DIY Beaded Bracelet (and Video)

A weekend with my family and friends was a great weekend. How is your weekend? Today, let’s focus on this sweet DIY project I will share now. This beaded bracelet only takes 10 minutes to make, but came out a pretty jewelry. There is no need to prepare many jewelry making supplies, but pearl beads, seed beads and elastic. Now let’s enjoy the video tutorial!

How to make this beaded bracelet:
Step 1. Cut 4 pieces of elastic and knot them together.
Step 2. Add beads on every single string. Each color beads into a single string.
Step 3.  Make a few knots with both ends of the elastics.  Then cut the extra elastic.

The best part of this project is that you can totally DIY with your left supplies, for example, you can add one heart shape charm on the middle of the strings to make a charm beaded bracelet. Or you can make a bow by using a piece of ribbon to form a sweet ribbon beaded bracelet.

DIY Beaded Bracelet (and Video)

If you’re interesting in this project, you might want to try and make your own bracelet. Glad to see your finish! Comment and share with me! :)

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