DIY Vintage Style Earrings with Pearl Beads and Glass Beads

Hi, guys, how are you? In today’s article, I’ll share a pair of vintage style earrings with you. Prepare some pearl beads, glass beads, chandelier component, earring hooks, eyepins and headpins, you can also make a pair. Follow me to see how to make the vintage style earrings with white pearl beads and blue glass beads.
diy-vintage-style-earrings-with-pearl-beads-and-glass-beads680330Supplies you’ll need in making the vintage style earrings:
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
4mm White Round Pearl Beads
10mm Blue Round Glass Beads
6x4mm Blue Electroplate Glass Beads
Antique Silver Rhombus Chandelier Component Links
Silver Earring Hooks
Platinum Cross Chains
Silver Eyepins
Silver Headpins
Silver Jump Rings
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
diy-vintage-style-earrings-with-pearl-beads-and-glass-beads6004001Instructions on how to make the vintage style earrings:
Step 1: Add pearl beads to chandelier component
Firstly, string 6 white pearl beads to 6 eyepins;
Secondly, make a hoop on the other end of the eyepins and add the 6 pearl beads to the chandelier component one by one.
diy-vintage-style-earrings-with-pearl-beads-and-glass-beads6004002Step 2: Add chains, glass beads and earring hooks
Firstly, cut off six chains and add them to the six eyepins;
Secondly, add a blue glass bead and combine the six chains together;
Thirdly, add a blue glass bead and white pearl bead drop pattern;
Fourthly, add a pearl bead and an earring hook;
diy-vintage-style-earrings-with-pearl-beads-and-glass-beads6004003Lastly, repeat the above steps to make the other pair of the vintage style earrings.
Tada~ the vintage style earrings are done!
diy-vintage-style-earrings-with-pearl-beads-and-glass-beads600400Do you like this pair of vintage style earrings? It’s a piece of cake to make the vintage style earrings within a few minutes. Try to make a pair by yourself if you like the vintage style earrings.

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