Woven, Wood, Metal And Many More Cabochons


Cabochons are gem stones that do not have facets. Woven pieces made of cloth are available in 350 designs. Pieces made of other materials are available in 10 designs. Let us sample a few of the designs. The first design that we see is one with an aluminum bottom in a half round shape and with mixed color. These 26 by 12 millimeter pieces can be bought at about $11 for a package of 200 pieces. This price is a 30 percent discount on the regular price. Moving on to designs made of shell, you see a carved drop design on lip shell pieces with a size of 35 by 24 millimeters costing about $12.50 for five pieces. Another design is a horse eye abalone paua shell piece that costs about $1.25 for one piece.

In metal cabochons, you have four materials which are alloy, brass, iron and stainless steel. One of the alloy models is a mixed style enamel piece with a platinum metal color that costs $3 for fifty pieces. Another Platinum tone design made of alloy is one shaped like an alphabet at a cost of $0.67 for ten pieces. The standard price is $1.75 for 10 pieces with the reduced price being a discount of 62 percent.


An interesting design is alloy rhinestone cabochons which are shaped as a musical note with a cost of about $11.10 for 100 pieces. A very interesting design is a carnival personalized masquerade mask with a golden metal color and a brown tone. This piece comes with a 35 percent discount with an offer price of $2.24 for two pieces. The size of the mask is 52 millimeters by 70 millimeters. Looking at one other metal design, you see an enamel style alloy piece in the shape of a clover and with a bright lime green color over a platinum tone costing about $11.10 for 200 pieces.

Among wood designs, there are pieces suitable for children’s gifts and for Valentine’s. Bee and Ladybug are among the designs. There is also a bird in birdcage in undyed khaki. Little printed birds with print and dye and in mixed color with dimensions of 26 by 22 millimeters can be picked up at about $9.5 for 500 pieces.


Among settings for your selected pieces, you can pick from pendant rhinestone settings, tray settings, enamel settings and others.


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