Lovely Jewelry Making Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Hello jewelry fans! Valentine’s Day is approaching, do you have any plan for it? Wanna make something unique for this special day? If your answer is yes, then you shall never miss this post. Because I’m going to share you some wonderful jewelry making ideas for Valentine’s Day! Hope you guys can get inspired!

First, my favorite wire wrapped heart pendant necklace!

Purple Heart Pendent Necklace Made with Beads and Wire

As you can see from the image, this heart pattern is wrapped by a piece of purple aluminum wire and then some beads are added to decorate it. If you are a green hand of jewelry making, this simple yet adorable heart necklace is definitely a good choice for you Valentine’s Day DIY.

Then a pair of heart in heart brick stich earrings.

Heart-in-heart Brick Stitch Earrings

Hearts are always great to show one’s love. Don’t you think these heart-in-heart earrings are perfect for Valentine’s Day? The design and the colors are so chic! If you are a patient person, try these earrings, they deserve your time!

Next, a garden of roses wire bracelet!

Garden of Roses Wire Bracelet

Wow! What a lovely rose garden bracelet! I bet no girl can say she doesn’t like it! Wire jewelry is quite popular these days, and roses are perfect for Valentine’s Day. So, why not making such a wonderful rose garden wire bracelet for your Valentine’s Day?

Last, a beaded 3D rose!

a 3d Red Beaded Rose

Girls love roses. But real roses can only live for days, then how about DIY a beaded rose? They won’t die and it must be happy to have a bunch of lovely beaded roses in your bedroom or on your dining table.

So, among all those four designs, do you find your favorite one? If yes, you can click the link to see the detailed tutorial. Or if not, come to see more Valentine’s Day DIYs!


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