The Advantages of Using Acrylic Cabochons


The acrylic cabochons are the perfect choice for those who are preparing the jewelry articles, but a lot of people are not aware about the major benefits of acrylic cabochons. The cabochon is actually known as a bead that is given a smooth bottom along with a polished and raised surface. The surface can be of different varieties of shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are faceted but the cabochon always consists of a polished base. Though the cabochons are actually prepared from the opaque or the semi transparent materials they are not always prepared from the gem stones or glass. The acrylic cabochons have become really popular in the present scenario because it has become very easy to make the beads from this material.

It is better to make the beads with semi transparent or the opaque materials rather than using the transparent materials because this technique helps in enhancing the natural luster of the beads. In case if the material is synthetic it helps in promoting any design that is imprinted or emblazoned on it. Another benefit of making use of acrylic cabochons is they are less susceptible to the cracks or scratches than those which are made out of natural or glass gemstones. The acrylic cabochons are actually handmade and this is the reason they are unlikely to have a fatal flaw. The acrylic is a really strong material that can be obtained in a huge variety of colors and the beads that are prepared from the acrylic are not easily broken if knocked or dropped suddenly.

The acrylic cabochons are much more economic choice than any other gemstones or glass cabochons. Unlike the precious gemstones, the cabochons are not very rare and for this reason they are available at appreciable prices. Though they are cheaper than the gemstone beads, yet they are as beautiful as the natural materials and they are available in a lot more varieties. This is the primary reason for the acrylic cabochons are preferred by the jewelry designers and hobbyists. As the acrylic cabochons are synthetic rather than natural, it is possible that you will be able to find a wide range of products. There are a lot of different colors and patterns for the acrylic beads which may not be found with the natural materials. It is really easy to imprint a design within the acrylic product without being worried about the beads getting damaged.


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