4 Essential Hoop Earrings

Reblog: 4 Essential Hoop Earrings

We believed that every girl loves to wear graceful hoop earrings. In fact, hoop earrings in beaded, wire, chandelier or fringe styles are the 4 most essential types. As for me, I do LOVE beaded hoop earrings, coz I am a crazy beader and have huge amount of beads waiting for stringing! Lol…. If you are also making or going to making some earring crafts, read on these ideas and sure to be inspired you instantly. Let’s start! 4 Essential Hoop Earrings Beaded Hoop Earrings Our customer Amber Cheung shared her tutorial about making beaded hook earrings. These earrings are very easy to make, you just need simple copper wire and various seed beads to make up this beautiful pair. You should make three hoops with seed beads firstly and then link them together to finish these gorgeous earrings. 4 Essential Hoop Earrings Chandelier Hoop Earrings This red chandelier hoop earrings will make you look more elegant, especially when you wear them walking on the street, you can be very eye-catching! They are made of three different kinds of red beads, the seed beads, acrylic beads and gemstone beads. Dangled with different kinds of red beads on the circle “hoop” earrings finding is more attractive! 4 Essential Hoop Earrings Fringe Hoop Earrings Pretty fringe big hoop earrings with bright colors thread tassels are really suitable for summer. You can wear them go to the seaside with your best friends or family, I am sure that you will be the attractive lady and have a nice day! 4 Essential Hoop Earrings Wire Hoop Earrings Last hoop earrings are crafted with jewelry wire. As we know, wire hoop style earrings are a chic and classic jewelry accessory to express a sense of creative and vogue. The unique design of wire hoop earrings depend on the wire and decorative beads you’re selected! 4 Essential Hoop Earrings That’s all! After sharing these various essential styles of hoop earrings, hope you will love them and find some extra earring’s DIYs here. Looking forward to see your ideas of hoop earrings! :)


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