Buy Wood Beads In A Wide Choice Of Shapes


Wood beads can be great gifts to your loved ones as they have the quality of being extremely likable, more than any other material that is used for making jewelry. When they are printed and dyed, they become objects of great attraction. The newest wood making techniques can generate pieces that have no real hazardous component in the coating. The simplest oval design itself can acquire great magnetism when it is polished with the most brilliant colors available. When these simple wood pieces have been fashioned into new and crazy shapes, you will feel very eager to make a gift of them as they come with a very happy aura.

The oval shaped wood beads are put to another design with the use of words written on them. These handmade pieces are about 27 mm in length, are in mixed color and have a hole of 1 mm. They can be bought at 100 pieces per package at a cost of about $1.40. Another standard shape is that of a cube of about 10 mm in size. In between a cube and a round-shaped bead is that of an abacus with a hole of about 3 mm. There is also a barrel shape that is smaller at about 8 mm and a hole of 2 mm. These are available in packages of 1000 pieces at a cost of about $10. If you want a freer hole, there is a large hole option in the oval shape, with a larger length of 29 mm and a hole of 5 mm. These moccasin colored pieces have quite a soft appeal. They are available at 500 pieces per package at about $17.


Another variation of the oval shape is one that is oval/oblong with a size of 20 mm by 10 mm and a hole of 3 mm. This piece is also moccasin colored and can be picked up at $4 for about 50 pieces.

As you can see, there are quite a number of price ranges, offers, variations in the numbers of pieces. You can select just the suitable number of pieces at the suitable price for you. There is no possibility of you not finding what you need. Christmas-themed beads are available in large choices. The size of the wood beads ranges from 1 mm to 30 mm and are categorized into seven price ranges. There are four styles in the paint and coating.


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