Some Things To Consider While Buying Wooden Beads

If you are about to shop for the wooden beads, you need to be familiar about some basics of buying them. Although these are the simplest beads around but even when you are up for buying simple stuff, there are lots of things to consider.

Many crafters are readily using the wood beads for different purposes. Some are using them for decorate clothes, some use them for decorating accessories, some use them as hair accessories while there are some people like me who use them for creating jewelry items. I have used these beads for creating necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Not many people know this but it has been a long time since these beads are being used for decoration purposes. The crafters used to take small twigs and they used to drill holes in between to make creative items which also included jewelry pieces.

wooden beadsFor all the new comers, here I have separated a few important points which you must know before buying the wooden beads.

  • The beads you are purchasing should be original in color, there must be no stain or paint.
  • If you are finding the beads to be cheaper than usual, test the quality by holding them in hands. Just move them in between your fingers and you will find it out whether or not they are good in quality.
  • If you are buying the ones that are not varnished, then you must never make them wet. If you do so then moisture will penetrate within the wood and it is going to become rot. Whatever jewelry item or crafty project you have made from these beads is going to collapse. If you don’t want to take any risk, choose the beads that have been varnished.
  • Be careful with the size of the beads. You can find them in different diameters so you can easily use them for any kind of project. If you choose them in a larger diameter then there is going to be a larger hole in the middle. That means you pass a leather strap from this hole easily. Just know about the diameter of the beads as well as the hole to be sure you can use it easily in the project you want to create.

You can buy the wooden beads from a local craft store or from the online suppliers. Whatever place you choose to buy these beads from, there is one thing that you must know and it is the quality of the beads must be good. Only buy beads from the supplier you know is going to provide you beadings in their best quality. Once you will have the best product, you are going to be sure that you are investing your money in the right place.

Do not hesitate in buying wooden beads in wholesale. I found them in plenty of sizes and unique shapes in the wholesale market I visited last week. With the variety you will find, ideas will keep on coming to make different crafting projects and jewelry pieces.


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