Simple Pearl Jewelry with Pearl Beads

I love to bead with pearl beads, their cheap price and multi-color selections make them easy targets for me to DIY pearl bead jewelry. Pearl beads are useful in so many jewelry projects, such as simple stung pearl bead necklace, pearl earrings, or you can slide pearl bead onto jewelry wire to make an eye-catching bracelet. In common, pearl beads in no way are just for mothers or grandmoms any more! I’ve rounded up 2 simple projects to inspire you to start beading!
1. This is a pearl jewelry set contains a pair of pear earrings and a pearl necklace.
Simple Pearl Jewelry with Pearl Beads
2. Summer craft – pearl bangle bracelet which is a simple beautiful bracelet. As to me, really LOVE it!
Simple Pearl Jewelry with Pearl Beads
Instead of real pearl beads, you can choose glass beads instead, many glass pearl beads are perfect beading choices I like. Do you have any pearl project ideas? Post in comments! Glad to see that! :)

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