DIY Jewelry Set with Drop Pearl Beads

Hi, boys and girls, how are you? Today, I want to share an easy to make jewelry set with you. Just prepare some white pearl beads, rhombus filigrees, chains, lobster claps, earring hooks, etc. and then you start to make the golden cube pendant necklace the golden cube drop earrings with drop pearl beads.
diy-jewelry-set-with-drop-pearl-beads680330Supplies you’ll need in making the golden jewelry set:
12mm White Round Pearl Beads
Golden Rhombus Filigree
Golden Earring Hooks
Golden Twisted Chains
Golden Lobster Clasps
Golden Headpins
Golden Jump Rings
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Diagonal Plier
diy-jewelry-set-with-drop-pearl-beads6004001Instructions on how to make the golden jewelry set:
Firstly, combine 6 golden rhombus filigrees together through jump rings;
diy-jewelry-set-with-drop-pearl-beads6004002Secondly, make a cube with the six golden rhombus filigrees and add a white pearl bead;
diy-jewelry-set-with-drop-pearl-beads6004003Thirdly, add a golden jump ring and a golden lobster clasp to the two ends of a part of chain. Then, add the golden cube pendant;
Lastly, make two golden cubes with white drop pearl beads. Then, add golden earring hook.
diy-jewelry-set-with-drop-pearl-beads6004004Tada ~ this golden jewelry set is finished!
diy-jewelry-set-with-drop-pearl-beads600400Let’s see another picture of the golden jewelry set:
diy-jewelry-set-with-drop-pearl-beads600400Which one do you like better, the golden cube pendant chai necklace or the golden cube drop earrings? I like both. Just collect some supplies and try to make one set by yourself.