How to Make a Cute Bead Wrapped Bracelet

How to Make a Cute Bead Wrapped Bracelet

Hello guys! Today I will share you a video tutorial on how to make a lovely bead wrapped bracelet. Yes, it is the bracelet in the picture above. You might think it requires for wire wrapping or beading skills to make such an adorable bracelet, but actually, it’s not difficult at all. Wanna know why I say so? Let’s watch the video together!

So now, you can agree with me right? It’s quite easy to make this beaded bracelet. All you need is to be patient with those tiny seed beads, and be careful while you’re wrapping them to the cord. If you do like this DIY beaded bracelet, do hesitate, just go gather the materials and make one for yourself! Happy crafting!

4 mm sliver seed beads
2 end caps
2 jump rings
1 lobster claw clasp
Thick cord
Jewelry wire
Round nose plier

This cute beaded bracelet is made by Iulia Nicoleta, thanks for her sharing of this video.

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