Wire Wrapped Beaded Garland Necklace

Do you love delicate garland jewelry? They are really pretty, always in fashion and girly perfect for sweet girls! The garland necklace with beaded focal are an amazing accessory for this summer, create this beautiful beaded garland necklace with following basic wire wrapping technique and easy steps. So let’s start to make it!

Wire Wrapped Beaded Garland NecklaceYou will need:
4mm ivory glass pearls
6mm ivory glass pearls
4mm red painted glass beads
6mm red imitation jade glass beads
4mm clear bicone glass beads
6mm blue abacus glass beads
6mm gray bicone glass beads
6mm green bicone glass beads
10mm purple tiger eye bead
Silvery oval metal beads
0.8mm silvery brass wire
0.5mm silvery brass wire
Brass cross chain
Jump ring
Round nose plier
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter

Wire Wrapped Beaded Garland Necklace1- Wrap 0.8mm brass wire around a 5cm-diameter cylinder (you can choose any diameter cylinder you like), then wrap an upright loop at one end of the circle and roll the other end under the loop three or four times as the below picture shows.

Wire Wrapped Beaded Garland Necklace2- Make a beaded garland with colorful beads. Firstly, slide a glass bead onto wire and continue to wrap. Secondly, make a small loop under the upright loop. And then keep sliding beads and coiling till a beautiful beaded garland is finished. Then cut off extra wire.

Wire Wrapped Beaded Garland Necklace3- Slide the tiger eye bead onto the wire to form a focal as the picture shows. And then connect both end links by a jump ring.

Wire Wrapped Beaded Garland NecklaceAnd this is the finished beaded garland necklace with beaded focal! It is very easy and you don’t need more than 20 minutes for make the garland necklace.

Wire Wrapped Beaded Garland Necklace


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