DIY Lovely Glass Beads Star Headband for Kids

Hello, friends, do you want to learn how to turn unused headband into lovely headband for kids? With some glass beads, you can make new life for old headband. Today, I’ll show you how to DIY a lovely star headband with glass beads and old headband at hand. Let’s started~


Jewelry making supplies for the bling glass beads star headband:

6MM Red Faceted Glass Beads

6MM Blue Faceted Glass Beads

6MM Transparent Faceted Glass Beads

Iron Headpin

Bare Headband

0.3mm Copper Wire

0.5mm Copper Wire


Round Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier


Step 1: Add glass beads to the headband;


Step 2: Add glass beads star

Firstly, combine 8 blue glass beads with a headpin, combine 8 red glass beads with a headpin and combine 8 clear glass beads with a headpin.

Secondly, make a hoop on the other end. Then, combine the blue glass beads pattern, the red glass beads pattern and the clear glass beads pattern together into a star;

Thirdly, add 4 clear glass beads and add the glass beads pattern to the headband;


Fourthly, make two more glass beads star patterns and add them to the headband.


Tada, the glass beads star headband is finished~


Do you like this lovely glass beads star headband? The well combination of the glass beads in blue, red and white color makes this star headband bling. Just collect some glass beads and try to make one for the kids! Have a nice day~

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