DIY Pearl Beads Bracelet with Christmas Beads

Hi, boys and girls! Today, I’ll show you an easy DIY pearl beads bracelet for Christmas. With some white pearl beads, red pearl beads, Christmas tree beads, Tibetan angle style beads, copper wires and jump rings, you can also make one pearl bracelet by yourself. Now, let’s get started~


Supplies needed in DIY the pearl beads bracelet for Christmas

Christmas Beads

6mm Red Pearl Beads

6mm White Pearl Beads

0.8mm Silver Copper Wire

Tibetan Beads

Golden Headpins

Needle Nose Plier

Diagonal Plier

Round Nose Plier


Step 1: Add pearl beads to wire

Firstly, cut a part of copper wire. Then, add a red pearl bead and twist the wire into a hoop;

Secondly, add more red pearl beads and white pearl beads. Then, make another loop;


Step 2: Add Christmas tree and Tibetan style beads

Firstly, add a Christmas tree bead;


Secondly, add Tibetan style angle beads;


Thirdly, add more Tibetan style angle beads.


I wear the pearl beads bracelet around my wrist.


Do you like the pearl beads bracelet? The red pearl beads, green Christmas tree pendant and Tibetan style angle beads makes this pearl beads bracelet very suitable for Christmas. Try to make one for yourself or friends!


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