DIY Christmas Ornaments with Pearl Beads and Ribbon

Hi, dear friends, Christmas is coming soon. Wanna make some easy Christmas ornaments by yourself? With some pearl beads, ribbons, aluminum wire, Christmas star beads, etc., you can make the following Christmas tree, wreath and cane ornaments. Now, let’s see how they’re made.


Supplies you’ll need to make the Christmas tree, wreath and cane ornaments:

Star Christmas Beads

2mm Aluminum Wire

6mm White Glass Pearl Beads

6mm Red Pearl Beads

1.5cm Red and White Strip Ribbons

1cm Green Grosgrain Ribbons

1cm Green Organza Ribbons

1cm Brown Grosgrain Ribbons

Yellow Chenille Stems

Side Cutting Plier


Hair Clip

0.3mm Copper Wire

Glue Gun



Instructions on how to make the Christmas tree, wreath and cane ornaments:

Step 1: Make Christmas wreath ornament with aluminum wire, red pearl beads and ribbon

Firstly, cut about 20cm aluminum wire and twist it into a circle. Then, add green ribbon and red pearl beads to the aluminum wire;


Secondly, add a red ribbon bow and a red pearl bead to the linking part of the aluminum wire;


Thirdly, add a hair clip.


Step 2: Make Christmas tree ornament with ribbon and star bead

Firstly, add a part of brown ribbon to a hair clip;

Secondly, cut a part of green ribbon and glue it onto the brown ribbon to make a Christmas tree;


Thirdly, add a star bead to the Christmas tree.


Step 3: Make the cute cane ornament with pearl beads and chenille stem

Firstly, add red pearl beads and white pearl beads to a part of yellow chenille stem;

Secondly, twist the top into an umbrella shape.


Tada~ The Christmas tree, wreath and cane ornaments are done!


Among the Christmas tree, wreath and cane ornaments, which one do you like best? You can use them to decorate your Christmas tree. The making steps are easy to follow. Just collect some materials and have a try by yourself.


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