How to DIY a Letter Bracelet

When it comes to finding craft ideas, Pinterest is my first go-to and I am the queen of the screenshot. As we all known, not only are bracelets fun to make but they are great to give as gifts. This letter bracelet is sure to add some cute alphabet acrylic beads to form a sweet family bracelet.

How to DIY a Letter BraceletJewelry making supplies for making a family bracelet:
Acrylic alphabet beads
4mm yellow seed beads
Crimp beads
Slide lock clasp
Tiger tail
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier

How to DIY a Letter Bracelet
How to personalize a letter bracelet:
Step 1: Create the first beaded strand.
Cut off a 60cm jewelry wire, and fold in it half, slide it to the first loop of slide lock clasp, then thread a crimp bead to the end of the wire, and then thread 20 seed beads, “M””E” alphabet acrylic beads, 20 seed beads to the wire in order. Finally, thread a crimp bead to the other end of the first loop.

How to DIY a Letter BraceletStep 2: Create the second and third beaded strands
Repeat step 1, to form the second beaded strand, I use 19 seed beads, “M” ”O” ”M” alphabet beads, 19 seed beads. And to make the third beaded strand, I use 17 seed beads, “D” “A” “D” “D” “Y” alphabet beads, 17 seed beads.
Step 3: Finish the family bracelet
Connect the slide lock clasp and here it is the sweet bracelet with“ME”, “MOM” and “DADDY” words.
This is a super easy letter bracelet made from colorful seed beads and alphabet beads. If you love it, try it out! Have fun!

How to DIY a Letter Bracelet


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