Reblog: 7 Stylish Slave Bracelets You Should Never Miss

Wow soooo beautiful!!!! They were very popular in the 80’s! I LOVE them! Daisy, thanks for ur sharing!! – 7 Stylish Slave Bracelets You Should Never Miss


Hello girls! Have you ever heard of slave bracelets? Well, when it refers to slave bracelets, it usually means a bracelet connected with a ring, which you may also call bracelet ring or ring bracelet. Today I’d like to share you 7 awesome slave bracelets. Let’s see them together!
slave bracelets
Vintage slave bracelet
vintage slave bracelet
This vintage slave bracelet is mainly made up with brass wire, and decorated with glass beads and ribbon cabochon. The massive color of the beads and wires makes the bracelet kind of mysterious. It is vintage, yet fabulous and fashionable.

Beaded slave braceletbeaded slave bracelet
Do you like this homemade slave bracelet? Seed beads are the basic materials you’ll need for making it. Of course, if you are going to make it, you can change the color and arrangement of those beads as you like. But one notice: it will ask for your patience to deal with such tiny seed beads.

Boho slave braceletboho slave bracelet
Boho style jewelries are always on the fashion trend. Even though this boho slave bracelet is very simple, it still can give off a vibe of free spirit like other boho jewelries do. If you are a fun of boho jewelry, you shall never miss it.

Chain slave bracelet
chain slave bracelet
This is a basic type of chain slave bracelet. Simple, easy to make, yet cool and elegant! For those who are followers of minimalism, this bracelet is absolutely a great choice for them.

Lace slave bracelet
lace slave bracelet
A lace bracelet decorated with rhinestone cabochon, and linked to the black lace bow ring by a slim chain – this is my first impression towards this slave bracelet. It’s kind of sexy and kind of noble, I don’t know how to describe it, but I do love it!

Slave bracelet with turquoise beads
slave bracelet with turquoise crystal beads
Do you like vintage style jewelries? Are you fond of turquoise bead bracelets? Or maybe you are interested in simplified jewelries? Then this slave bracelet can cater to your appetite, because it contains all those three fabulous features!

Wire wrapped slave bracelet
wire wrapped slave bracelet
To make such a splendid wire wrapped slave bracelet, you need to obtain excellent wire wrapping skills first. It could be a great challenge for jewelry making beginners, but it’s worthy of trying it!

So, do you have a better understanding of slave bracelets now? Do you like this kind of bracelet? If you have any other ideas of them, welcome to leave comments below and share them with us!

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