How to Make Shimmering Crystal Bracelet and Earrings

Hello my lovely readers! Happy Monday! Wish you guys a happy week! Today I’d like to share you a video tutorial on how to make crystal jewelry. This video comes from my favorite PandaHall Learning Center, it will show you how to make a crystal bracelet and crystal beaded earrings in detail. If you like bling bling jewels, you shall never miss this DIY tutorial. Before watching the video, I’d like to show you the finished accessories first.


As you can see from the picture, this crystal jewelry set is very eye-catching. The crystal beads are shinning and the red color shows the designer’s enthusiasm. If you wanna make them, here are the materials you’ll need:

6mm red abacus crystal glass beads
2mm round seed beads
Earring hooks
Lobster clasp
Iron bead tips
Tiger wire
Flat pliers

And here goes the tutorial:

Crystal jewelry is so attractive that I think there might be no girls can resist the temptation of them. But as everybody knows, those cute crystal accessories sold in stores could be very expensive, so why not DIY them at home? Hope this video can give you guys some inspirations for your own handmade crystal jewelry. Enjoy the video and happy crafting!


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