Try Some Funky Acrylic Wholesale Beads for Jewelry Making

wholesale beadsIf you are interested in buying daily wear jewelry, you can choose an option for acrylic beads that are less expensive than glass beads. Acrylic wholesale beads are made of plastic material, hence are softer than glass beads. The degree of softness varies with the quality of plastic material used for making acrylic beads. People who enjoy jewelry making as an exciting hobby can start their venture with making jewelry from acrylic beads for the youth. Acrylic beads resemble glass beads; we can also say it is a perfect substitute of glass beads in affordable prices. Having the same appearance as glass beads, acrylic beads enhance your beauty with style and elegance.

The race between the wholesale beads of glass and acrylic, in many ways acrylic beads turns out to be a winner. There are several advantages of acrylic beads over the glass beads.

Advantages of acrylic wholesale beads

  • Very affordable- These beads extremely affordable for teenage girls spending on accessories with their pocket money. You can buy funky designs such as animal shaped, star, flowers, leaf, religious symbols, themes and festive shapes.
  • Lightweight- The acrylic beads are not heavy at all as compared to glass beads. They are lightweight, handy and durable. You can wear a heavy necklace made of acrylic beads. It would not bother you on your neck even in summers. These are attractive pieces appear heavy in appearance but are quite lightweight. They render an exemplary look at your neck and make you look stunning.
  • Versatility- The aspect of versatility comes with acrylic beads. Wholesale beads available in variety of colors and shapes allow designers to explore creativity.
  • Perfect for all age groups- Women of all age groups would love to use acrylic beaded jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, toe rings, rings, bracelets and anklets. Even beautiful ear cuffs are designed with acrylic beads to make you stand out in the crowd.


It is a perfect option for people who suffer from allergies from metals. Many women have rashes and marks with consistent use of metal jewelry especially in summers and autumn. To avoid such issues, you can switch to acrylic beaded jewelry made of high quality plastic and give you the same stunning appearance as with glass and metal beads. Whoever has doubt that acrylic beads do look cheap and low valued items, they may need to do research of the popularity of such beads among people and then come to a conclusion.


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