Pearl Bracelet & Angel Earrings DIY

It is well known that pearl jewelry is mainly loved by most of women as the features of lightweight and delicate.  As to me, I love wearing pearl bracelet in green color. How about you? If you are looking for some cute and elegant pearl jewelry, then you no doubt like this pearl bracelet & angel earrings tutorial video. In this tutorial video, you will be well taught how to make this jewelry sets. Now let’s enjoy!
Prepare all the main jewelry making supplies you will need from this DIY girl jewelry sets package.
How-to videos:

Now, the handmade pearl bracelet and angel earrings are done! In this jewelry making video, you can also choose other beads such as acrylic beads to make acrylic bead bracelet and other earring making supplies to finish your handmade earrings. And of course, you can choose the color you like to make your own bracelet and earrings.

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