Try Out Charming Jewelry Made Of Glossy Wood Beads



With wood beads, you find nature as your companion in making you look better. A strand of natural materials that have their colors brightened with a mix of the best paints can be a great way to convey your personality. When the wood is dyed with different hues and is free of lead, you have a very naturally robust feeling when holding one of the huge array of designs that are available online and for vastly attractive rates too. Their sizes are specified in terms of diameter and thickness and the size of the hole. Typically, both diameter and thickness will be around 5 mm while the size of the hole will be around 3 mm. Smaller sizes in the range of 2mm and larger ones with a diameter above 10 mm are all available.

Looking at one of the wood beads that are exactly 5 mm in diameter, you get dyed ones that are shaped as a cube. These gold-colored ones have a 1.5 mm hole and are priced at $0.33 if you make an order of 500 pieces. The price is a great reduction of 65 percent from the regular price and is available on a promotional basis only. Moving over to some irregular designs, you can try out some fancy drawing shapes in the form of colorful flowers that are 22 mm in size with a hole of 2 mm. These beautiful wood beads can be picked up at just $0.15 for a pack of ten pieces, just enough to make your own colorful strand.


If you are looking for even more wacky designs, you can try out shrimp-shaped ones that are 26 mm in size and have a hole of 2 mm. These are priced at around $0.20 also for 10 pieces. If you are just looking for pendants, there are beautiful stars, goats, mice and more. Children will love a strand made of starfish about 30 mm in size and priced at about $10 for twenty pieces of bright yellow shapes with some small artwork on their surfaces. The thickness of the pieces is 4.5 mm while the size of the hole is 2 mm. Rounding up our glance into the choices of wood beads, you can try out oval-shaped burly wood pieces in a natural light brown color that are 8 mm long with a 2mm hole priced at around $15 for an awesome 100 pieces of natural beauty.


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