Look Simple and Subtle with Wooden Beads

wooden beadsYou may have often seen precious stones, glass, metal alloys or pearls used to make attractive and eye catching beads to make jewelry and other handicrafts. One of the cheapest and unique materials that have become extremely popular today is wood used to make wooden beads. Beads made of wood are classy, affordable, light that add elegance to your personality. Wooden beaded jewelry is daily wear casual jewelry light and comfortable to wear. They are the best accessories to be worn in summers. The jewelry made of wooden beads does not irritate your skin with rashes due to sweat. This is the problem faced by many women who have a sensitive skin and are unable to wear jewelry made of metal alloy, stainless steel and plastic as they are not comfortable when you wear them in summers.

Wooden beads are made of different types of wood such as hard and soft wood categorized into rosewood, ebony wood, tiger ebony wood, tulip wood, lace wood, koa, zircote and many more. The demand of wooden beads by designers has risen because it is a natural material, abundantly available and easy to use. The wood material is highly durable and can be reused. Wood crafters can make durable and lightweight beads even with hardwood scraps or a broken cupboard.

Wood is a material which is easy to acquire at affordable prices. It helps designers to launch cheap wooden beaded jewelry for college students and teenagers. Most of the beads are handmade, dyed or painted to be sold in different colors such as red, yellow, orange, purple, blue, white, green, black, maroon, burgundy, coffee color, brown, chrome, and many more. Even colored resins of the wood also contribute to make stunning wooden beaded jewelry.

Why do women love wooden jewelry?

  • Simple and raw – the wooden material is very different from other materials that add class and simplicity to your attire. The wooden beaded jewelry is subtle, classy and modest which gives you a different look unlike gaudy and loud presence.
  • Safe to wear – Wood is natural material makes you feel comfortable when you are wearing them in summer and rainy season. The wooden beads are lead and nickel free causing no harm to your skin.
  • Lightweight- Heavy jewelries are uncomfortable and look good only at special occasions. When you have to dress up daily and formally, light jewelry and utmost comfortable can make you feel better and carry it smartly.

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