Easy DIY Headband with Suede Cords, Pearl Beads, etc. for Girls

Do you want to make some girls’ headbands by yourself? Maybe you can try the following pearl beads and cords braided headband. Just prepare some suede cords, nylon threads, polyester cords, white pearl beads, a plastic hair band and some basic tools, then let’s get started with the following instructions.
easy-diy-headband-with-suede-cords-pearl-beads-etc-for-girls680330Supplies you’ll need in making the braided headband:
Pink Suede Cord
1mm Turquoise Nylon Thread
Champagne Yellow Polyester Cords
3mm White Round Pearl Beads
Plastic Hair Band
Wheat Sewing Thread
Glue Gun
Iron Scissor
easy-diy-headband-with-suede-cords-pearl-beads-etc-for-girls6004001Instructions on how to make the braided headband:
Firstly, combine 5 turquoise nylon threads, 2 pink suede cords and a yellow polyester cord together. Then, add several white pearl beads;
easy-diy-headband-with-suede-cords-pearl-beads-etc-for-girls6004002Secondly, weave the pearl beads strand, the suede cords, polyester cord and the turquoise nylon threads;
Thirdly, glue the woven part onto a hair band. Then, add some turquoise nylon threads to the two ends.
easy-diy-headband-with-suede-cords-pearl-beads-etc-for-girls6004003Wow, the cords and pearl beads woven headband is finished.
easy-diy-headband-with-suede-cords-pearl-beads-etc-for-girls600400This cords and pearl beads woven headband will be popular among girls. It’s easy to make the headband within several minutes. Just give it a try!