Who knew that types of glass beads are so vast


7.Fire Polish

Who does not like to have a variety of glass beads right there in their jewelry making set? Glass beads are one of the most common type of bead as well as the one which is always high on demand. You will never be disappointed with glass beads in your jewelry box. Well everyone has their favorite right? In the similar way people have their favorite as glass beads and are really obsessed with it. The kind of types that have come up for glass beads I unreal. They have no completion to the other types of beads because they are unique. Not only are they just unique, but it makes your jewelry look complete. The types of beads itself is very huge. But did you know that the type of these glass beads as well have a vast area which covers in the beads area? These beads give a really beautiful and complete look your neckpiece and you will not be disappointed for sure. In fact, with the amount of types they have just for glass beads, you can make so many various different kinds of jewelry like hand charms, bracelets, necklace, choker, anklet, earrings and other such things which you can carry gracefully around and as well flaunt it.


There are so many types of beads which you can find. There is the normal glass, electroplate glass, glass pearl, painted glass beads, cat eye beads, imitation jade beads, crackle beads, frosted glass beads, specialty glass and other such types. You can find them further broken down to types like round, cube, flat round, chip, barrel, rooster, bi cone, drop, abacus, oval, column, rice, cuboid, diamond, rectangle, star, heart, square, transparent, painted, baking paint and other such types. Just as before colors were mentioned, you can get them as many different colors possible and trust us, on this online website store you will find and get as many types which you want. There more you will look for, the more you will know from this online store that how vast the collection really is. You can find these beads plated in different colors. Different colors such as rainbow plated, multi-color plated, purple plated, black plated, copper plated, mixed color, pearl luster plated, blue plated, golden plated, silver plated and other such. You can rely on us for the type of quality because we will full fill your expectations when it comes to that.


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