Lava Bead Bracelet DIY

Not like most of the smoth gemstone beads, these lava beads seem to have a mysterious power to appeal to human being. Jewelry designers love their appearance and qualities.
This elegant and seraphic lava bead bracelet diy is a great project to make in leisure time. It is a quick and fun craft that can be done with any levels crafters even beginners!!
Lava Bead Bracelet DIY (1)
Supplies needed to make your own lava bead bracelet:
10mm brown lava beads
6mm pink faceted acrylic beads
1mm black nylon thread
Lava Bead Bracelet DIY (2)
How to make this lava bead bracelet:
Step 1
Make the first pattern – Making right angle weave stitches with brown lava beads and pink acrylic beads.
Step 2
Make the second pattern – Braiding the adjustable closure with pink acrylic beads
Lava Bead Bracelet DIY (3)
Do you like this project? As followed by the above steps, there are some basic beading and braiding techniques needed when making this lava bead bracelet. Would you like to have a try?


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