My Favorite Chandelier Earrings

Hello there! Today I’m gonna share you five pairs of my favorite chandelier earrings.

chandelier earringsAs you can see from the picture, they are various in colors, shapes, and styles. The one thing they have in common is that they are fabulous! Now let see them in details.

Simple chandelier earrings

simple chandelier earringsI love these simple chandelier earrings because they are simple but still chic. They could be a great choice for jewelry making green hands who wanna try chandelier earrings. You just need to gather the jewelry wire, beads, earring hooks, and other jewelry making set, then you can make them within few minutes.

Wire wrapped chandelier earrings

wire wrapped chandelier earrings

When first saw these antique earrings, I was attracted by their fantastic design and delicate appearance, I knew I love them! But it’s not quite easy to make such wonderful wire wrapped chandelier earrings. You must be good enough at wire wrapping first, then you can challenge them.

Crystal chandelier earrings

crystal chandelier earrings

Well, I really don’t wanna explain much about why I love these crystal chandelier earrings. Because there are no reasons, just a girl’s instinctive craze towards bling things!

Beaded chandelier earrings

beaded chandelier earrings

Seed beads are one of my favorite jewelry making beads. They are tiny, but they can be used to create many stunning accessories. And pink can always make people look young. I love them, because they are cute, and they can make me eye-catching.

Turquoise chandelier earringsturquoise chandelier earringsAs a crazy fun of turquoise, I just can’t get rid of any jewelry made by turquoise beads or colored in turquoise. I don’t know why, I just love them!

Now, we’ve appreciated all the five pair of my favorite chandelier earrings, do you love them as I do? Or if you have any other chandelier earrings to share, welcome to leave a comment below!

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