DIY Earrings for Winter

Hello everyone! Winter is coming, do you have any jewelry making ideas for it? Recently I’ve been searching for ideas of winter jewelry and found some really wonderful DIY earrings. They inspired me for my own DIYs, so I decided to share them here with you, hope you can get inspired either!

winter earrings

Crystal Christmas tree earrings

crystal Christmas tree earrings

Wow! They are gorgeous! We’re absolutely familiar with Christmas trees decorating our houses, but have you ever make crystal Christmas tree earrings for yourself? If no, I think you can try these ones! Take a look at them, they’re so beautiful, and so clear, just like clean ice! They are great for winter and Christmas!

Snowflake earrings

snowflake earrings

Made with Czech glass beads, pearl beads, and snowflake dangles, these elegant earrings are definitely great for winter, especially snowing days.

Icicle earrings

icicle earrings

Honestly speaking, these icicle earrings are really simple in design. However, every time I see this image I feel cold. Because they look like real icicles! Those glass beads are so clean and so similar to ice balls that they always remind me winter is surrounding me.

Santa earrings

Santa earrings

Christmas is coming, how about making a pair of cute Santa earrings for your girls? They are easy to make, but lovely indeed. I bet the girls will love them!

Snowman earrings

snowman earrings

I think these earrings are quite similar to the previous ones. The only differences are the previous ones are Santa Claus and they are snowman, and the previous ones are made by glass beads while they are made with glass beads and pearl beads.

Snowball earrings

snowball earrings

Well, to be honest, I’ve never seen such adorable snowball beads before. I don’t know the materials of them. Maybe they’re handmade beads, or perhaps we can find such kind of beads in a jewelry finding store. Whatever, they’re cute, and I do love them!

All these earrings are fabulous, it’s really difficult for me to pick out my favorite one. So I am planning to make all of them. How about you? Do you like them? Wanna make them? If you have other ideas, welcome to share!

All images come from Pinterest.

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