DIY Pink Butterfly Hair Clip with Suede Cord and Rhinestone Beads

Valentine’s Day is approaching soon. This pink butterfly hair clip will be a good Valentine’s Day gift for girls. Just with some suede cords, rhinestone bead, pink ribbon and hair clip, you can easily make one by yourself. Now, let’s see how~
diy-pink-butterfly-hair-clip-with-suede-cord-and-rhinestone-beadsSupplies you’ll need in making the pink butterfly hair clip:
2.5mm Pink Suede Cord
4.5mm Acrylic Rhinestone Beads
10mm Pink Satin Ribbon
Pink Sewing Thread
Hair Clip
Glue Gun
diy-pink-butterfly-hair-clip-with-suede-cord-and-rhinestone-beads-materialsFirstly, roll 3 circles with a part of suede cord and wrap the bottom with pink sewing thread;
Secondly, make a corresponding butterfly wing. Then, combine the two butterfly wings together with another part of suede cord;
diy-pink-butterfly-hair-clip-with-suede-cord-and-rhinestone-beads-step-1Thirdly, add a part of pink ribbon onto a hair clip. Then, add the butterfly;
Lastly, add rhinestone beads to the butterfly.
diy-pink-butterfly-hair-clip-with-suede-cord-and-rhinestone-beads-step-2Wow, let’s see the final look of the pink butterfly hair clip again.
diy-pink-butterfly-hair-clip-with-suede-cord-and-rhinestone-beads2During the making process, you can change the rhinestone beads in different colors. Do you fall in love with this pink butterfly hair clip? If yes, just collect some suede cord, rhinestone beads, ribbon, hair clip and have a nice try~


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