DIY Halloween Stylish Eye Ball Ring with Halloween Beads and Seed Beads

Hi, boys and girls, do you want to make some easy Halloween crafts? Today, I’ll show you how to make a stylish eye ball ring with Halloween eye ball beads and seed beads. Hope you like the Halloween style ring.


Supplies you’ll need in making the Halloween style beads ring: 

Evil Eye Halloween Beads

Silver Seed Beads

Brass Pad Ring Components

Glue Gun


Instructions on how to make the Halloween style bead ring:

Step 1: Make the base part of the Halloween style bead ring

Use glue gun to fill a brass pad ring base with glue.


Step 2: Add Halloween style beads and seed beads

Firstly, use glue gun to attach a Halloween style evil eye bead onto the middle part of the glue;

Secondly, refer to the above steps to make the other ring. Then, add some silver seed beads to the two rings.


The final look of the Halloween style beads rings are like this:


Do you love the Halloween style beads rings? You can wear the Halloween style beads ring during this Halloween. Have a try~


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