Use Magnetic Clasps to Hold Jewelry Pieces

Magnetic Clasps There are a variety of clasps that you will find online. In fact, there is more variety of magnetic clasps, jewelry finds, and clasps of all shapes and designs available online than you would find in any shop in your local area. It is easy to order these findings in bulk, just with a single click and get them delivered to your home. Most of these clasps are metallic and are nickel free. When you use this jewelry every day, your skin will not get any allergic reaction when the metallic pieces in the jewelry come in contact with water. They are rust free and you can use them generously in making any piece of jewelry.

The magnetic clasps are easier to use, compared to the clasps that have screws or a latch like closure. When you bring both the ends of the jewelry together, the magnetic clasps will close them together. They are cylindrical in shape and have loops at both the ends so that you can weave the chord or the thread when making jewelry and using these closures.

You will also find stone studded magnetic clasps. If you like bling, then these are the kinds of clasps you could go with. They might look like just another assorted bead in the jewelry that you make instead of closures alone. If you are making unisex bracelets, then using these clasps will be the ideal thing to do. If you are making leather based bracelet, then you could use a steel snap button instead of a clasp. Clasps work better when you have jewelry like bracelets and not leather straps as bracelets. You can add assorted beads, caps, and knots and make interesting variety of bracelets.

Handmade bracelets have a personal touch compared to the expensive variety that you buy online. When you buy these magnetic clasps in bulk, you might also get a certain percentage of discounts made available to you. They cost anywhere between twenty to twenty five dollars and you will get them delivered within three days of business working days.

This speedy delivery might also help you order even more bulk beads and findings and keep your craft of making jewelry consistent. You will also find alloy clasps that have wonderful motifs and carvings on them. You will also find gold plated clasps and antique colored clasps online on PandaHall. You can buy as many pieces you need with just a single click.


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