Working with Seed Beads Made Easy

seed beadvseaf

All jewelry makers are familiar with the seed beads. They are quite tiny in size and they are measured in aught. The best quality beads of these types are found to be produced in Japan. They are already available in plenty of different sizes and shapes so you can use them for creating different kinds of jewelry items. These beads can be used for plenty of different purposes.

The newbie jewelry makers find it really hard to use seed beads because they are small in size and it can at times be really hard to string them up in the thread. Here is a guide for you to work with seed beads without creating much mess.

Size of the beads

Firstly you have to consider the size of the beads. They are available from 5 to 28 size. The smaller the number, larger will be the bead. So, don’t think that size 28 is going to be the largest, in reality, it is going to be the smallest of all. The choice of the size will depend on the type of jewelry item you wish to create.

Needle matters

You cannot simply use regular needle for working with these beads. There is special needle available for these beads. When you are buying the beads, it is recommended that you buy the needle size that can fit in these beads. In this way, you will be sure that the beads you have bought will pass the needle easily and you won’t have to get frustrated while working.

Stringing material

There is special stringing material available for the seeds. Take a look at the materials which you can use for working with these beads:

  • Nymo is a colored thread which is similar to dental floss. It can easily string in the beads without much effort.
  • Elastic nylon can also be used for stringing beads. It can be best used for easy projects that don’t require much effort.
  • Silamid is another popular thread which can be used for beads. It is prewaxed and it is stronger than Nymo.
  • Beading cable can also be used for working with seed beads. This cable consists of steel wire which is coated with nylon. You can easily find this wire in different widths.

When you will have all the right things, you will see for yourself that working with these beads is not as hard as you are thinking of it. Many of my students used to fear working with these beads because they thought that they are hard to handle. If you follow the guide that I have mentioned above, then you will realize this too that working with the seed beads is not a bad idea. Jewelry making can be challenging too at times but it will be worth it to use these beads for creating the projects that you have in mind. Once you get hold of them, then you will not mind using them for working on other projects as well. This will be something amazing that you have done.

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