Perfect Looking Earrings with Earring Making Supplies

Women are very much fond of attractive and impressive looking earrings. They will buy them at almost any cost. This becomes a challenge for the jewelry designers as they have to make much more appealing items so that they can increase their sales and maintain healthy customer relationships. Anyone who is into making jewelry items would know that making earrings require the proper earring making supplies to give them the perfect look. Quality earrings will only be formed if you have got the right tools with you to deal with every tiny thing.

The most important thing included in making the earring is the earring hook. Without the earring, in the earring making supplies your whole item will be left incomplete. It is the earring hook that allows the whole earring hang from the ear piercing. To get information about these earring hooks, I am going to tell you a bit about various hooks used in making attractive jewelry items. You need to recognize what kind of earring hook you should use to make any kind of earring. So for your convenience, the types are mentioned below:

earring supplies

Butterfly Back

These are the butterfly backs that are included in the earring making supplies. Butterfly backs goes right through the ear piercing and comes out from the back. This is a straight hook which is secured with the help of a stopper to hold it back from falling off. The stopper has got two ends twisted upwards that give a shape of the butterfly which is why they are called butterfly backs. They are best suitable for tiny earrings which would look awkward with any big hooks. Making these backings is a bit hard so whoever wants to use them in making earrings should buy them in bulk for use.

Fish Hooks

Fish hooks are the most common of the earring making supplies. These are also one of the most used hooks when it comes to making earrings. The earrings with heavy decoration can be equipped with fish hooks for better stability. They are quite easy to pass through the ear piercing. The back of the fish hook is bent downwards which comes out at the back when the hook is passed through the ear.

Magnetic Clasps

These clasps are not like the fish hooks but are rather different in appearance. They have got two ends that attach due to the magnetic force that lies within them. The have got a sprung mechanism. These are also included in the earring making supplies. When you are going out to buy them then you should be careful that no children come near these supplies when you bring them home. It can be really dangerous for children to swallow them. You can attach these magnetic clasps to the earrings and anyone can wear this easily.

Latch Backs

Another type of earring hooks used are the latch backs. These are used in for hoop earrings and it can be easily open and closed. The backing is already made in a circle so you do not have to worry about losing the earrings.



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