Buy Alluring and Gleaming Wholesale Charms

wholesale charms Wearing pendants and wholesale charms enhances the beauty of a woman. It is sign of gift of love, bond, relationship or friendship. Variety of pendants is available in the market made of variety of materials and shapes. Pendants are designed for both men and women. You can explore several designs such as religious pendants, flower charms, alphabets pendants, rain drop, round, pearl pendants, brass pendants, glass pendants, rhinestone pendants, zircon, lamp work pendants and many more.

One of the most sophisticated wholesale charms is the pearl pendants adding value to your jewelry piece. The unique and beautiful round shape of the pearl, classic white color, and smooth touch and amazing luster mesmerizes you. The natural beauty of pearls attracts women and has always been considered as a symbol of love. Gleaming beauty of high quality pearls allows designers to explore new designs and creativity.

Pearls do have historical reference. It has always been related as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in Ancient historical civilizations. Natural pearls are developed from sand and are found within the oyster’s body. When oyster defends itself from the foreign object, it secretes nacre layer by layer to produce a pearl.

Why buy pearl pendants and wholesale charms?

For every occasion- Pearl pendants look classy and sober making it perfect for daily and casual wear. You can also wear pearl jewelry at special occasions to enhance your amazing look.

An array of pearls – Explore variety of pearls pendants such as akoya saltwater pearl pendants, black pearls, freshwater pearls, south sea pearls, Tahitian pearls, and many more.

Innovative designs- Pendants are designed effectively to create fascinating pearl pendants with the other materials such as stainless steel, rhinestone findings, metal, brass findings, sterling silver findings and many more.

Express your love – Women love pearl pendants as gifts from their beloved. It does not matter that women already own one, they still yearn for more. You can bring a smile on her face when she would see the pearl pendant glowing in her eyes.

What are Freshwater pearls?

These are cultured pearls appeared from freshwater available in different shapes and colors to attract you. They are less expensive and easily available than the saltwater pearls. Freshwater pearls are very popular among the young crowd as it is affordable. Other great qualities of freshwater pearls are –

  • They are durable
  • They are affordable
  • Great luster
  • Resistant chipping
  • No wear and tear
  • Easy to maintain

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