DIY Bracelet for Men!!!

Not only is this bracelet fun to make but it is great to give your boyfriend as a gift. This handmade jewelry ideas-hemp bracelet is sure to add some sparkle to your boyfriend’s day or someone else’s. And no doubt that it is also a perfect complement to all the daily outfits. This simple DIY tutorial will show you how to easily and fun make your own bracelet with ease. Coz this project is a hemp bracelet for men, I chose cool metal beads. Now let’s start!

DIY Bracelet for Men!!! 3 (1)
Supplies to make DIY bracelet for men:
Hemp (or other thick twine)
Metal Alloy Bead
Tibetan Style Bead
Brass Tube Bead
Crimp Bead Cover
Flat Nose Plier

DIY Bracelet for Men!!! 1
Steps for this handmade bracelet:
1. Make four pieces of basic beaded strands.
Slide beads to the hemp cord as the picture step shows below. You can customize your own beaded strands with different beads you like.
2. Gather all the strands together.
Assemble two ends of these four strands by jumprings.

DIY Bracelet for Men!!!
With two colors of brass tube beads in each beaded strand you can make a fashion bracelet for your friend. By the way, this bracelet making idea don’t need any other intricate knotting techniques or assistive tools. The only thing you need is beads and twine of your choice. Have fun!

DIY Bracelet for Men!!! 3 (2)


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