there are increasing numbers of craft workers start making lampwork beads at their own studios. So I was wondering what I could create with lampwork beads, then here comes my work: a cute lampwork bead necklace.

4 Steps to Make a Cute Lampwork Bead Necklace 1

What you need to make the lampwork bead necklace:
Brass jump rings
Lobster claw jewelry clasps
Handmade lampwork beads
Blown glass globe beads
Brass cabochon settings
Bead cap
Bronze chain
Plastic water leaf
Glue gun
Glue stick

4 Steps to Make a Cute Lampwork Bead Necklace 2

How to make the simple pendant necklace:
Step 1: Trim off a leaf and use the glue gun to insert it to a lampwork bead.

4 Steps to Make a Cute Lampwork Bead Necklace 3

Step 2: Prepare a blown glass bead and a brass cabochon base. Glue the lampwork bead onto the cabochon base, and then attach the blown glass bead to it either. Make sure they are glued tightly.

4 Steps to Make a Cute Lampwork Bead Necklace 4

Step 3: Use the glue gun to add a bead cap on the top of the blown glass bead.

4 Steps to Make a Cute Lampwork Bead Necklace 5

Step 4: Finish the simple chain necklace by connecting the chain and the beads with jumprings and lobster claw clasp.

4 Steps to Make a Cute Lampwork Bead Necklace 6

Tada! Here comes the final look of this super cute beaded chain necklace:

4 Steps to Make a Cute Lampwork Bead Necklace 7

The necklace is cool and it’s pretty easy to make it right?
You know, I always think it’s much happier to create stylish jewelry at home than by them at stores. After all, the things you made by your self is much personalized than that made by others. If you agree with me, then go get your own jewelry making supplies and create something for yourself or your beloved ones!

How To Get the Best Beads for Jewelry Making

The beads used in making jewelries are of different types, shapes and sizes. They are made to appeal to the buyer and they do that pretty well. As a result of their varibilities, the bead maker can easily produce real beautiful jewelries out of them. In the event you want to buy beads for jewelry making, but you are somewhat confused because of the different types available, this write up will open your eyes to the right one to choose. Some of the common styles of beads for jewelry making are faceted beads, the seed beads, the bicon beads, the Czech beads, the lampwork beads and many more. Each of them is special in its own way and each has its own application in the bead making industry. Many more varieties of the beads will be looked into below.

beads for jewelry making 2
You may want to go for various color types when buying your beads for jewelry making. To make things easier for those making jewelries, the beads have been made available in various colors. This can add great touches to the final product. While buying, it may be better to go for beads of different colors; this will enable you create all sorts of jewelries with different shades of colors. Some of the very popular shapes of beads are square beads, flower beads, rondelle beads, oval beads, round beads and so on. In actual fact, the beads for jewelry making are now made available in any kind of shape you can ever imagine. Among the various shapes mentioned earlier, the round shape of beads is the most common. When placing your order for beads, you may want to buy more of the round beads than any other shape.

beads for jewelry making 3
Do you plan to make jewelries like bracelets and necklaces? Then you will find the square beads very helpful. The flower beads are among the most popular beads for jewelry making. Just as the name implies, they usually have flower shapes. At other times, the flower may be worked into them. If you want to make beads just for everyday use, you can think of this form of beads. They are also perfect for those semi-formal jewelries. The rondelle bead is a multifaceted bead. It equally has disc shape. If you need to make up-scale jewelry, then this is the perfect one to go for among the beads for jewelry making available out there.
When buying your beads for jewelry making, it is always better to go for mixed lots. As a result, you will be buying beads of different colors, shapes and styles. In most situations, the mixed lots are presented in an organized manner around different colors, styles and theme. Each mixed lot comes in different quantity. Before you buy yours, first find out how many items or beads are in the particular lot you want to buy. When buying mixed beads for jewelry making, ask the seller for the complete information regarding the jewelries to ensure you buy the right things at the end of the day.
Beads for jewelry making are made available in different shapes, sizes, themes and colors. When buying your beads for jewelry making, consider the quality, quantity as well s the cost before you buy. You can get more information from pandahall .

Kids with Fashion Ornaments

The goal of fashion ornaments for kids must be in a “healthy” way. I will gather some ornaments for kids! Necklaces, headbands, bows, bracelets, etc. Hope these ideas can inspire you. Then you can DIY your own designs. Enjoy!
Adorable flower necklace, love it!



Glorious flower headband, i want this to be my child’s ornament some day. :)



This necklace design is original and fresh, and so are the fashion looks that they put together. Some kinds of gemstone beads may be used here.



Wow… clear idea! Handmade necklaces with nail polish, small for big! Love to try later…



Super cute headbands for girls’ hair. It will take some time to make this ornament. Worth trying!



Seems to be great gifts for Valentine’s Day! This bracelet is more springish, but I couldn’t resist trying a flower. Well used plastic buttons!



Every girl is a princess!!



Wrap Bracelets

Like the outfit

Love this outfits, especially the wrap bracelet!! You know we can DIY this Chan luu wrap bracelet by ourselves! They look complicated but actually super easy to make. You can use different beads to match with various colored threads, leathers, suede cords and so on. So the finished work can be numerous and endless!

wrap bracelets wrap bracelet

Now, get jewelry making supplies and try to make your own!


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