Simple Tutorial on Wire Wrapped Sliver Fairy Pendant Necklace

Hi, guys. Do you like wire wrapped jewelry? How about fairy wire wrapped pendant necklace? Today I am going to show you how to make a lovely pendant necklace. I am sure that your kids will love it. Then follow me and see it now!
Supplies needed in making wire wrapped fairy pendant necklace:
10mm white Glass Pearl Beads
4mm Tibetan Style Round Spacer Beads
Tibetan Style Bead Spacers
Faceted Acrylic Beads
Iron Eyepins
Brass Bead Caps
Lobster Claw Clasp
0.3mm silver copper wire
Brass Chain
Wire Cutting Plier
Flat Plier
Step 1: make basic part of this pendant
Firstly, slide a pearl bead, a Tibetan style bead spacer, an acrylic bead, and a brass bead cap onto the eyepin, then make a simple loop at the other end.
Secondly, cut off two pieces of copper wire and slide a 4mm Tibetan style bead, then make this wire into halves. And do it to another bead.
Thirdly, twist the two wires together tightly as picture shows.
Fourthly, add this wire pattern on the position between acrylic bead and Tibetan style bead, then wire wrapped it with the eyepin to be as its legs.
Step 2: finish this wire wrapped pendant necklace
Firstly, make a simple wire pattern with beads with the same steps in step 1 to be its legs under the brass bead cap.
Secondly, cut off the chain with suitable length according to your neck. Then connect the chain with the pendant and finish this pendant necklace making.
Then this wire wrapped fairy pendant necklace has been finished!
Look at this cute fairy pendant necklace, do you also like it? We can know that it needs so few jewelry making supplies and tools to finish this necklace, so do you want to try it for your kids? Then just make a plan and finish it soon. See you next time!


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