DIY Beaded Flower Charm Bracelet

Hi, friends. Today I will share a special craft which is could be an extra amazing gift for girlfriends – beaded flower charm bracelet. It is an easy and inexpensive design that’s inspired by spring flowers. Now let’s get started.
Beaded Flower Charm Bracelet (1)
Supplies needed to make your own beaded flower charm bracelet:
6mm Bicone Glass Beads (7 colors)
8mm Glass Pearl Bead
Bracelet Making Chain
0.3mm Tiger Tail Wire
Side Cutting Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers
Beaded Flower Charm Bracelet (3)
How to:
1. Make 7 beaded loops with beads and jewelry wire.
2. Make 7 bead dangle with pearl beads and headpins.
3. Attach these beaded loops and bead dangles onto chain.

Beaded Flower Charm Bracelet (2)

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